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    Hope Estheim Magician Strategist - Powerful magic flows forth, growing their user’s power before unleashing it in fantastical displays of prowess. Fluff 012 Type Arcade Type Notes I intentionally wanted to make Hope somewhat unusual to play as, while still trying to keep him coherent. Using Alexander as traps, having multiple ways to support and buff himself, all while still having very powerful - if not somewhat staggered - magic. Took me some time to come up with this idea, hence the delay on him, and I wanted to get Hope out of the way before moving onto Fang or Sazh. His 012 version also somewhat perpetrates the cancer that is assist camping, as between Thundaga and his HP Traps he can somewhat safely stand in one spot and gather assist as much as he likes. Like ExDeath, I imagine he'd fair best in a battle of attrition than fighting his opponent outright. Arcade, meanwhile, was the best way I could think of to implement the Medic role. Being the only remaining character who naturally gained Medic, I felt it was best to give it to him over Synergist than leave it out entirely. Although I still question whether or not I should fluff his BRV Break recovering move as Curaja or Raise/Renew, I believe the latter has a different connotation entirely. After this I'm debating on whether I will continue making the Final Fantasy XIII characters or upload some movesets I already made based on other Non-Final Fantasy characters. Given Dante got some support, I might branch out a bit. We'll see next time I get the chance to upload.

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