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    Note: All movesets in this thread assume O is set as the Brave attack, akin to 012. For default controls it's set to X. Table of Contents Final Fantasy I Matoya IV Rydia Rosa VI Edgar Roni Figaro Locke Cole Setzer Gabbiani VII Compilation Vincent Valentine Zack Fair VIII Rinoa Heartilly Seifer Almasy X Duology Paine XIII Trilogy Snow Villers Oerba Dia Vanille Oerba Yun Fang Hope Estheim Sazh Katzroy Yaag Rosch Galenth Dysley/Barthandelus XV Universe Noctic Lucis Caelum Prompto Argentum Gladiolus Amicitia Mystic Quest Benjamin Tactics Delita Heiral Type-0 King Kingdom Hearts Sora Xemnas Terra Live A Live Sundown Masaru Takahara Li Kuugo Chrono Trigger Robo Magus Devil May Cry Dante Lady JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Jotaro Kujo Rohan Kishibe Persona Eriko Kirishima (P1, P2EP) Makoto Niijima (P5) BlazBlue Ragna the Bloodedge Legend of Dragoon Dart Kongol Miranda Meru Rose Other (aka series I can't see myself making multiple movesets for) Dust (Dust, An Elysian Tail) Captain Falcon (F-Zero/Smash Bros) Quote (Cave Story)
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    Hello there, Colonel Birdstrong (formerly SatoshiKura) here. Since the old forums are down, I thought I'd try and migrate everything here. I'll be leaving some of my older, uglier mods to die, but if there's a specific one you want me to upload, let me know and I'll throw it on here. Download Link, from The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, joins Dissidia! He's used on the Warrior of Light. This Link carries just as much equipment as he normally does! While in EX Mode, he can equip different things! He can switch from his Kokiri Tunic to the Zora or Goron Tunics, change his shield for the Mirror Shield, put on the Golden Gauntlets, or trade out the Master Sword for the ever-powerful Biggoron Sword! He can always just keep the Master Sword or start out in one of the other tunics as well. Included is Dark Link, who also has access to the Biggoron Sword, Mirror Shield, and Golden Gauntlets. Screenshots: Download Link from The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess/Super Smash Bros. Brawl/Hyrule Warriors imported into Dissidia 012 Final Fantasy! He goes over Firion. His model uses assets from Twilight Princess, Super Smash Bros. Brawl, and Hyrule Warriors. Link uses a few of his weapons from Twilight Princess, plus Zelda's Light Arrow! An alternate version included in his download allows him to wield the Ordon Sword in place of the Light Arrow. Screenshots: Download Fierce Deity joins the ranks of the various Final Fantasy characters in Dissidia 012! He is used over Cloud. In EX Mode, he switches out the traditional Helix Sword for the strongest version available in Hyrule Warriors. Also included is a dark version! Screenshots Download Ganondorf from Super Smash Bros. Brawl/Twilight Princess on Exdeath. He comes with two alts: His "Grandpa Ganondorf" color from Brawl, and Project M's Ocarina of Time Ganondorf model. Screenshots: Download Ganondorf from Twilight Princess/Hyrule Warriors joins on Garland! He wields his dual swords from Hyrule Warriors. Screenshots: Download A Lizalfos from the Zelda series joins Dissidia! It goes on Jecht. Its gauntlet-hand has full finger movement! Other than that, there's not really anything special about it. Screenshots: Download Robin, using his appearance from Super Smash Bros. for Wii U, comes to Dissidia on Firion. He wields the Levin Sword and three tomes: Wind, Thunder, and Fire. Screenshots: Download Lyndis, from Fire Emblem 7, comes to Dissidia over Lightning. She makes use of both of the weapon types available to her from her original game and final class, switching between the bow and sword to deal damage at both short and long range. A little fun fact is that her nickname, Lyn, means Lightning in another language. Her skirt has some very obvious clipping, but that was unavoidable. For some reason, her arms are a bit darker than the rest of her skin, I know the problem, but when I try to fix it.... Well, she starts becoming invisible. Or the model just completely screws up. Her hair also sometimes stabs through her body. Screenshot: Download Samus, in her most iconic suit, joins Dissidia on Laguna. Screenshot: Download Samus in her Fusion Suit! As with her Varia Suit, she goes over Laguna. Screenshot: Download Samus, in her Light Suit from Metroid Prime 2: Echoes. She goes over Laguna. Screenshot: Download Samus, without her suit. She uses her Paralyzer from Super Smash Bros. Brawl, and goes over Lightning. Thanks to SJS on Brawl Vault for permission to use his model! Screenshot: Download Samus' nemesis, Ridley, comes to Dissidia on Feral Chaos. Screenshot: Download Pit from Kid Icarus: Uprising imported into Dissidia 012 Final Fantasy! He goes over Vaan. His model uses assets from Kid Icarus: Uprising on the 3DS. Pit has access to every weapon type usable in Uprising. He starts with the basic weapons (besides Palutena's Bow), and in EX Mode, he gains stronger versions! Also included is a Dark Pit version, who uses the Silver Bow and Dark Pit Staff in place of Palutena's Bow and the Orb Staff respectively. Thanks to DSX8 for supplying his files! Screenshots: Download Pit, from the Kid Icarus series, comes to Dissidia on Zidane! Zidane's animations and attacks are pretty much perfect for him. Also included is a Dark Pit retexture, made using SJS' Dark Pit textures that I can't find on Brawl Vault anymore. Good thing I had them laying around, though. Screenshot: Download Captain Falcon, from the F-Zero series, comes to Dissidia in a rather feminine way on Tifa Lockhart. He looks relatively fine when actually fighting, but his intro, loss, and victory animations are.... well..... yeah. He may look weird in some animations, but what do you expect? I put one of most manly Nintendo characters on TIFA. Included is an EXEX, which was made by Bloko for his Blaziken mod. Screenshot: Download Inuyasha, from the series that shares his name, comes to Dissidia on Cloud Strife. This was a request by AkiraMudou. The Tessaiga changes into its barrier-piercing red form upon entering EX Mode. Custom EX mode aura is also included, just rename its extension (.exex) to .edat and name it whatever Hasher says to name the EXEX. Video: Download Zero Two comes to Dissidia on Kuja. He doesn't really sport anything special, except for the fact that he's taken a humanoid form. Credit goes to _Data_Drain and Akari_Un for the model, and SJS for the portrait's image. Screenshot: Download Cloud, from Super Smash Bros. 3DS, imported on... Well, do I really need to say? Thanks to DSX8 on Brawl Vault for the model files! Screenshots: Download Shulk comes to Dissidia on Squall! And believe me, he's really feeling it, and so am I! He fits so well on Squall, just try using Blasting Zone. His Monado also opens up and gains a beam matching Lionheart's length while in EX Mode. Credit goes to Random Talking Bush for the model, and KTH from Brawl Vault for supplying me with him and a few other things. Screenshot: Download Sheik, from Super Smash Bros. 3DS, imported on Tifa! She's got all of her colors from Smash 3DS, plus lower res versions for better performance against modded characters. Thanks to DSX8 on Brawl Vault for the model files! Screenshots: Download Samus, from Super Smash Bros. 3DS, imported on Laguna! She has all of her colors from Smash 3DS, plus lower res texture versions for better performance against modded characters. Her arm cannon changes shape during Laguna's various attacks as well! Thanks to DSX8 on Brawl Vault for the model files! Screenshots: Download Dark Samus, from Super Smash Bros. 3DS, imported on Cloud of Darkness! Thanks to DSX8 on Brawl Vault for the model files! Screenshots: Download Marth, from Super Smash Bros. 3DS, imported on Cecil! He has all of his colors from Smash 3DS, plus lower res texture versions for better performance against modded characters. Thanks to DSX8 on Brawl Vault for the model files! Screenshots: Download Lucina, from Super Smash Bros. 3DS, imported on Lightning! She's got all of her colors from Smash 3DS, an optional Mask version, and lower res versions of both for better performance against modded characters. Thanks to DSX8 on Brawl Vault for the model files! Screenshots: Download Roy, from Super Smash Bros. 3DS, imported on Cecil! He has all of his colors from Smash 3DS, plus lower res texture versions for better performance against modded characters. Thanks to DSX8 on Brawl Vault for the model files! Screenshots: Download Corrin, from Super Smash Bros. 3DS, imported on Lightning! She has all her (female) colors from Smash 3DS, and lower res versions of the main texture for better performance against modded characters. And, for the first time on one of my mods, she has facial expressions, and Yato is animated! Thanks to DSX8 on Brawl Vault for the model files, and to Windblast as well for all the aid he gave in making the texture animations work. Screenshots: Download Chrom, from Super Smash Bros. 3DS, imported on Warrior of Light! Thanks to DSX8 on Brawl Vault for the model files! Screenshots: Download Greninja, from Super Smash Bros. 3DS, imported on Zidane! Thanks to DSX8 on Brawl Vault for the model files! Screenshots: Download A Hunter equipped with the Vangis set from Monster Hunter Tri cleaves his way into Dissidia! He uses the Longsword Shadowbinder (P). To go with the Longsword's style of fighting, he goes over Sephiroth. Screenshots: Download Ganondorf from Super Smash Bros. 3DS joins yet again! This time, he's over Golbez. Screenshots: Download A hunter wearing Nargacuga armor has snuck into Dissidia! He uses various Sword and Shield weapons from Monster Hunter Generations. Screenshots: Download A hunter dressed in Yukumo Village's own armor arrives! He wields several Switch Axes, which take on their Sword Mode form in EX Mode. Screenshots: Download A hunter wearing the Caravan's signature armor set vaults into the fray! He uses several Insect Glaives. Screenshots: Download A hunter wearing G Rank Kushala Daora armor joins to knock out his enemies with his powerful Charge Blades! Screenshots: Download Alm, from Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia, joins Dissidia on Firion, wielding several weapons from his journeys through Valentia! In EX Mode, he promotes to his Hero class and swaps his Royal Sword and plain weaponry for the powerful Falchion and the Valentian Regalia. Screenshots: Download Celica, from Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia, joins Dissidia on Terra. She wields her powerful magic and reliable sword, and in EX Mode, promotes to her Princess class. Screenshots: Download Solid Snake, from the Metal Gear series, stealths his way into Dissidia on Laguna. He wields a variety of firearms from The Twin Snakes! Screenshots: Download Link, from Hyrule Warriors, joins the fray! He's got his Hero and Knight looks, and a lot of alternate colors for his Hero costume. Screenshots: Download Siegfried, from the Soulcalibur series, joins Dissidia! He wields his sword Requiem and Soul Calibur itself. Screenshots:
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    Vincent Valentine Chaos Shooter - Shifts between different guns and several terrifying transformations to deal with his adversary at any range Fluff 012 Type Arcade Type
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    Oerba Dia Vanille Great Disrupter - Debilitates the opponent with crippling afflictions and powerful magic. Fluff 012 Type Arcade Type
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    Snow Villiers Winter Hero - Snow dives headfirst into danger using nothing but his powerful physique as a weapon. Fluff 012 Type Arcade Type Notes So considering that in Arcade Ramza is Gabranth Lite and Vaan is CoD Lite, then wouldn't it make sense for Snow to be ExDeath Lite? Granted he has way more directly offensive capabilities than ExDeath, but in Sentinel they could be comparable to a small degree. Of course Commando really voids my argument, doesn't it? EDIT: Now that ExDeath has been released in Arcade, Snow fills his original role better than he does as a defensive powerhouse. Granted, I don't think this is a bad thing. Just means that he's the hero Arcade needs. Also every fiber of my being wants to make the EX-Skill version Sovereign Fist an HP attack since it's an instant KO in XIII-2 and instantly depletes the Stagger gauge in XIII, but that feels a bit unfair and doesn't match the theme of XIII's HP attacks. Of course, Kain gets away with having an HP EX-Skill, so maybe Fang's Highwind will be an HP attack?
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    Paine Sphereshifter - A valiant fighter who alters her garbs to adjust her fighting style Fluff 012 Version Arcade Type Notes Originally her Arcade Type was just the 012 version but without Dark Knight, however this felt unsatisfying compared to Bartz; so I altered her moveset to be more like his than "Dyxo makes another paradigm shifter." Cause eventually I'm going to have all the major characters from XIII (barring Lightning, of course) done up at some point. If you guys want though I can post that one anyways. Also for a slight clarification: The reason she doesn't have Tidus and Yuna's dungeon theme is because technically Paine isn't from X. To my knowledge she's a new character to X-2. Rikku would probably get Via Purifico, however, as she probably wouldn't ended up with her move set heavily based in X-2 as well. Unless... Shoot Type Alchemist/Thief Rikku?
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    Edgar Roni Figaro Imperial Machinist - Outfitted with the latest technology, Edgar has a tool for every situation Fluff 012 Version Arcade Type I seem to make a lot of tech based characters and shoot types, don't I? Edit: Changed his spear in Arcade ver. to a sword since that's what he uses in Brave Exvius.
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    Rydia of Mist Black Caller - Strike down opponents from afar with elemental magic and summons. Fluff 012 Version Arcade Version
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    use this link instead https://www.mediafire.com/file/ognzk22k11pi0ck/DLC_3_aerith_pink_dress_yuna.zip/file
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    I am no longer dead, thanks to a new computer. Glad to know people are liking my designs so far, and I will admit Rydia was especially fun to make for both her summoning quotes in the 012 ver. and figuring out how to make a summoner that's definitely NOT Yuna. Also while I will be transfering more movesets in later, I am going to go back and update old ones with some generic out-of-battle quotes (nothing character specific) and some musical themes. Edit: Some of these quotes feel... a bit off. Any help/suggestions on character quotes would be appreciated.
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    Terra Earthen Shadow - Break the enemy apart with the strength of the mountain. Fluff 012 Type Arcade Type Notes A while back Liam mentioned wanting to do the BBS crew as movesets, and made a comment about having trouble making Vanguards. So I offered to make Terra in his stead, mirroring the way that he had designed Ventus. Admittedly I had a tough time figuring out whether I wanted Dark Impulse or Rock Breaker as his final form, but I figured DI had a wider variety of moves to pick from (Dark centric vs Rock centric) and was more important to Terra's character (especially given it's forced upon the player in one fight). Though I ended up giving some dark moves to Fatal Mode so that Terra would actually be able to enter Dark Impulse if I were to follow by how BBS's Command Styles linked into each other.
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    Jevil Underworld Jester - Disorientate foes with chaotic, mismatched abilities. Fluff Arcade Type 012 Type Notes I realize that by doing anything Toby Fox I open a bit of an internet Pandora's Box. However, I have no intention of doing anything else Undertale/Deltarune at this time. Jevil is just too fun and I had an easy time imagining him in Dissidia. The mechanics in UT/DR are a bit too weird for me to try and translate anyone else, even if I wanted to (and part of me does want to). Maybe when DR is finished I'll revisit the game and see if anyone else could be translated without too much weirdness. As such I picked a dungeon theme that I think can be used universally. We'll see.
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    Delita Heiral Ark Knight - Cripple opponents with holy wrath and leave them for death Fluff Arcade Type 012 Type Notes To be honest, I never actually got that far into Tactics. So this is just me compiling and BSing some stuff for an AC/NT style moveset based on what people were saying on the Discord. I might finish this later and make it a proper entry into this thread, but who knows when that'll happen.
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    Gladiolus Amicitia Shield of the King - Push through any opposition with a blend of brute force and powerful defenses. Fluff 012 Type Arcade Type Notes I feel like Gladio was the easiest one to make out fo all the brothers. Though maybe I shouldn't say that before starting Ignis, even though I already have him basically finished in my head. He just has a delightfully straight forward playstyle that I think I was able to translate almost 1:1 without any real issues into Dissidia. Plus I think people might enjoy the return of Shantty's old 012 BRV gimmick. And before anyone asks me about the potential balance issues with Royal Guard, I'm currently under the belief that if Gladio gets four stacks of rage I'm pretty sure he's either playing 1v1 (which the game isn't designed for) or someone's feeding him. Fantastic noob breaker, questionable effectiveness at higher play where people can either ignore him or harrass Gladio from a distance.
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    Prompto Argentum King’s Rifle - Stave off opponents with a mix of explosives, firearms, and deadly machinery. Fluff 012 Type Arcade Type Notes I've been meaning to do the boys for a while now, and a conversation on the discord as few days ago prompted me (heh) to start with the gunner. Seems to be the trend with my recent movesets. For whatever reason I seem to have a lot of fun making gunners for Dissidia. Maybe I'll do King. Or the rest of the boy band. Not sure.
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    Haven't touch modding for quite some time, but if I recall correctly, the final output should give you 6 digits in hex (5 if short), and you would insert them backwards in pairs. EX: 123456 -> 56 34 12 EX2: 12345 -> 05 34 12 I think? And they were supposed to be somewhere in the 08, 09, 0A columns? Someone correct me if i'm wrong.
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    Kongol Gigantos - A giant of a man capable of breaking others within the blink of an eye. Fluff 012 Type Arcade Type Can you tell that I really like dragoon yet?
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    Setzer Gabbiani Maniac Dealer - Madden opponents with unconventional weapons and games of chance. Fluff 012 Type Arcade Type Notes Originally I was going to have Slots play a more prominent role in his moveset design, but then I realized I had already made someone on the old forums who relied on chance to function. Plus, it seemed unfitting for Setzer. Even ignoring the Kingdom Hearts II portrayal of him, which admittedly I did take some inspiration from, he always seemed like the type to subtly manipulate his own luck to keep favor on himself. Plus, his gambling gear gave way too many opportunities for me to have some fun with. I also tried to make him more of a support/harasser to mirror his team role in Record Keeper, though I fear this made it difficult for Setzer to do much by himself. At least, not unless he got lucky.
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    Seifer Almasy Sorceress Knight - Rain fires of judgement upon all those deemed impure. Fluff 012 Type Arcade Type Notes
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    Sora Keymaster - Wield together both strong magic and a powerful weapon to lock down opposition. Fluff 012 Version Arcade Version Notes I'm... gonna be honest. I was sorta dreading this one, since it's a character I don't actually want in Dissidia and balancing his KH1 and KH2 stuff was kind of a pain. Not even really sure what lead to me favoring KH2 content for his aerial stuff either, honestly. Just kinda happened. Still, I'm hoping he's an interesting take on the Speed Type character since Kuja managed to get away with being a Speed type not!Shoot. Still kinda iffy about his typing though, to be honest.
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    Locke Cole Phoenix Striker - Chase down foes and batter them, regardless the distance Fluff 012 Type Arcade Type Notes Arcade moveset is actually just a transcription of Leif's predictive moveset that I put some creative liberties into. Mostly with dash attack, moving some moves around input wise, and specifying some things he was a big vague on. I wasn't entirely sure how he was explaining the fluff for the brave moves, but I got the main function down so I think I'm fine. Also decided to name a lot of his Brave attacks off of weapons that are unique to him in VI to keep with the theme. 012 moveset is entirely my own creation, however. It was mostly an expansion on Leif's base design, while trying to include all of Locke's abilities from Record Keeper. Part of me feels like I probably should have kept his chain attack stuff from the arcade moveset, but I'm kinda glad I only kept it with Hawkeye since 012 characters just simply have more options than Arcade characters do. EDIT: Now that Locke has been release, please see Leif's followup video for comparison points between this moveset and the released character. Though I don't agree with him on how similar the two are, he breaks it down better than I could.
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    Lady Gunslinger - Mows down opponents with a hail of bullets. Fluff 012 Type Arcade Type Notes So before Devil May Cry 4: Special Edition came out I had originally made an 012 version of Lady where she just used every gun in the series, barring Nightmare and Artemis, with her HP attacks being Pandora and it's different forms. However, since the release of DMC4:SE (and my realization that DMC characters would be disgustingly easy to translate into Dissidia) I decided to translate that version of her to see how it'd go. Admittedly I debilitated between Wire Action being her EX-Skill and Burst Action being her final HP and this current set up, and I'm still not entirely sure which fits better, but this is what I decided on. Lady fills a role that NT has, but doesn't really make the fullest of: A long range rushdown character. Due to Dissidia's nature most mages are like this to some degree, but Lady is very ruthless and in NT she'd make for a very selfish Shoot type. As is, she
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    Eriko Kirishima Blade of Judgement - Dance about the battle field and cut down opponents with holy light. Fluff 012 Type Arcade Type Notes Despite being far more familiar with Persona 1, I decided to lean more towards P2 with Eriko's stuff. Half because it gave me some more options, and half because it felt more appropriate to pick her later appearance than an earlier one. Hence Gabriel (who, in case you're wondering, is female in Shin Megami Tensei) being her ultimate Persona instead of Michael. As for why Armaiti is there, it's because she was one of the persona that Eriko used in the P1 manga. I was tempted to use Azrael (who is also in the manga) instead, but chose not to since he doesn't reappear in P2. In case anyone gets weird about the name of her EX-Skill, that's actually what it's called in game. I thought it'd be a neat call back to the spell fusion system since Gabriel's required to even use it. Also, I thought I'd be cute and have Velvet Room/Aria of the Soul as the dungeon theme for any Persona characters I make. Of course using the version best fitting of that character.
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    Jotaro Kujo Stardust Crusader: Utilizes unrivaled power and speed to break down any opponent Fluff 012 Type Arcade Type Notes So the original 012 version was made as a joke before I knew that much about JoJo. I basically knew enough to make a convincing Jotaro and not much more. It used to be more cring/meme-y, but I made small edits to make it a bit more reasonable. I couldn't bring myself to make a more serious version though. The Arcade version, though, is more serious. I included little things from what he does in Parts 4 and 6, as well as made it so you can either be very safe with by abusing Star Platinum's disjointed attacks or be more vulnerable to chain a flurry of blows together and shred the opponent's bravery. I also did up the order of his HP attacks in roughly the same order as when those abilities are revealed, although an argument could be made between the first two. I might do other JoJo characters at some point in the future as well, depending on how difficult it is to translate JoJo into Dissidia. Didn't seem too bad for Jotaro though, and his fighting style roughly comes down to punching people a lot and very hard. EDIT: For musical themes, I figured the area themes from Eyes of Heaven would be good dungeon themes if I decide to do more JoJo characters. Overworld v Battle will probably be decided between Eyes of Heaven and All Star Battle for which one I think fits which better. I also almost decided to have the title + descriptor just be stand name and ability summary, but decided that'd probably come off as a bit too cheesy.

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