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    Been into the Final Fantasy series since...far longer than I can clearly remember. Been playing the Dissidia series since 2010, but I only was able to get into Duodecim within the last six months. Most people here have avatars from the Final Fantasy series; mine is a face made with RPG Maker VX Ace Character Generator and edited using GIMP (for features not implemented with the generator). Yes, I love making my own games, and recreating other games as much if not more than I like playing them. I love the modding community for this and other reasons. I am a writer, mostly fiction and fan fiction, and I have covered Dissidia in several of my fan fictions. I even went so far as to create the beginning of the cycle, with a lot more characters than just the thirty-two (technically thirty-one), with a lot of them being from outside the series at the beginning (a topic of its' own). I am also a musician; I'm the only member of my group (positions open!) as of now, but word to the faint-of-heart... We're not pop or Top40 money thieving crap, no we are hardcore, screaming in-your-face, Slam Metal. We are...KARMA B*TCHES. And that is all...for now...

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