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    Dissidia 012 Final Fantasy: Yuna

    A young summoner whose prayers call forth Aeons and who is tasked with battling alongside them. Accepting her fate with youthful optimism, she admirably continues her fight.

    Character file

    Yuna in Final Fantasy X

    Sin is an entity terrorizing the populace and seeking to destroy the world. Shouldering the hopes of those around her, Yuna becomes a summoner to defeat Sin.

    She meets Tidus shortly after becoming a summoner and with Tidus as one of her guardians, travels the world with him.

    Slowly relating with Tidus through her journey, Yuna is unable to tell Tidus the truth behind a summoner's pilgrimage and what that involves as the showdown with Sin looms.

    Yuna in Dissidia Final Fantasy

    As with Jecht and Kain, a long time has passed since Yuna had been summoned to this world.

    The emperor scoffs at Yuna about being a "seasoned one" because she is aware that she has been involved in the battles prior to the twelfth cycle.

    Jecht has been summoned from her world as well, and also has regained much of his memories. Jecht's presence is a source of comfort for Yuna.

    She vows to continue fighting in hopes of altering fate itself despite having become depressed with the disappearance of Jecht and seeing Tidus severely injured.

    Yuna whistles in hopes of possibly reuniting with Tidus-this was a sign to search for each other in the past. It is this whistle that brings about their incidental reunion. However, having been recently summoned, Tidus possesses no prior memories, preventing him from remembering Yuna.


    yuna_-_artwork.png yuna_-_normal.png yuna_-_alt1.png yuna_-_alt2.png yuna_-_dlc1.png



    1 1000 350 95 11 11 10
    100 6999 450 667 110 110 60

    Exclusive equipment

    Name LV Stats Properties
    Yevon's Will 30 BRV+41 ATK+38 EX Intake Range +1m
    Yunalesca's Staff 90 BRV+34 ATK+62 EX Intake Range +2m
    Spira's Hope 100 BRV+39 ATK+67 EX Intake Range +3m, Cat Nip Effect


    Attack Type LV CP (M) AP
    Meteor Strike Land 1 30 (15) 80
    Aerospark Land 27 30 (15) 80
    Energy Blast Land 1 30 (15) 80
    Sonic Wings Air 12 30 (15) 80
    Heavenly Strike Air 1 30 (15) 80
    Impulse Air 1 30 (15) 80
    Attack Type LV CP (M) AP
    Hellfire Land 8 30 (15) 150
    Energy Ray Land 1 30 (15) 150
    Thor's Hammer Air 1 30 (15) 150
    Diamond Dust Air 19 30 (15) 150
    Mega Flare Air 36 30 (15) 150


    Spawn Attack Type Position Properties
    Opponent Meteor Strike BRV Land Wall Rush
    Opponent Heavenly Strike BRV Land Wall Rush
    Player Hellfire HP Air Chase
    Player Diamond Dust HP Air Chase



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