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    Heh. Here I am, a peruser of the forums. None of you know me, really, because I technically joined the forums in about 2014 but did nothing on them. I only started playing Dissidia in about 2013, and when I found out about the competitive scene, I was hooked. The problem I have is... I just suck at the game. That and my reflexes are way slower than they should be. Dissidia's one of my favorite games to just sit down and play occasionally, and I absolutely love watching the competitive scene. Every match-up is a joy to watch for me. Though, seriously, we need more CoD. I know she's the worst character in the game, but she's so much fun... Joking aside, it's nice to see so many people who play and enjoy this game. And here I am, a Cecil Harvey main. And I know the mechanics that make him passable in competitive play. Doesn't mean I can put it into practice. So if anything, if I had some practice with it, I would totally be a commentator. Not that I've ever really seen one... Also, did I get too rambly? It happens occasionally.

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