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  3. Haussenkraft

    Haussenkraft's Mod Collection

    that is correct
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  5. Mizuhashi

    Haussenkraft's Mod Collection

    OMG, Remilia from Koumajou Densetsu!?
  6. roxas2099

    Haussenkraft's Mod Collection

    I forgot what her name was...but do the one from Re:Creators who holds her shotgun like a violin.
  7. Hiro toyotomi

    Haussenkraft's Mod Collection

  8. Dad

    012 PPSSPP

  9. Indeimaus

    Dissidia Modding Suite(New Version) Tutorial

    You’re the best. Thanks so much for for helping me again dude
  10. Chris Shade

    Haussenkraft's Mod Collection

    Leave Kiyo for last, you already have her. The update will bring more anticipation I guess.
  11. Haussenkraft

    Haussenkraft's Mod Collection

    Which of these three should I do first? I've been wanting to do at least one of them for a while now
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  13. roman

    May I make some simple mod requests here?

    iam requst sieg from chaos legion and scouting squad from aot
  14. DyxoXinoro

    Dyxo's custom Dissidia movesets

    Quote Bullet Traveler - Aggressive and versatile, armed with a wide variety of powerful weapons. Fluff 012 Type Arcade Type Notes I probably could have made a full 012 moveset for Quote with all of his weapons, but it felt wrong when I started it up. EX Mode having him just skip straight to level 3? It works, but meh. If people really want to see it though I'll make a full 012 moveset for him. If I do, Nemesis will be his EX-Burst. That way there isn't one weapon that becomes functionally useless in EX Mode. I had a ton of fun with his NT moveset though, and working out how each weapon would function when brought to a fully 3D space was a pleasure. I worry about him being a little too linear and same-y with his attacks (especially HPs), but I didn't want to stray too far from source material. Although it did cross my mind to make Fireball carry opponents down with it when used in midair, because a dunk that's a projectile sounded fucking hilarious to me. Although probably really unbalanced.
  15. I want to change both Lightning's Exmode weapon and the blades she uses during HP attacks to her base weapon. How would I do that?

    Inserting New Textures Question

    Hey everyone I had a question about editing textures. I extracted some from the game, maybe changed the color of them, changed them back into "gims" However now the cannot because apparently there not the same size as they were before. They look the same but in terms of KB the size is greatly bigger now. *How would I be able to edit then insert textures back into the game without having this problem* ------- I have a little knowledge on the file formats and the use of developer tools within the PPSSPP also. I have used these tools to alter stages however I would like to keep them permanent as mods. I also learned some of this by creating my own Summon Gims however reinserting these in the game I have no problem really because their size remains the same due to the current tools I'm using, these end up successful but not always (still practicing really) Gimp (Photoscape-weaker but like Photoshop) Png2gim (still tinkering with just to find different results and help learn more about the process really) Dissdia Suite by SkyBladeCloud (What I used for my summons and tried to use for my stage textures) --------- THIS sounds complicated so I understand if people don't really know how to explain it due to it being somewhat tiresome. If someone does answer (Thank you for your time) because I know you didn't have to.
  17. SquallSaysWhatever

    New to Dissidia modding, can anyone help me out?

    Aaaaand now I can't figure out how to make my own music DLC, something that I thought would be easy because there's an AT3 converter tool, but I can't figure out how to use it. I'm really at a loss here. I can't figure out how to use the tools, and things that seem like they should be easy constantly prove too complicated for me. I've asked for help, but I can count the replies I've gotten on one hand. I'm starting to lose hope.
  18. DyxoXinoro

    In case your wondering...

    Sorry to necrobump, but mod note: part of this conversation has been hidden due to some actions I had to take unrelated to this thread. However I cannot restore the related conversation due to the context being edited out by the hidden poster. But it did make me sad reading this. It's a shame that the discord did kinda swallow the community, and a lot of the problems arose from both that and DF shutting down due to a lack of funding and the site admin vanishing to the wind. At least, that's what I heard happened. Maybe I should have payed more attention to here and helped out more before my computer broke instead of just using it as a dumping ground for my own stuff. Such is the past, though. With any luck I'm hoping that I can help make this place at least a bit better.
  19. DyxoXinoro

    Chris Shade's Dissidia Model Imports

    Mod Note: If people seem like parts of a conversation is missing in this thread, it's because I pressed the handy "flag as a spammer" button on a certain trouble maker. Would have taken care of the issue sooner, but my computer was borked until recently. Thank you for your patience.
  20. SquallSaysWhatever

    May I make some simple mod requests here?

    Or at the very least, could somebody please provide me with some simple step-by-step instructions for how to do this stuff myself?
  21. SquallSaysWhatever

    New to Dissidia modding, can anyone help me out?

    I think I got the spreadsheet thingy to work, finally. Don't know what the problem was. Does all of the official DLC have the same numbers no matter what, no matter what order you downloaded them in, or if you have all of the DLC or not?
  22. Haussenkraft

    New to Dissidia modding, can anyone help me out?

    Download Noesis and rename all of the .edats inside the official dlc folder to .gmo Use Noesis to view all of the .gmos inside the folder and search for the dlc model you were looking for
  23. SquallSaysWhatever

    New to Dissidia modding, can anyone help me out?

  24. Coolbloom

    Music Mod Help

    Thanks Bro! That's helps me a lot
  25. roxas2099

    agl89's stuff

    Is that Garland mod still gonna come out?
  26. http://community.dissidia.wiki/topic/574-dissidia-modding-suitenew-version-tutorial/
  27. Teigan

    Need help finding a Mod

    I assume this mod probably suffered the same fate of viruses 😕
  28. Teigan

    Need help finding a Mod

    I asked him for the Braska mod and he was rather short and dismissive of me XD. The comments for my fleeting mod have been disabled, and didnt bother to harass him further for it, as he stated he's too bored to find or mod dissida 012 again. That fizzles all hope I had Haha. I found the Braska mod in a mod pack someone uploaded on another site. I have every character in Dissidia 012 modded how I'd like except for Mateus and previously yuna. I have all new characters from NT except Locke and alot of characters I've always dreamed to be in game like Auron, Zack, Genesis, Balthier, Noctis and Ramza over WoL, also awesome random mods like Anima over Exdeath, Bahamut X(possible fav if I didnt find Braska) over Golbez and Snowff13 over Prishe. Everything is almost complete, and the Seymour head/Vayne body bothers me because I already have Vayne over Jecht, but I'll suck it up. Thanks for the replies though, hopefully somebody has it stashed away like how I found Braska.
  29. SquallSaysWhatever

    May I make some simple mod requests here?

    I've spent all day searching for mods, and trying to figure out the modding tools but making no headway, and I'm about at my wit's end. I figure somebody more experienced with this sort of thing could probably make the things I want in a fraction of the time it would take for me to try to make them myself. The things I want don't sound terribly complex on paper, so hopefully they won't be complex in practice either. I would greatly appreciate if anybody could help! (I would also like it if any mods you provide me have all of the necessary files. I learned from my digging around that some mods dodn't have assist data, it seems.) First off, if possible, I would like if somebody could provide me with all of the ingame costumes for some characters in the form of DLC. I would like to use the DLC Toolkit (which is the one thing I did sort of figure out how to use, kind of) to rearrange the order of these costumes so that I can play with them in story mode and fight against computer controlled enemies using my preferred costumes. The characters I want the costumes of are WoL, Firion, Onion Knight, CoD, Cecil, Kain, Bartz, Gilgamesh, Terra, Sephiroth, Tidus, and Jecht. I would also appreciate it if somebody could provide me with a spreadsheet of the official DLC costumes and music. For some reason, I can't seem to get the toolkit to generate one. I might need it so that I can know which DLC slots are used by the official DLC, so that I don't make anything overlap by accident. With that out of the way, on to the actual mods I would like to have. Cecil's Alt 2 outfit with him using a sword in both regular form and EX Mode. Cecil's DLC 1 outfit with him using a sword in both regular form and EX Mode. Kain's Alt 1 outfit with the EX Mode outfit of his Normal costume. Gilgamesh's Alt 2 outfit with the EX Mode outfit of his Normal costume. Gabranth's Normal outfit with him wearing his helmet in both regular form and EX Mode. Cecil's DLC 1 outfit with the hair of his Alt 2 outfit. (Swapping the heads might be all you need to do?) Terra's Alt 2 outfit with green hair, and the EX Mode of her Normal outfit. agl89's "Classic Terra" mod with the EX Mode of Terra's Normal outfit. The mod for Bartz that turns him into Serge from Chrono Cross, with the assist files it appears to be missing. I've uploaded it here for ease of access: http://www.mediafire.com/file/kmb5mhp9vmekctj/Bartz+-DLC+2-+Serge+(Chrono+Cross).zip EDIT: I would also like Sephiroth's Normal outfit with that weird pink and yellow thing under his coat removed, and the little line of beads hanging from his right bracelet removed. EDIT 2: I would also like Cloud's Normal outfit, but with his clothes made more purple, to closer resemble what he looked like in FF7. Moving away from costumes, I would like to replace a song in the game. I would like to replace Duodecim's character select theme "Heroes", with the original Dissidia's character select theme "Battle Preparations". I always thought it was a far more hype-inducing song. I don't know how difficult it is to outright replace songs in the game rather than just add more, but if it's not difficult, I may have more songs I would like replaced. But this is all for now. Lastly, I don't know if something like this would be remotely possible or not, but would it be possible to make the cursor on the character select screen start on Warrior of Light instead of Lightning? Thank you for reading, and I would greatly, hugely appreciate it if you can help me with these!
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