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How to setup express vpn on roku


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Hi, We have a VPN now which we connect to UK TV via HDMI from pc to tv. We also have Roku, if I set up Roku with a UK VPN is that the only think that would be on there meaning would I lose all my other channels on Roku.

Restart your device by long pressing your button and then leave it. if there is no signal in the screen which clearly means that this device is HDCP unauthorized. Check the HDMI cable, whether it is a connection to your Roku device properly or not.

On your VPN-connected computer or mobile device, go to in your browser and set up a U.S. Roku account.

To set up a VPN on your .

This did not work for me. The first error I encountered on my Windows 7 PC was that the Wlan autoconfig service was not running. I found out how to change that to running and started it. I entered my SSID network name and key at the command prompt, but when I went to run it I receive the error message: “the hosted network couldn’t be started. The group or resources is not in the correct state to perform the requested operation.” I think I’m going to bite the bullet andbuy a VPN router. Thank you for trying.


From setting up VPN, to creating a US Roku account, getting access to American channels on a Roku takes a bit of effort. Rest assured, it will all be worth it in the end. In case you run into any issues while installing VPN on Roku, leave a comment below and I will do my best to help you out.

Hi Jean. In order to get UK channels on your Roku, you need VPN as well as a UK Roku account. Once you register the UK Roku account on your Roku, you will lose all the channels you had previously installed on it.

Before beginning this process, first make sure that your PC must support virtual router. Now, open the command window and click the right button of your mouse and select Run it as an administrator.

Hi, I am located in the US and I’d like to have access to FR TV through my Roku. However, I already use how to setup express vpn on roku it extensively to watch US TV and I don’t necessarily want to reset my roku every day. What’s my best option: buy another roku and set it up with the VPN (I got ExpressVPN) ? thanks in advance!!

Rokustreaming sticks and boxes give you access to an almost unlimited library of TV channels. That is if you live in USA. Roku users in Australia, Canada, Germany, France, or even UK don’t have access to a lot of channels. That’s why it is important to setup VPN on Roku to boostyour streaming experience. Unlike Apple TV, FireStick, and other streaming devices, the Roku neither allows you to install VPN nor Smart DNS on it. However, there are 3 workarounds that actually allow you to enable a VPN connection on a Roku. All of them are explained in detail in this guide.

But, in order to gain maximum profit from your device, you have to create a reliable setup between your TV and Roku, and then you have to activate it by using Roku activation code. There are so many models of Roku available in which you can stream Kodi on the Roku. But, while streaming digital media content via , you can face copyright violation from your ISPs. To access Kodi on Roku with an ease, you have to setup ExpressVPN in order to protect their identity.

Thank you for this. Excellent info. Being a Brit in the US that used a couple of free streaming apps for UK TV on my US Roku, (not always reliable), I now have a 2nd Roku with my TV that is set for UK TV apps as I logged in via a VPN ext in Chrome (UK based). We really appreciate you putting this article together and setting up a UK Roku account was the easiest way.

By following these above-mentioned steps, you can easily install the ExpressVPN on your Roku streaming player. In case, you face any issue while creating a setup then you can take help a reliable Roku technical support service nearby your area. Enjoy streaming US content with an ease and enhance your TV viewing experience by watching your favorite TV show, movie, video, and other digital media content.

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