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    Discord name: TroyB IG name: Troy Timezone: GMT-04
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    Discord Name: Vortx IG Name: Vortx Timezone: GMT +3
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    The purpose of this topic is to know if I have not missed anything regarding the issues this beta had. I have already sent my feedback to the Square Enix Support Team. You will find it below if you are interested to see its content. Do not hesitate to add things I may have forgotten to the Square Enix Support Team : http://sqex.to/MWF. This way this game will be better than ever! P.S. : Hyne talked about a way of getting matches frenquently : "like if peer to peer hosting stays, it may be good for it mm to search within region for a minute before it goes outside". I found it to be interesting and gave my thoughts about it to the Support Team in the 5th paragraph.

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