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    MENU V1 voy haciendo mas mejoras al menú, entrada e iconos del juego, haciéndolo mas parecido y con características de kingdom hearts: como la barra de vanitas y de terra también are la de aqua y la de zack entre otras. puse victoria en español trate de poner nivel pero no me dejo por que mandaba a llamar letras repetidas pero lo adorne MENU V2
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  6. I'm a bit lazy to share previews to mods, so I'm sharing only folder for now http://www.mediafire.com/folder/47rkhyql2kt2e/Dissidia_Mods
  7. http://www.mediafire.com/file/g14gdg587a1aawy/
  8. There are numerous bracelets for women traits which have been building a huge comeback and also one of them is the choker necklace around your neck. Even though the majority imagine that the actual choker necklace is really a 90s trend, the item no more is ever again. As it offers taken about numerous designs, the choker necklace happens to be your staple around every single girl’s costume. A good number of get construct methods for getting inventive for it. Whenever appropriately styling any choker necklace, think about the neckline of your respective selected clothing. Complement ones choker necklace around your neck along with your neckline to create your glimpse a lot more subdued. One of them is usually donning any charcoal choker necklace around your neck over a easy dark t-shirt which includes a team neckline. Doing more of these will not only produce your choker necklace a strong extension of your respective prime but in addition, create your current appear a lot more skillful and laid-back. A further smart way that will fashion your current choker should be to coating numerous dainty and tiny chokers. rings for women To help up grade your own seem, select any metal choker after which you can a strong accent colour. Whenever you’re dating during the night, choose to wider choker inside red-colored or perhaps night time glowing blue as an alternative to the usual black for your a lot more challenging look. Within the conventional, opt for tiny chokers in magical or platinum tones plus layer them upwards. The very first thing to be aware whenever being dressed in some sort of choker necklace is actually that you have to match it by using small jewels. Understand that ones guitar's neck is the off shoot of the face adequate this specific, using large ear-rings will probably over-crowd your glance. necklaces This doesn’t imply everyone can’t don declaration jewels but that they most likely are not the correct choice in particular when anyone binocular these people that has a choker necklace around your neck. Vivid pearl earrings are generally stunning portions plus must be made possible in order to stand out. Pairing all of them which has a choker necklace will make your glance overdone. Choker necklaces will always keep coming back directly into style when they are classy as well as offers you many seems to be determined by how i style these people. While you acquire creative which has a choker necklace, it will require a person from day to evening and also to every celebration. And so the next time period you need a new bracelets merchandise that will raise your glimpse, replace the item for the choker necklace rather. Chokers happen to be around intended for quite a while as well as were a lot of adored inside 90s because most people donned these people and also taken care of these people such as yellow metal. However what individuals don’t find out usually there’s more to the current famous little bit of rings in comparison with meets your eyesight. Chokers include a good history which in turn would make this kind of necklace around your neck not only basic jointly believes. It’s incredible precisely how chokers have got commenced and the way they have got progressed as well as designed inside diverse eras. Plainly, it's you trend staple which will remain. Plus it will invariably provide as a reminder in the best instances regarding manner during the entire years.
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  10. Cheers I'll give it a go, can you upload/link the the Guts mod if possible? thanks
  11. Hey guys, AlexFF aka Kain Highwind here ! After completing FF2 and FF4 on PSP, I have decided to give my PS1 a chance to breathe some fresh air by buying FF7 for Christmas. I had fun playing it, and I thought that I would share my opinion on the Internet. Hopefully, someone will see this post and maybe reply. I'm open-minded, so don't fear to share your own opinions. Let's dive in ! The no-spoiler part (This part is mostly made for people who have not played the game yet, but consider buying it) You play as Cloud Strife, a former SOLDIER member that joined the terrorist group AVALANCHE, whose goal is to prevent ShinRa (the world-leading company) from exploiting Mako energy. In fact, Barret, their leader believes that transforming Mako enegy into electricity harms Gaïa very badly. After successfully bombing the Sector 1 reactor in Midgar, Cloud meets Tifa Lockheart, a childhood friend working in the "7th heaven" bar in Sector 5. In reality, this place serves as a hideout to the members of AVALANCHE. Some days later, Cloud decides to join AVALANCHE on another bombing mission, though he previously declined the proposition. This time, however, the president of ShinRa himself shows up and, after the reactor has blown up, Cloud is shot into the slums of Midgar... I'll stop with the story here, because this is where the introduction ends. The events of Final Fantasy 7 take place in a world governed by a greedy company, ShinRa. Not only do they have a huge political influence over the world, they also posess the strongest army on Gaïa, known as SOLDIER. Every single city within the game have something related with ShinRa, with the exception of Cosmo Canyon. The actual story revolves around two things : first, the protagonists try to find and kill Sephiroth, a former legendary SOLDIER who tuned his back against mankind for mysterious reasons. The other story motive will be explained in the spoiler part. As of the graphics, they are simply mindblowing on a PS1. Sure, they can seem a bit repulsive with all the technological advance we have had since then, but they look beatiful once you think back about them. I have nothing more to say on this. Next, about the gameplay, FF7 seemed way slower than its predecessors : every fight consists of a 10 seconds intro, the ATB bar filled slowly early-on and the ending screen consists of two phases : the victory dance and the combat score. For me, this was not an issue, though I would perfectly understand a person who never played any JRPG complaining about the slowness of the combat. The world map is also huge (for a JRPG), though I did not quite like it as much as FF4's. This is kind of balanced by the fact that the encounter rate is extremely low for a JRPG, not only there, but also in the dungeons, thus making it less painful to travel from one place to another. The spoiler-part Final words and rating The game is supposedly 80 hours long and quite challenging, but I managed to beat it in 25 hours (blind). I was kind of disappointed by that too, though the story was fulfilled in my opinion. Since the game is not hard, one does not need to grind often as long as they don't flee from random encounters. Now for the ratings : Game Overs taken : 2 (on sidequests), 0 in the main quest. Total time : 25h 36 minutes + approximately 20 minutes on the last bosses. Difficulty : 13/20 Characters : 16/20 Story : 20/20 Gameplay : 19/20 Soundtrack : 19/20 Average : 17.4/20 --> Very good !
  12. XxXlesterXxX

    how to make mod

    can someone tell me what are the programs to make the dlc in dissidia plis
  13. You just need Noesis use it to convert the gmo to either .smd or .fbx then import it to 3dsmax also I already made a Guts mod for Cloud 2 years ago if you're interested
  14. Hello, Noobie "modder" from Dissidia forums, its been a long time since i tried to do any modding for DDFF(about 4 or 5 years) I was wondering if there was any tutorials or helpful information such as, stage numbers, character GMO numbers to modding DDFF, Im typing my own list of character and stage numbers on notepad as I search with the Dissidia modding suit. I remember a texture editing tool/software aswell used to edit TIM2 files and convert them to RGB so that the PSP could support them i think? back in Dissidia forums days but cant remember the software name im a noob using 3dsMax for 3d modeling/rigging I wanted to attempt make a Guts mod over Cloud since they both use great swords but I have no clue how to go about importing GMO's into 3dsmax or exporting. its my 1st post on the forum, not sure if there is a limit of what posts you can make, Thanks
  15. josediaz

    looking for mods of DestvoL

    good afternoon, as many of the mods that I have been looking for would have realized were of DestvoL, therefore aprobecho to request help at once to look for some of their mods which I will leave in the images, greetings
  16. good afternoon, I would like to know if someone owns this sephiroth mod crisis core made by DestvoL? Note: do not confuse with the advent child, the crisis core has the shortest hair
  17. BullseyeRey

    Haussenkraft's Mod Collection

    Great, can't wait to see her in action someday.
  18. Haussenkraft

    Haussenkraft's Mod Collection

    I was hoping for Tidus for this one cuz lancer
  19. John Smith

    I need help to find a mod

    sure thing, glad i could help. https://www.mediafire.com/file/l73m3b05vrdx8pd
  20. KazeDyaver

    I need help to find a mod

    thank you very much john !! Without a doubt, my battle royale is finished hahahahaha
  21. BullseyeRey

    I need help to find a mod

    the another modder version
  22. John Smith

    I need help to find a mod

    the one created by Krauss or the one created by another modder?
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