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    Where to begin... Looking through my order logs, I got the first Dissidia (Japanese version) back in early 2009, so it looks like I jumped on that train immediately. I think I felt wary when it was first announced, but as more footage surfaced, I got hooked. Being primarily a Final Fantasy VIII fan, the first character I played was Squall. Not understanding anything was tough but luckily, the game wasn't too hard and the language barrier wasn't insurmountable. Besides that, I don't remember much until the English release where I explored all other characters and found my main character in Cloud of Darkness. Loved her playstyle, attacks and EX Mode effect. I played online, though only on X-Link Kai–but even playing just there, I still managed to have a go against some of the best players in the scene (xffixbmlx, Yunoa and more). One regret I had for my competitive play during Dissidia 1 is that I didn't stick to my main character due to lack of confidence. Regardless, I had a ton of fun then and I enjoyed being a part of the community. Besides CoD, I liked playing... hm. Ultimecia, Sephiroth and Kuja. Some Emperor, Firion and Squall too. Duodecim changed a lot of stuff and as much as I wanted to continue to main CoD, the system changed too much for me to enjoy her playstyle. That, and she got some nerfs. I found my new main in Kain, whose HP attacks fascinated me more than anything else in the game. I haven't played the second game a lot, the community had a lot of issues which resulted in the decline coming sooner rather than later. I still had my joy in the second game via screenshotting, something I'm still doing today. Besides Kain, I liked Prishe the most, with some Vaan and Laguna on the side. I really did prefer DFF to DdFF. There might be several causes for that, like community being at peak during the first game or the second game not improving things enough. I can't explain it as easily, one might have had to been there to know it. There was beauty in the first Dissidia for both the player and the spectator. I'm attributing it to Omni Air Dash, which gave so much dynamic to the game–moving through the game's stages, which were mostly huge, was unlike in any other Dissidia game. Approaching the opponent could be abrupt and positioning fast. It was exciting to say the least. For the upcoming game, I really only have one wish. The battle editor. I've spent years taking photos of characters, amassing a big collection of some spectacular moments. I want that for the new game as well. Nothing could make me happy as much as that would. I had a lot of various experiences during my time with Dissidia. I played and grew as a player, I conversed and got to know quite a few people, I started to design and become more than just a forum graphics artist. Dissidia pushed me and inspired me to become creative and ambitious, it reignited my flame as a Final Fantasy fan. It keeps me a fan today. I created this series of Dissidia fansites to show my appreciation for what Dissidia has done for me, to show what Dissidia helped me grow into. I want to share my love for Dissidia with everyone and be a part of the best community for it.
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    Yep, definitely using him whenever this game reaches our shores.
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    Might as well. I've started playing around mid 2011 and around the end of 2011 I had joined the Forums. I started out really awkwardly since my online life pretty much started with Dissidia and AHP, the first time I talked english with people outside of school, the first time I did pvp competitively. I feel like I had great guidance though with Narolf explaining me alot of the official stuff, harsh at times but in the end he's kept me away from Drama and has been very supportive later on once he got to know me better. X-Zone helping me out with the tournaments and overall being an extremely positive influence on my behavior on the internet and understanding the game so much better and heavily (maybe even too much) boosting my self confidence. Shoutouts to Dart, from whom I took an extreme amount of inspiration and knowledge on builds for my characters (From which one is a fun damage build for Shantotto, which is my favorite set to use to this day, not meta but extremely fun), and UW2K who has been a major help in improving my Ulti and has been an extremely good friend to me to this day. I have been very obsessed with magic already before in other games, I don't know what it is that makes me obsess with it so much, I just do. Which, naturally, was an extreme influence on my choice of characters. Which on hindsight has also been a huge weakness of mine since alot of people knew who and how I play and how to easily counter me (Mostly by picking small stages). However I took great pride in which characters I played. In 2013 after placing third in Frostbite, I felt "I've accomplished it". The competition was strong, I beat very strong players on my way to the third place and the amount of laughs I got from the people after I defeated L7W was just insane. Losing to Dart for the second place strangely didn't incite any salt nor hate towards Dart. In fact, my respect towards him just grew. But dang, third place in a major? And thats someone who used free air dash on Ultimecia for a long time? I was happy, satisfied, completed. I quit right after because I felt like losing in general got to me too much, I wanted it to be a clean end, if that makes any sense. I also wanted to try out other games with more focus on PvE and not PvP. Just to end up pvping in XIV. I guess it's in my blood.
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    I joined at the start of the summer of 2016. I played Dissidia way back when it first came out. Then me and a friend discovered our mutual interests in Dissidia and we ended up fighting each other all throughout highschool. It was just us. So, I decided to get more into the game and increase my knowledge and ability. Now I main Exdeath. I still have a working psp and can use both JP adhocparty and the American adhocparty. I'm down to play some JP ranked!
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    Hey there, Long time Dissidia player. I started playing the Japanese version of DFF, Seelenschneider showed me the ropes of the game then Kraid later on became the player I played quite frequently with. Tidus is my main and i've pretty stuck with him on all versions, However I did play Squall and Cloud once in awhile. I'm looking forward to the Arcade edition and playing you all in the future.
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    Well, I'm new here and probably unknown to all, so.. hi ! I personally heard about the first Dissidia in the first weeks of its announcement and couldn't stop my excitement when it came to see new models of my favorite characters. I really loved most of them with their original voices, especially Zidane ( even if he had a weird jaw .. ). I ended up importing the game in japanese because I couldn't wait for the western release which still wasn't announced and I was afraid of losing the japanese voices that were imo really fitting the characters. And dear lord, I loved that game, I played hundred of hours on it. Sadly I couldn't get excited about Duodecim years later, maybe from consuming that much the first one, the characters that were added were far from being my favorites, quite the opposite, and I wasn't too confident about them recycling most of the story lines from the first game while just adding the world map and few chapters. I also wasn't interested at all in the assist systems and the balance changes, which were imo changing the game too much. So I skipped that one and only picked it up recently. I wasn't that interested in these games competitively, mostly because I'm more of a team player so I didn't like the 1v1 format, and because I simply hated the OP dodges and chases from a multiplayer point of view, they felt wrong to me. So I didn't go really far when it came to mastering these games, my favorite Characters were Zidane, Kuja, Jecht. So I found my gem recently with Dissidia Arcade. I forgot to mention that I'm currently staying in Japan and playing on a regular basis, although I should probably stop for a bit as I already spent probably more than 200$. My favorite characters so far are Zidane & Y'shtola by a large margin followed by Ramza. So yeah, I'm quite enjoying support-oriented characters as I expected. At the moment I'm interested in discussing the future of this game and trying to give regular updates and such on the new content, in order to do so I also recently obtained the mod powers of the Dissidia subreddit. I'm currently in the process of completely re-designing it in order to attract more people to it. Here, you can check my card... Sorry, I always wanted to make this joke.
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    You got nothing on me. One of the very first on AHP even back when the game was released in JP in 2008 along with fossils such as Aichi, Seelenschneider, Lockon, Wolfion and FunkyMan and then later on with some complete prat and then later than that NeroMD, Dave and Belts and even a little more later with Jodah and Wedge. Then the NA/EU versions. Met some great people in those times and some not so great. But some fun facts quickly about when I was first playing: We didn't know how insanely powerful criticals were. Especially Counter Attack/Sneak Attack. Because of those two, many random NA players back in 2009 would accuse me of cheating despite playing by their rules. I still have some of those videos on my Youtube (though privately linked.) Despite what everyone on Youtube believed: My main was and had always been Terra. However I did play a bit more Emperor and enjoyed playing him more than Terra admittingly, even back in the JP version of the game. I also had Cloud of Darkness, Ultimecia and Exdeath in my arsenal also with those five always being my most fun and favoured to play.
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    Played ever since JPN version at 2008 and later got introduced to the Online Community along with AHP. Been hooked ever since, waiting for PS4 version of Dissidia Arcade now.
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    You and I both, except I'm the turtle. Heard of this game in like 07, bought a Japanese UMD. Found the wonders of Ad Hoc Party and it all went somewhere from there. My only real relevancy was getting 3rd place in the 1st major for JP DFF. Other than that I'm just your local shitposter
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    I played casually and became good. That's it tbh. ( Don't have the ego to write how " awesome I was " ) When PPSSPP happened I got left behind in AHP :/

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