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  3. koro997

    Koro997 (Old Mods) Request

    Hello guys!I've been off for quite some time(I used to model swap characters on the previous forum).Well...if any of you have my old mods from the previous forum pls. feel free to post them here cause I've lost them xD (all that hard work has gone to waste -.- xD).Thank you all :D! Best regards koro997.
  4. koro997

    SatoshiKura's Mods: Alm and Celica released

    Woah!You've improved old friend xD.
  5. thisbitchempty23

    agl89's stuff

    Hey, 2 tracks from FFIV:TAY are broken on PPSSPP and crash the game. Could you please fix them? The tracks are "The Eidolons Shackled" and "The Battle for Life". "The Last Hunter" track from FF13-2 is also broken on PPSSPP. Thanks.
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  8. SkyBladeCloud

    In case your wondering...

    What can I say... Where do I start... ? I think the whole point of modding this game was lost in translation. Not only with the original forums going offline for reasons I still have no idea about, but also due to the original team of modders moving on to completely different projects (myself included). For me, the main point has never been the creation of the mods themselves, but reverse engineering the game’s engine and file formats, as well as coding the right tools to allow their creation. The final mods can then be made by people with the right artistic skills (modeling, skinning, animating… skills that I completely lack), which were instrumental during the analysis stage as well: 2playerwins was the artist who worked on models specifically tailored to the requirements of each test. In fact going back and forth with his models was really interesting as we would learn something new and exciting each time. I think that’s why the original forums were created: to host a community effort in order to understand the game’s mechanics and modify them in a creative way. This, however, was never the case: as soon as I released the very first form of modification tools (which allowed texture edition in the original Dissidia), “private” mods started showing up on the Internet. While I didn’t really care (my work was already done and those mods offered nothing new compared to what my tools were capable of producing), many user who didn’t know how to create their own mods were really pissed. I can understand that: bragging about stuff you made using collaborative tools and not sharing is not nice… Even worse, is the fact that I can’t even consider those mods are actually “made” by modders. Think about it this way: - How many modders understand the 32 to 8 bit color indexation in the game’s textures? - How many of them can explain the self-describing scheme of vertex and transformation data of the GMO format? - What about the 4 bit ADPCM compression of sound samples in battlequotes? Or the packing scheme of SSCD files? - Don’t forget the rotative XOR-based encryption in text files. - Oh yeah, there is the CRC32 based naming of filesystem entries as well. And those are only a few of the challenges that we had to overcome to make modding possible. In fact I do think some of them are completely lost by now (is anyone even making text or character voice mods anymore?). My point is, when it comes to explaining how mods work, the concepts involved require specific technical background that takes many years to master. THEN, you can work on modding tools, as you’ll understand how they work. The same is applicable to the artistic side of the process: even if you only want to use the already available tools, you’ll need to be an already trained graphic artist. Learning about modeling and skinning, so you can mod Dissidia, is like building a house starting from the rooftop. And it’s not fair to expect anyone to make a tutorial on that. Those processed are not exclusive to modding this game, and are expected from anyone that wants to create his/her own mods. Granted, I know some very dedicated fans who did learn about 3D just for this, but that requires a much bigger effort… and specially not quitting in the middle of the process… XD. Now MageMasher has a point and it’s one of the things that made me move on to different projects. At one point it felt like I was working so other people could brag about work they wouldn’t share (and that, as I explained, weren’t even really “made by themselves”, at all). I felt my time worth more than that. I don’t know how active is this new “community” (as I can gather… not much), but it’s a shame it’s in this state, given how much potential I see in the involved coders and artists (I still don’t see why don’t we make a game instead of modding the same one so many times). Regards, ~Sky
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  10. Chris Shade

    Chris Shade's Dissidia Model Imports

    So small little update, University is a pain right now, what with assignment deadlines and the finals coming up soon. But it's confirmed, the next idea I'll be doing is Roll.EXE over Terra, followed by the AC Cloud over Jecht update with facial animation. And then, a random idea I have that's not listed in the poll at all. But still, you should know not to expect anything until the last week of September.
  11. Body

    My Model Import

    I think desvol did an archer mod can you send me GMO file if you have it
  12. RinShinsei

    Haussenkraft's Mod Collection

    Would you mind doing Dr. Leah and Dr. Rachel from GE2 over Tifa and Ultimecia for me if you're accepting requests right now. I do have their models if you need them
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  15. LisaCenturion

    Custom BGM DLC by Amyrakunejo

    Wow, BGM GH series DLC? That's looking good
  16. Colonel Birdstrong

    SatoshiKura's Mods: Alm and Celica released

    Hello everyone! I just wanted to apologize for the lack of mods released lately. I've been working on other things for a while, such as a few Breath of the Wild mods, but I plan to get back into Dissidia modding soon. After all, I still have to make good on my word for those Hyrule Warriors imports.
  17. iruzu kamakura

    Haussenkraft's Mod Collection

    Oh and the fact that u have my fav servant kiyo as your pic is it possible one u can make a saber version of kiyohime one day that would be dope as hell 😁
  18. I thought I would create a topic for people to post combo vids, either of replays, or just vids that have been found lying around. Thought I would start off by posting all the ones by ゆっくり012 that I can find.
  19. iruzu kamakura

    Haussenkraft's Mod Collection

    Yeah thanks new modding senpai krauss ^o^
  20. Haussenkraft

    Haussenkraft's Mod Collection

    Yeah, I'm planning to release them alongside Female Gil, who won the 2nd place in the poll
  21. iruzu kamakura

    Haussenkraft's Mod Collection

    Are u still doing the aster/emil over Cecil mod still krauss :3
  22. isai


  23. Hello all I am tears2420, I am the leader of the group known as Aerith's Shadow, we play casually and competitively with group tournaments and casual spar sessions, we are international English speaking Playstation group and currently have about 20 members. If this sounds like something you would be interested in pls let me know via personal message at tears2420 on Playstation.
  24. Mikz

    My Model Import

    The Models I used belongs to Desvol, from the previous Dissidia forums, i got permission from him/her years ago to use his/her models and edit it and release for my own. THANK YOU DESVOL FOR EVERYTHING! Your Imports were my inspiration for making my own imports. Squall Leonhart over [Bartz Klauser] Seifer Almasy over [Sephiroth] Squall Leonhart with The Punishment Gunblade
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