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    Dissidia 012 Final Fantasy: Laguna Loire

    A lively man who uses various guna and weapons in battle. He's quietly become the mediator with his happy-go-lucky attitude.

    Character file

    Laguna in Final Fantasy VIII

    A soldier of the Republic of Galbadia, he retired from active duty after being seriously injured. He later meets a woman named Raine while recuperating in a small village.

    He remains in the village with Raine and the orphaned Ellone even after his wounds have healed, living as a happy family. When Ellone is kidnapped, Laguna departs the village in search of her.

    Travelling the world, Laguna is finally successful in his rescue of Ellone. But his travels later lead to the misunderstandings and hardships faced by himself, raine, Ellone, and Squall.

    Laguna in Dissidia Final Fantasy

    Laguna is known to joke around as a child, yet is very understanding. Before they know it, everyone around Laguna is following his lead.

    That charm even rubbed off an enemy, the Cloud of Darkness, and caused her to take a vested interest in the warriors of Cosmos. Through his charm, Laguna is able to obtain vital information from her regarding the manikins.

    It seems that he loses his touch when Vaan is around, causing him to sigh often, though Laguna seems to have fun just the same when he's around Vaan.

    Although an inhabitant of different time periods of the same world as Squall, neither of them are aware of this fact.

    Laguna has a horrible sense of direction, to the point that the other warriors often poke fun at him, but Lightning and Vaan are especially appalled by how bad Laguna's sense of direction truly is.


    laguna_-_artwork.png laguna_-_normal.png laguna_-_alt1.png laguna_-_alt2.png laguna_-_dlc1.png



    1 1000 350 95 12 11 10
    100 6999 450 667 111 110 60


    Spawn Attack Type Position Properties
    Opponent Machine Gun BRV Land  
    Opponent Shotgun BRV Land Wall Rush
    Player Satellite Laser HP Air Wall Rush
    Player Ragnarok Blade HP Air Wall Rush


    Attack Type LV CP (M) AP
    Machine Gun Land 1 30 (15) 90
    Ricochet Shot Land 4 30 (15) 90
    Grenade Bomb Land 1 30 (15) 90
    Pummel Land 12 30 (15) 110
    Missile Barrage Land 32 30 (15) 110
    Electroshield Land 19 30 (15) 110
    Shotgun Air 1 30 (15) 90
    Homing Bazooka Air 29 30 (15) 90
    Sticky Bomb Air 15 30 (15) 90
    Pummel Air 22 30 (15) 110
    Missile Barrage Air 1 30 (15) 110
    Electroshield Air 25 30 (15) 110
    Attack Type LV CP (M) AP
    Ragnarok Buster Land 8 40 (20) 130
    Satellite Laser Land 1 30 (15) 130
    Ragnarok Blade Air 1 30 (15) 130
    Split Laser Air 36 40 (20) 130

    EX Mode

    EX Burst

    Desperado — A furious bombardment of bullets. Take aim and press R to shoot or hold down the button for rapid-fire.

    EX Effects

    Regen — [ALWAYS ACTIVE WHILE IN EX MODE] Vigor and stamina recover little by little, restoring HP.

    Critical Boost — [ALWAYS ACTIVE WHILE IN EX MODE] Increases chance of bravery attacks dealing critical hits.

    A Faerie's Miracle — [ALWAYS ACTIVE WHILE IN EX MODE] The recovery time after Bravery attacks can be cancelled by performing any attack.



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