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    Dissidia 012 Final Fantasy: Firion

    A virtuous youth who seeks to end conflict. He uses the nostalgic phrase "Wild Rose" as a source of motivation.

    Character file

    Firion in Final Fantasy II

    A member of the resistance who fights against the world-dominating Palamecian Empire. Injured during the empire's attack on his homeland, the Kingdom of Fynn, he was rescued by members of the resistance and brought back to health, subsequently vowing to aid in the resistance himself. Seeing many lives lost during the brutal struggle, and having to experience difficult partings, he continues on his quest, believing that peace awaited the people at the end of the war. He continues on his quest along with his friends, seeking Palamecia Castle, where the ruthless Emperor waits.

    Firion in Dissidia Final Fantasy

    Firion fights as a warrior of Cosmos seriously, having taken to heart the message that he fights for the sake of this world. The "wild rose" which he carries with him was left by his side when he awoke at the start of the thirteenth cycle. Golbez had left this bloom by his side, and had begun to conspire with Cosmos, hoping that it would revive Firion's memories. The attachment towrds the flower is not because he has fondness of flowers, but rather out of the feeling that its name is strongly connected to his past. Though he has yet to remember, the name of this bloom holds a strong meaning in his past. In fact, "wild rose" is not the name of the flower Firion possesses, but rather the name that someone had casually suggested. Despite this fact, it is commonly called the "wild rose" by most, including Firion, after its name had been mistaken by all those who wield it.


    firion_-_artwork.png firion_-_normal.png firion_-_alt1.png firion_-_alt2.png



    1 1000 350 95 12 13 10
    100 6999 450 667 111 112 60


    By default, Firion can equip:

    • Weapons — swords, daggers, greatswords, katanas, spears, axes, rods, staves, thrown, grappling, instruments, guns, poles
    • Gloves — shields, parrying, bangles
    • Headgear — hats, helms, headbands
    • Body armor — clothing, light armor, chestplates

    Exclusive equipment

    Exclusive weapon

    Name LV Stats Properties
    Rebellion Army 30 HP-377 ATK+44 DEF-2 Extra HP to BRV
    Longinus 90 HP-288 ATK+65 DEF-1 Extra HP to BRV
    Wild Rose 100 HP-328 ATK+70 DEF-1 Extra HP to BRV, Slight Counterattack Effect



    Attack Type LV CP (M) AP
    Lance Combo Land 4 30 (15) 160
    Swordslash (ground) Land 16 30 (15) 90
    Rope Knife Land 1 30 (15) 160
    Reel Axe Land 1 30 (15) 160
    Magic Arts: Flame Air 24 30 (15) 90
    Magic Arts: Frost Air 1 30 (15) 90
    Magic Arts: Bolt Air 1 30 (15) 90
    Swordslash (midair) Air 31 30 (15) 90


    Attack Type LV CP (M) AP
    → Lance Combo A Land Branch 30 (15) 130
    → Lance Combo B Land Branch 30 (15) 130
    → Lance Combo C Land Branch 30 (15) 130
    Shield Bash Land 20 30 (15) 130
    Straightarrow (ground) Land 1 30 (15) 130
    Lord of Arms Land 36 30 (15) 130
    Straightarrow (midair) Air 1 30 (15) 130
    Weaponsmaster Air 8 30 (15) 130


    Spawn Attack Type Position Properties
    Opponent Rope Knife BRV Land Wall Rush
    Opponent Magic Arts: Flame BRV Land Wall Rush
    Opponent Straightarrow (ground) HP Air  
    Opponent Weaponsmaster HP Air Wall Rush

    Ex Mode

    EX Burst

    • Fervid Blazer — A chain of attacks releasing the power of his weapons. Damage dealt adds to his own HP. Enter the commands that display before the attack..

    EX Effects

    • Regen[ALWAYS ACTIVE WHILE IN EX MODE] Vigor and stamina recover little by little, restoring HP.
    • Critical Boost[ALWAYS ACTIVE WHILE IN EX MODE] Increases chance of bravery attacks dealing critical hits.
    • Blood Weapon[ACTIVATES WHEN HP ATTACK HITS] Absorbs HP equivalent to damage dealt.



    Edited by HYNE

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