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    you should ask Deraj8 for this, because using this new tool is a bit complex, nah just kidding it easy 1. On the "BigFile Packaging Tab" "Select ISO File" and select the Dissidia 012 ISO you have(USA or EUR/EUR undub). 2. Click on "Extract PACKAGE to" and choose the destination for the extracted files. there will be placed inside a folder called "@PACKAGE.BIN" 3. Find the model .GMO and texture/portrait .GIM file you want to replace inside the @PACKAGE.BIN folder using Noesis. https://richwhitehouse.com/index.php?content=inc_projects.php&showproject=91 4. Rename your mods .GIM and .GMO file to match the name of the original .GIM and .GMO inside the @PACKAGE.BIN folder and Replace the original .GIM and .GMO file inside the @PACKAGE.BIN with your mods .GIM and .GMO file Jecht: 2108535709_16.GMO = Jecht(Normal) battle model 1356178453_16.GMO = Jecht(Alt1) battle model 1274915181_16.GMO = Jecht(Alt2) battle model 2120368822_16.GMO = Jecht(Manikin) battle model 275643608_16.GMO = Jecht(Normal) assist model 4237269382_16.GMO = Jecht(Alt1) assist model 2804827468_16.GMO = Jecht(Alt2) assist model 4134047279_16.GMO = Jecht(Manikin) assist model 3851075108_16.GIM = Jecht(Normal) portrait 3371346348_16.GIM = Jecht(Alt1) portrait 3554321620_16.GIM = Jecht(Alt2) portrait Feral Chaos: 487567325_16.GMO = Feral Chaos(Normal) battle model 813152341_16.GMO = Feral Chaos(Alt1) battle model 4218058172_16.GMO = Feral Chaos(?) battle model 2234032740_16.GIM = Feral Chaos(Normal) portrait 2823861740_16.GIM = Feral Chaos(Alt1) portrait 1539349580_16.GIM = Feral Chaos(?) portrait Chaos: 1552288609_16.GMO = Chaos(1st Form) battle model 4136300307_16.GMO = Chaos(2nd Form) battle model 2583198834_16.GMO = Chaos(3rd Form) battle model 4196297419_16.GIM = Chaos(1st Form) portrait 1444939491_16.GIM = Chaos(2nd Form) portrait 1063263704_16.GIM = Chaos(3rd Form) portrait also go back to the Modding Suite on the same tab. 5. "Select source folder" and select the folder "@PACKAGE.BIN" 6. "Save PACKAGE to" and choose the destination for the re-made package. now you'll have the package that contains your mods .GMO and .GIM, now to add them into Dissidia 012 ISO 7. For that you'll need to open the program "UMDGEN" https://www.brewology.com/downloads/download.php?id=10079&mcid=1 8. "Open" your Dissidia 012 ISO, In the Explorer tab, expand PSP_GAME, expand USRDIR, and click on DATA. 9. Drag your created PACKAGE.BIN and PACKAGE_INFO.BIN files into UMDGEN. 10. It will ask you if you want to replace the original files, click Yes to All. 11. Then "Save" your file as an uncompressed .iso 12. Choose the name and location for your .iso and save it. 13. Test the new .iso on your gaming system 14 . Done!
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    Update for one of my very first mods. Now has facial expressions and a better (yet still faulty) rigging job. https://www.mediafire.com/file/83wxwu3mbw0bfa1/

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