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  • Terra Branford




    Terra is skilled in long-range combat using her expertise in casting spells. With her strength in magic, she can perform multiple projectiles against an opponent or cast advanced spells that deal significant damage.

    Deftly wield the magic flowing through you to take down enemies from afar.

    Terra can pelt her foes with a volley of magic or destroy them with a single devastating spell. When she uses Trance, her attributes are raised significantly, making her both a strong attacker and fierce defender.

    -Final Fantasy VI-

    She can dominate the battle from afar with constant barrages of sorcery. Her powers charge the longer she goes without attacking, however, thus giving her access to an even more formidable occult arsenal. Use both strategies wisely.

    Type/Class: Shoot/Marksman





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    2e5F3vc.jpg PkcgInR.png t6pLICU.png

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    Fira × + × + × + × + × + × + × (Charged: ×)

    [Default] Cast a flurry of fireballs at your opponent. (Can move while casting. Opponent cannot recover during combo)
    [Charged] Summon pillars of flames that pursue your foe.

    + ×

    [Default] Fling a score of fast-moving shards of ice at your foe. (Can move while casting. Opponent cannot recover during combo)
    [Charged] Materialize several balls of ice in front of you that hurtle off toward your opponent after a short time

    + ×

    [Default] Summon a stationary tornado in front of you. (Can move while casting)
    [Charged] Conjure a monstrous tornado that moves forward slowly.



    [Default] Pelt your opponent with a flurry of magic projectiles that pursue them. (Can move while casting)
    [Charged] Simultaneously generate immense orbs of magic that pursue your opponent.

    + ×

    [Default] Unleash a rain of bolts that pierce your foes. (Can move while casting. Opponent cannot recover during combo)
    [Charged] Call down a great bolt that pierces your foes.

    + ×

    [Default] Set loose a series of explosions at your enemy's position. (Can move while casting. Opponent cannot recover during combo)
    [Charged] Conjure a magic orb that draws in any nearby enemies before exploding violently.


    R + ×

    [Default] Sling a magic orb that explodes on hit or after traversing a certain distance.
    [Charged] The orb cast is larger.



    [Default] Evoke a massive ball of fire that hurtles toward its target over a short range. (Can move while casting)
    [Charged] Summon a massive fireball with a long range and deadly homing capabilities.

    Available from character level 1.


    Meteors descend upon foes from afar. Attack must be charged.

    Acquired at character level 2.

    Riot Blade

    Materialize a shield of light in front of you that allows you to counterattack any bravery attacks you block. The lower your HP upon activation, the stronger your counterattack will be. (Can move while casting)

    Acquired at character level 5.

    Chaotic Current

    Draw in nearby foes as you charge your attack, then release a pulse of energy around you. (Can move while casting)

    Acquired at character level 10.



    Temporarily improve your attack, defense, and movement speed.


    (gif) Fira × (prio) (dmg) (frame) (properties)
    (gif) Blizzara + × (prio) (dmg) (frame) (properties)
    (gif) Tornado + × (prio) (dmg) (frame) (properties)
    (gif) Holy × (prio) (dmg) (frame) (properties)
    (gif) Thundara + × (prio) (dmg) (frame) (properties)
    (gif) Flare + × (prio) (dmg) (frame) (properties)
    (gif) Graviga R + × (prio) (dmg) (frame) (properties)
    (gif) Meltdown (prio) (dmg) (frame) (properties)
    (gif) Meteor (prio) (dmg) (frame) (properties)
    (gif) Riot Blade (prio) (dmg) (frame) (properties)
    (gif) Chaotic Current (prio) (dmg) (frame) (properties)
    (gif) Trance (prio) (dmg) (frame) (properties)

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