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    Hello my user name is ScionOfLight but I'd prefer to be called SOL. I played both the original dissidia and 012 when they came out, but living out in the no lands of Ohio (as well as a debilitating fear of competitive scenes) I never really "got gud" at dissidia only ever playing the game casually and never really BREAKING MY LIMITS...(bad joke). But it's a new chapter in my life and as the title implies in dissidia NT (new tale) I'm ready to do something different and expand my horizons. My goal is to take my career to the top, make it to EVO or whatever tournament scene pops out of this. In my opinion DFFNT would make a fabulous addition to EVO with it's surprising amount of depth and come on guys I think a spectator camera that can watch and move about the entire field of battle would be an epic thing to watch. During my 012 days my favorite characters were shantotto, kuja, and Yuna. And that time I really only played characters based on asthetics and whos powers I thought looked the best (which is still true to a point) but now I'm looking for more utility and a playstyle that compliments my personality and while I still love shantotto new agression based style, looking at my name should tell you right away who I plan to get good at. This is also my first time being part of a community, and I'm really looking forward to being apart of all this and watching it grow as the competitive scene gets bigger. But please if I do something unethical to standards do let me know, I have every intention of growing to love this community and don't wanna mess it up. So here's to all getting along. -SOL
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    Hi all, I stumbled onto the original Dissidia game while looking for something worthwhile to play; so naturally, I grabbed the Japanese copy first. I don't have any specific main during that time, I just went with anyone who caught my eye. It wasn't until Duodecim came out that I seriously considered specializing, so I ended up picking hard to learn characters as mains. Fast forward to NT, I will not deem myself ready for the big guns until I master my chosen main/s.

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