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    Dissidia 012 Final Fantasy Accessories







    Name Target Action Probability
    Hero's Desire Warrior of Light BRV Attack 21.9%
    Hero's Dream Warrior of Light HP Attack 17.5%
    Hero's Hopes Warrior of Light BRV Break 28.6%
    Liegeman's Desire Firion BRV Attack 21.9%
    Liegeman's Dream Firion HP Attack 17.5%
    Liegeman's Hopes Firion BRV Break 28.6%
    Youth's Onion Knight BRV Attack 21.9%
    Youth's Onion Knight HP Attack 17.5%
    Youth's Onion Knight BRV Break 28.6%
    Knight's Cecil BRV Attack 21.9%
    Knight's Cecil HP Attack 17.5%
    Knight's Cecil BRV Break 28.6%
    Wanderer's Desire Bartz BRV Attack 21.9%
    Wanderer's Dream Bartz HP Attack 17.5%
    Wanderer's Hopes Bartz BRV Break 28.6%
    Girl's Desire Terra BRV Attack 21.9%
    Girl's Dream Terra HP Attack 17.5%
    Girl's Hopes Terra BRV Break 28.6%
    Soldier's Desire Cloud BRV Attack 21.9%
    Soldier's Dream Cloud HP Attack 17.5%
    Soldier's Hopes Cloud BRV Break 28.6%
    Lion's Desire Squall BRV Attack 21.9%
    Lion's Dream Squall HP Attack 17.5%
    Lion's Hopes Squall BRV Break 28.6%
    Thief's Desire Zidane BRV Attack 21.9%
    Thief's Dream Zidane HP Attack 17.5%
    Thief's Hopes Zidane BRV Break 28.6%
    Vision's Desire Tidus BRV Attack 21.9%
    Vision's Dream Tidus HP Attack 17.5%
    Vision's Hopes Tidus BRV Break 28.6%
    Stalwart's Desire Garland BRV Attack 21.9%
    Stalwart's Dream Garland HP Attack 17.5%
    Stalwart's Hopes Garland BRV Break 28.6%
    Despot's Desire The Emperor BRV Attack 21.9%
    Despot's Dream The Emperor HP Attack 17.5%
    Despot's Hopes The Emperor BRV Break 28.6%
    Wraith's Desire Cloud of Darkness BRV Attack 21.9%
    Wraith's Dream Cloud of Darkness HP Attack 17.5%
    Wraith's Hopes Cloud of Darkness BRV Break 28.6%
    Warlock's Desire Golbez BRV Attack 21.9%
    Warlock's Dream Golbez HP Attack 17.5%
    Warlock's Hopes Golbez BRV Break 28.6%
    Tree's Desire Exdeath BRV Attack 21.9%
    Tree's Dream Exdeath HP Attack 17.5%
    Tree's Hopes Exdeath BRV Break 28.6%
    Harlequin's Desire Kefka BRV Attack 21.9%
    Harlequin's Dream Kefka HP Attack 17.5%
    Harlequin's Hopes Kefka BRV Break 28.6%
    Champion's Desire Sephiroth BRV Attack 21.9%
    Champion's Dream Sephiroth HP Attack 17.5%
    Champion's Hopes Sephiroth BRV Break 28.6%
    Witch's Desire Ultimecia BRV Attack 21.9%
    Witch's Dream Ultimecia HP Attack 17.5%
    Witch's Hopes Ultimecia BRV Break 28.6%
    Reaper's Desire Kuja BRV Attack 21.9%
    Reaper's Dream Kuja HP Attack 17.5%
    Reaper's Hopes Kuja BRV Break 28.6%
    Phantom's Desire Jecht BRV Attack 21.9%
    Phantom's Dream Jecht HP Attack 17.5%
    Phantom's Hopes Jecht BRV Break 28.6%
    Discord's Desire Chaos BRV Attack 21.9%
    Discord's Dream Chaos HP Attack 17.5%
    Discord's Hopes Chaos BRV Break 28.6%
    Lady's Desire Shantotto BRV Attack 21.9%
    Lady's Dream Shantotto HP Attack 17.5%
    Lady's Hopes Shantotto BRV Break 28.6%
    Warrior's Desire Gabranth BRV Attack 21.9%
    Warrior's Dream Gabranth HP Attack 17.5%
    Warrior's Hopes Gabranth BRV Break 28.6%
    Dragoon'sDesire Kain BRV Attack 21.9%
    Dragoon's Dream Kain HP Attack 17.5%
    Dragoon's Hopes Kain BRV Break 28.6%
    Giant's Desire Gilgamesh BRV Attack 21.9%
    Giant's Dream Gilgamesh HP Attack 17.5%
    Giant's Hopes Gilgamesh BRV Break 28.6%
    Brawler's Desire Tifa BRV Attack 21.9%
    Brawler's Dream Tifa HP Attack 17.5%
    Brawler's Hopes Tifa BRV Break 28.6%
    Gunner's Desire Laguna BRV Attack 21.9%
    Gunner's Dream Laguna HP Attack 17.5%
    Gunner's Hopes Laguna BRV Break 28.6%
    Summoner's Desire Yuna BRV Attack 21.9%
    Summoner's Dream Yuna HP Attack 17.5%
    Summoner's Hopes Yuna BRV Break 28.6%
    Horror's Desire Prishe BRV Attack 21.9%
    Horror's Dream Prishe HP Attack 17.5%
    Horror's Hopes Prishe BRV Break 28.6%
    Sky Pirate's Desire Vaan BRV Attack 21.9%
    Sky Pirate's Dream Vaan HP Attack 17.5%
    Sky Pirate's Hopes Vaan BRV Break 28.6%
    Flash's Desire Lightning BRV Attack 21.9%
    Flash's Dream Lightning HP Attack 17.5%
    Flash's Hopes Lightning BRV Break 28.6%
    Utter Chaos's Desire Feral Chaos BRV Attack 21.9%
    Utter Chaos's Dream Feral Chaos HP Attack 17.5%
    Utter Chaos's Hopes Feral Chaos BRV Break 28.6%
    Blackcrystal Sliver Old Chaos Shrine Stage Destruction 99.9%
    Demon Soul Pandaemonium Stage Destruction 65.1%
    Sealed Darkness World of Darkness Stage Destruction 95.1%
    Moon Stone Lunar Subterrane Stage Destruction 99.9%
    Voidshard The Rift Stage Destruction 85.1%
    Magicite Shard Kefka's Tower Stage Destruction 95.1%
    Materia Planet's Core Stage Destruction 99.9%
    Time Warp Ultimecia's Castle Stage Destruction 85.1%
    Star's Core Crystal World Stage Destruction 75.1%
    Moonflow Dream's End Stage Destruction 99.9%
    Order of Emptiness Order's Sanctuary Stage Destruction 85.1%
    Entropy's Birth Edge of Madness Stage Destruction 82.1%
    Promyvion Shard Empyreal paradox Stage Destruction 13.1%
    Sephira Sky Fortress Bahamut Stage Destruction 15.1%
    Fal'cie Husk Orphan's Cradle Stage Destruction 13.1%
    Palamecian Gem Pandaemonium - Top Floor Stage Destruction 11.1%
    Xande's hatred Crystal Tower Stage Destruction 12.1%
    Ghost Phantom Train Stage Destruction 11.1%
    Mallet M.S. Prima Vista Stage Destruction 12.1%

    Edited by HYNE

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