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In addition to our Terms, which are pretty precise about what isn't allowed, here are some general behavior guidelines to go by:

Be good to each other. Even in a disagreement, aim to be rational and respectful.

Of course, this cannot be applied at all times. Sometimes, you're hit in a weak spot and can't be helped but react fiercely. That's fine, however, you need to take that tension away from a public place. If you have a quarrel with someone, take it to direct messages (Inbox) or The Dump if you want the attention of other users. It is your choice whether you want your problems to be somewhat publicly available.

Be constructive, not destructive.

Do not punish a user's curiosity by belittling their lack of experience, knowledge or skill in any given area. Instead, provide them with concrete arguments and proof.
Of course, this goes the other way as well. Be cautious if you're trying to pass theory crafting or dubious sources as proof.

Never resort to insults.

Create a legacy by being a model member of the community. Get your name out there by producing content, excelling in the game or helping people all around. Much better than making yourself a villain.

Lastly, don't take things too seriously.

Do not engage in sensitive topics if you can't handle the potential pressure.

This is a competitive community so competitive talk is expected. Do not take taunting and teasing to heart; play along or move on. If you dug yourself into a hole too deep or someone is unnecessarily and overwhelmingly hostile, ask Staff to intervene.

We're here to play games and have fun. So focus on that.

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