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  2. Emily

    Haussenkraft's Mod Collection

    Wow FGO Characters ­čśŹ I Hope You Doing James Moriarty Too
  3. roxas2099

    Chris Shade's Dissidia Model Imports

    Cool, I hope it gets released soon.
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  8. Somnus

    Class 0 Uniform for Cloud and Tifa?

    Anyone with Cloud and Tifa's Class 0 uniform/mod? Thanks.
  9. Somnus

    Deraj8 Modding Archives

    Can I have a link for Cloud and Tifa's Class 0 uniform/mod? Thanks.
  10. montblanc

    Other Final Fantasy's Osts

    Where is the link?
  11. montblanc

    Custom BGM DLC by Amyrakunejo

    Where is the link?
  12. Hiro toyotomi

    Haussenkraft's Mod Collection

    Koyohime and remila scarlet *gets a heart attack out of joy*
  13. John Smith

    Dissidia Modding Suite(New Version) Tutorial

    for that you need to use the old version of Dissidia Modding Suite, the new one is for larger Model.GMO and Portrait.GIM insertion only
  14. Grzester

    Dissidia Modding Suite(New Version) Tutorial

    Hi there, I've got a problem with texture inserting. It works fine on moded models (like KH2 Sora over Cloud or Fire Emblem Lyn over Lighting) but whenever I try to change the actual Dissidia character texture, face gets these strange artifacts/noise. What's even more interesting, it looks fine in Noesis so I don't know what I screwed up exactly. Here's an example
  15. MidnightLocke

    KH Mods (+ Voice)

    Does anyone have an iso of a a compilation of the KH mods with the voices, such as the ones by Silverwolf? I see others have been asking too.
  16. Wawa10

    Haussenkraft's Mod Collection

    Uptate soon ?
  17. Haussenkraft

    kingdom hearts cloud?!

    ... you can just download the dlc pack that had been floating around in the internet for a long time now https://cdromance.com/sony-psp-dlc-list-psp-downloadable-content/
  18. zinger75

    Play as Manikins and Chaos Mods

    gotcha. thanks for the info man
  19. Smilie1459

    kingdom hearts cloud?!

    I dont know if i just suck at looking or if there is actually nobody who made it, but im looking for a way to get my hands on a kingdom hearts version of cloud. i wasnt able to purchase him as a dlc option forever ago, but im hoping someone had already made (or is willing to make) cloud in his kingdom hearts costume.
  20. Smilie1459

    My mod collection

    is there any chance you'd put what mod goes on which character? a lot of the mods dont specify what character they go over..
  21. John Smith

    Play as Manikins and Chaos Mods

    to activate Utter Chaos, press R & Square while standing still, then press Up & Circle
  22. zinger75

    Play as Manikins and Chaos Mods

    hey man, how do you get Chaos to do Utter Chaos?
  23. DyxoXinoro

    Dyxo's custom Dissidia movesets

    King Judgement Bullet - Track down and execute opponents with high mobility and firepower. Fluff 012 Type Arcade Type Notes So I wasn't going to do this for a long while originally, but when I stopped playing Type-0 due to my computer not liking it much I kinda forgot to pick this up again. Either way, at the request of someone (I forget who, sorry) in the discord I present King. I was also originally going to have Reload tied to L3, but I didn't want to make up new moves for his back braves (even though the idea of giving him Dante's bullet rain corkscrew crossed my mind) and thought it'd be interesting to make assign his Braves the way that they're lined out in Type-0. So it kinda feels like playing Type-0 with a jump button now, yeah?
  24. Smacolor

    Play as Manikins and Chaos Mods

    Thank you very much. It works now
  25. John Smith

    Play as Manikins and Chaos Mods

    to use Scarlet Rain just press R, Square, Square, UP simultaneously or press R & Square while on the ground or air, then press Square & UP
  26. Smacolor

    Play as Manikins and Chaos Mods

    Hi. Chaos mod Set C scarlet rain attack is not working
  27. Draco91

    My Stage Mods + Other Mods

    I'm´╗┐´╗┐ ´╗┐just´╗┐ now´╗┐ seeing this. Thanks ´╗┐man http://community.dissidia.wiki/topic/574-dissidia-modding-suitenew-version-tutorial/ https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=ZhkM9s7axJI
  28. zinger75

    Dissidia Modding Suite(New Version) Tutorial

    ah´╗┐´╗┐, ´╗┐I see´╗┐. thanks for the confirmation´╗┐ John
  29. OBC

    someone has this sephiroth mod crisis core?

    I was really hoping you would get a response, but it seems this is another mod that is now lost to time, it's strange because I remember finding the mod after the original Dissidia Forums went down, but maybe my memory's playing tricks on me because I definitely don't have this mod, trust me I looked and I'd like to see this one again as much as anyone else who cared about it.
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