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    Dissidia 012 Final Fantasy: Kain Highwind

    A knight cloaked in dragon-like armor, with spear in hand. Though not one to display emotion, he is compassionate and possesses a strong sense of justice.

    Character file

    Kain in Final Fantasy IV

    A dragoon serving the strong military state of Baron. He decides to leave Baron alongside Cecil after having received outrageous orders from the king.

    He views his close childhood friend Cecil's his rival and is proud of his dragoon heritage. But he also possessed dark thoughts. These feelings were used, causing Kain to stray from his chosen path.

    Kain in Dissidia Final Fantasy

    Some time has passed since his summoning to this world. This time has aided him in regaining most of his memories, including those of both Cecil and Golbez, other inhabitants of his realm.

    Feeling a sense of urgency with the appearance of the manikins, Golbez informs him of the truth of the cycle, causing him to further debate the action he should take. Meeting with the Warrior of Light, however, who has also resigned himself to their destiny to lose, gives him the resolve to confess the truth of the cycle. They then make a pact to effect a "false" defeat in the twelfth cycle.

    He planned to cut his ties with his allies by declaring himself a traitor, but through his travels with his allies, he comes to understand their goals and ultimately changes his ways.

    Lightning was the only target he could not capture. It seems that the others convinced him to apologize to Lightning again upon rejoining the party.


    kain_-_artwork.png kain_-_normal_(ex).png kain_-_alt1.png kain_-_alt2.png



    1 1000 350 95 11 12 10
    100 6999 450 667 110 111 60

    Exclusive equipment

    Name LV Stats Properties
    Black Dragon Spear 1 HP-195 ATK+20 DEF-2  
    Holy Dragon Spear 30 HP-377 ATK+44 DEF-2 Assist Gauge Duration +10%
    Abel's Lance 90 HP-288 ATK+65 DEF-1 Assist Gauge Duration +20%
    Highwind 100 HP-328 ATK+69 DEF-1 Assist Gauge Duration +30%, Back to the Wall Effect


    Offensive abilities—basic data—HP

    Attack Type LV CP (M) AP
    Spiral Blow Land 1 30 (15) 100
    Lance Burst Land 19 30 (15) 100
    Cyclone Land 1 30 (15) 90
    Lance Barrage Air 1 30 (15) 100
    Celestial Shooter Air 13 30 (15) 100
    Crashing Dive Air 1 30 (15) 100
    Cyclone Air 27 30 (15) 90

    Offensive abilities—basic data—HP

    Attack Type LV CP (M) AP
    Jump Land 1 40 (20) 130
    Dragon's Fang Land 23 30 (15) 130
    Rising Drive Air 36 30 (15) 130
    Sky Rave Air 8 30 (15) 130
    Dragon's Fang Air 31 30 (15) 130
    Gungnir Air 1 30 (15) 130


    Spawn Attack Type Position Properties
    Opponent Lance Barrage BRV Land Chase
    Opponent Crashing Dive BRV Land Wall Rush
    Opponent Jump HP Air Wall Rush
    Opponent Dragon's Fang HP Air Wall Rush

    EX Mode

    EX Burst

    Dragoon's Pride — The ultimate dragoon jump. Repeatedly press command displayed on the screen to raise the gauge. The command will change twice at random.

    EX Effects

    Regen — [ALWAYS ACTIVE WHILE IN EX MODE] Vigor and stamina recover little by little, restoring HP.

    Critical Boost — [ALWAYS ACTIVE WHILE IN EX MODE] Increases chance of bravery attacks dealing critical hits.

    Lancet — [ACTIVATE WITH R + SQUARE] Damage dealt absorbed as HP and immediately recovers spent BRV. Cancel action with Air Dash.



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