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    Thanks for letting me know! It turns out I set those up incorrectly. I updated the download to include the fixed ones.
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    Not really sure about the competitive scene, with regards to all the big names in the Dissidia community, since I've only just gotten major vibes, but I would just like to send my hopes and aspirations for the future. This game can be trouble for a lot of people, myself included, but when you start lazering the mechanics and adjust to the onslaught of mania, you start to gain a new appreciation for the skill this game requires. I can't speak much about how Dissidia once was, cause the debate of 1v1's is on alot of peoples minds, but I think the 3v3 gameplays will add something really fresh to a growing E-Sport. If Square Enix will support this game, and breath life into its bones for more than a couple months, and give us the 6 dlc, including the 16 freebies (50 characters they said they would like to have) with additions like what they're doing with a day one update, there is hope yet. I believe this game can be big if we get the support for it. As for the development of the comp scene; they really need to stress adding a spectator mode, cause the tourny a week ago was very limited and not very structured. Watching the tourny gave me some serious optimism for the future. Who are the main competitive players anyways? It'd be cool to see some of their games (send me a link or something). GG's all, Thanks mah dewds!

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