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  2. Black-magic13

    Windblast gardevoir mod?

    I remember years ago i had a gardevoir and shiny gardevoir mod from the modder windblast . My phone broke though and i ended up losing it. Would anyone happen to have them?if anyone is around that is lol.
  3. Let's see... I was a part of the community back when the DLC kit was first made. Left for, welp I actualy forgot the reason, and since I left the site got an update and my old account stuff didn't work so I had to start over. Definitely ready to get back to playing and modding.
  4. agl89

    agl89's stuff

    Another mod, Zidane's costume from Opera Omnia/NT 😄 Links in the first post!
  5. agl89

    agl89's stuff

    Hi everyone! Not sure if anyone still lurks around here, but I have a new mod for you: Links in the first post!
  6. Eddiegames

    Combo Video Archive

    here's their most recent combo video
  7. https://youtu.be/fgrLdMoL3pQ It should be in the comments section. Sorry idk how to upload zip files lol.
  8. Luckily someone on YouTube gave a file with them all in it.
  9. I use the dlc creation tool.
  10. I used to have the dlc slots 1-9 for every character but my phone broke and all of it is gone. I remember from the old dissidia forums that osdanova great Index had it but I can't find it anywhere now. Anyone can possibly upload it if anyone has it still?
  11. DrakeyC

    DLC Models

    I'm years behind on the community's progress in modding, but just want to ask - has anyone ever figured out how to create "combined" models of the DLC costumes, like Cloud with his wing and cape as part of his model instead of separate pieces?
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