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    is that it ? wow that's easy, thank you so much. but the model file that i use doesn't matter as long as it is the same as the character right?
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    Hi folks! I'm Louz. Today I'm posting about a new and better way to play Dissidia 012 online, a tool me and my pals were using to play Warcraft III custom matches last Christmas and right before the game died. I've decided to try this thing with Dissidia after debating myself about some issues between ZTO and my local network interface (despite the successful connectivity) that I've forcefully got to get used to; and god...such smoothness. Say goodbye to random drops & spikes. The steps are very easy to follow: 1. Download Radmin VPN and install it 2. Create or join a network, share the name and password of it 3. Put host's IP into PPSSPP networking settings, host must run ad hoc server 4. You're done! If you're interesting, download it from here: https://www.radmin-vpn.com / http://tiny.cc/ksvrkz [Drive] You can get PPSSPP from the official site: https://www.ppsspp.org Adhoc Server tool, for hosting games: http://tiny.cc/mrvrkz (not necessary if you like to use PPSSPP's built-in PRO ad hoc server option)
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    for the "without attachment" edat, you need to uncheck "fast memory" in your system settings, which is why that specific mod will only work on PPSSPP and not on actual PSPs also it seems i uploaded the wrong gmo for nobu smh, i'll have the link fixed later
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    https://www.mediafire.com/file/e8ivkop7pyvl0ra/Dissidia_Modding_Suite_v_0.66_BETA.zip/file https://www.mediafire.com/file/ebad3k8d4i3fnn8/Dissidia_Modding_Suite_v_0.1.0.zip/file https://www.mediafire.com/file/3ikt6n0mc1dx3am/UMDGen_4.00.zip/file https://www.mediafire.com/file/ajio495eahk40gx/Noesis.zip/file
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    I have several MODs that i have collected from the other Forum, so i decided share with you this collection. link for the my GoogleDrive Folder -> https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1bXzNqtvaEk6-mdxdCIg-8e38hlDNHXNz / I used the DLC-Tool-Kit for generate several DLCs, swapping the MODs on the DLC's numbers according my preferences. The slots used are in the text file on the folder. The authors i don't remember everybody, but i remember of Skybladecloud, agl89, SatoshiKura, Deraj8, 2playerwins and many others.. so, the every credits for the hard work are their.
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    That's the only one I have, sorry
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    It is Aerith in her default costume from FF7 Crisis Core 😍 Thank you so much Mr. Krauss for providing the link, You are the King! Have a nice day, sir. ☺ Hopefully SkyBladeCloud will return to us someday and re-upload all of his excellent mods over at this site. Anyway, cheers everyone!
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    use this link instead https://www.mediafire.com/file/ognzk22k11pi0ck/DLC_3_aerith_pink_dress_yuna.zip/file
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    Model Imports How to install Model Imports Characters Sephiroth - Young Xehanort Attachments Sephiroth attachment - Kingdom Hearts 2 Coat it works online even w/o your opponent using the mod KH Sephiroth (Winged Normal Mode) Texture Mods How to install Texture Mods Characters Dissidia Texture Pack Previews Stages Pandemonium - The Castle That Never Was World of Darkness - World of Light Lunar Subterane - Keyblade Graveyard Crystal World - Dive into the Heart
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    I know this is kinda late and dead a time to ask, but it's it remotely possible to somehow get the white hair Tifa file? I've searched all over the net but i just can't find it. Edit: nvm. Just me being dense enough to not click on the pic/texture link earlier. So now I've got it to work. But can somebody (for the love of god) tell me what the .edat file names for Tifa's dead fantasy great will be? It'll be a cinch to use it only it i have the names, seeing as how they're in .gim and .gmo format and that i won't be able to access the pc for a good 2 weeks or so since I'm out station. Thanks if someone decides to help. Oh, and the file name for Lightning beta would be great too.
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    Stages should be picked tho, since stages have a big role on winning or losing a game, you can’t just play a game by chances but by skillls you know. Letting stages random is like winning or losing the game gambling. The idea is to have an advantage using the stages available. Giving the game 1’s Losers have an opportunity for a comeback right? About time limit and HP...well that should go to the TO’s judgement right? I mean sometimes default HP and Time (open beta) wasn’t just enough. But have to keep in mind that bravery it’s easily increased with a wall rush combo so...imo it’s just for the TO’s saying
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    Yea i think stages make a lot of difference too. It's just a pretty contentious point. Like stage choice might take Firion out of the game entirely if players know that winning game one will guarantee that they go to The Rift game two as a counter pick. Or sending Cecil to the FFXI stage. He's a bit more flexible though.
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    All maps will be available. The only question is whether the players will choose them or if they will be set on random. The mostly likely choice is random, as that is the current tournament format in Japan and there's no reason to try to go about striking with 15 stages. The only option you can change in the lobby menu is time and we won't touch that either. The default rules is the game are how is played in arcade and it is a very good balance. The game isn't made for 1v1 or 2v2. It's fine to do, but no one will ever run a serious event for it. The game balance is destroyed completely.
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    Ok, so the current working idea in this regard is Have qualifier tournaments leading up to evo in august. That way, your team simply needs to win a tournament, or place high in specific high profile qualifier tournaments, that would in turn gain you points towards the big event. That prevents the need for you to be able to show up week after week with your full team. But tournament placings would still be used for your teams ranking and possible seeding at IRL events not ran by DC. That pretty much covers all the areas of concern.
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    Most added his input and said we should just focus on teams. You would just need to make sure your team was all available. Jag said it wouldn't be a big deal to miss a single tournament. Because you'd still get qualifying points at other times if we were running that type of series. Personally, I just don't want to sit out any tournaments, though.
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    I talked with Hexacoto and Jaghancement and found some points to clarify. First, is that any type of rankings and qualifying would be based on static 3 person teams. I'm not suggesting a crew war or anything like that. The point of the crews(which I'm going to call clans from now on) is ONLY to provide available subs when necessary and be able to keep seeding for an individual tournament. So, if Wheelz, RDF, and Dart were considered the number 1 seed. They wouldn't have to take last seed just because they had to sub in JT for Dart. The expectation is that a clan practices together and represents at the very least a cohesion of strategy. If there was a tournament at the end of the season that required qualifying, Wheelz, RDF, and Dart would had to have played at least 3/4 of their tournaments with their full team, or whatever other amount we decided.
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    If you are starting now and want to play with people of our Discord Server or you came back after a long dissidia hiatus, this pack is for you. All you need is there, Zero Tier One (a program that enables P2P conection), adhocserver.exe (for hosting), ppsspp 1.11-222 (the best version for dissidia) with maximmun performance settings (for any low end pc), clean and 100% savedata ready for you to pick a character and play (the builds are good, adapted to our meta and ruleset). How to setup for online and other information are in the tutorial. Link (also available on #cornelia of the discord server) : https://drive.google.com/file/d/1C8cbdHQBD3_lL8YdMuZHzFfXaDYAOpRv/view?usp=sharing

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