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    This is the first DDFF tournament hosted on dissidia.community, as well as the first major tournament in a very long time. It's called Genesis to celebrate the start of a new era in this game. Majors are tournaments where, instead of playing everything in one day, matches are played over a long period of time. More on this later. Schedule Start time: September 5th 2016 (Monday) The tournament is expected to last for about one and a half month. Requirements NA Copy of Duodecim Dissidia Final Fantasy PPSSPP 1.1.1-222 (Adam Build) 32bit Hamachi Rules Ruleset: Official Feral Chaos banned Counter Summons Only (Barbariccia, Scarmiglione, Cagnazzo and Rubicante) 1-hit chase rule: "If you chase after a chase BRV, it must be an empty chase, meaning you don't perform any additional chase attacks." Infinites banned All breakables items are banned Hacked Items banned Tournament format and rules Double Elimination All sets are best of 5 matches Save ALL of your matches and send the replays to dissidia.community@gmail.com Any rage-quitting behavior, be it "softly" (pressing Start > giving up the match) or "hardly" (closing the PPSSPP, etc.) will result in a disqualification from the tournament as per the requirements of the previously mentioned point. Counterpicking system Tournament stages: Starter stages: All other stages, as well as the Omega variant of all stages, are banned. Match 1: Only the 3 starter stages will be available and they will be chosen on a smash striking system. Players must decide who gets to strike a stage out first or decide it with a coin toss. After this decision: Player A chooses to strike out one of the starter stages Player B chooses one of the 2 remaining stages to play on. Double blind pick Both players pick their character and customize at will. Matches 2, 3, 4, 5: All of the tournament stages can be used now Winner of previous match bans one of the stages of the tournament stages Loser of previous match picks one of the remaining stages. Dave's stupid rule: you cannot pick a stage in which you already won a match Double blind pick Note that players can customize at any point. How does double blind pick work? Match Scheduling Players are expected to play two rounds per week. One will go from Monday to Thursday, and another from Friday to Sunday. At the start of each period private messages will be sent to both participants of the match. Schedule your matches through PMs, always cc-ing the TO team in each of them so that we know what is going on. If you talk to your opponent through other means (such as Discord), send us a update. At the end of each period is a deadline. If a match is not completed by then, we will decide the result based on the contents of the conversation, or a coinflip if it is inconclusive. However, players may ask for an extension - extra time to play their matches. Those will be judged on a case by case basis, however as a rule of thumb we will not grant them if the players do not have a clear plan of when to play their matches. Example - if you could not schedule your match between Monday and Thursday, but could find a good time on Friday, you will probably be granted your extension. But if you have no plans, you will not get one. At some point, Winner's Bracket will be far ahead of Loser's Bracket and we will let Winner's bracket run on one match per week. Consider this a reward for staying in Winner's, that you get more time to play. Additional information Recommendation Don't take too long customizing. Coming into the tournament, it is recommended that you have builds prepared on all your characters already - any build you expect you would want to use. That speeds up customization (and thus the tournament) considerably. This is something I cannot strictly enforce, however, it should be followed on the principle of good manners and courtesy to your opponent. Not everyone can wait for 1 hours while you make your Ultimecia build. A special treat I'll be providing a prize of 20 US Dollars to the first placer Sign up format Name: Hamachi ID: Timezone: (please use GMT) Sign ups will close at the September 2nd (Friday). When signing up, please think about whether you will actually be able to play through that time period. I'll also need help with the with tournament organization. I want 1 or 2, maybe 3 volunteers. -- This thread is for sign ups and for rules discussion/questions.

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