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    Hey everyone ! I'm Cece and I'm craving for offline tournaments ! First of all, this is only supposed to be a poll to determine if the interest is even high enough. I know that the game just recently came out. Everyone has yet get into the game first and so on, but that won't and can't stop anyone from meeting offline, discussing things, grinding and playing matches in an competitive environment, can it? Being a TO myself for quite some time in the Smash community and for the Pokemon Company, I have all of them: the connections to sponsors, venues and production staffs, in order to provide an appropriate stage for the competitive Dissidia community. The games may be different in their needs, but the necessary equipment are pretty much the same. At a later time many of my friends and I will hold a bootcamp at my house to check what internet connection is needed to suffice for 3vs3 AND streaming. The best way to go about this would probably be the Riot / League of Legends style. That means having qualifiers first ( online in this case ) and then getting the top 16 teams out to the event venue for offline encounters. The offline event will most likely take place in Düsseldorf, Germany - which is easy to reach by train and airplane, though and close to other european countries. I have yet to flesh out the details and the optimal way to approach this idea, so any discussion, ideas, suggestions, feedback etc. would be really helpful ! Best regards,
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    I was a huge fan of the Advent Children movie. Then, after learning that a game was about to release, that had action similar to AC, I started to look into it. I remember looking up Dissidia trailers and gameplay videos with my brother on GameTrailers, including one very funny instance of accidentally layering duplicates of the Bartz' vs Exdeath cutscene with a slight delay. The game looked so cool that it convinced me to buy the silver PSP bundled with Dissidia and the Advent Children UMD, which I still have to this day (still operational). Once I started playing it, I fell in love, and it actually acted as my gateway to play more Final Fantasy games, since I had only had a minimal amount of exposure to older FF titles via emulators. I also eventually bought my brother a PSP and his own copy of Dissidia. We played against each other several times every week. As 012 Duodecim released, I immediately jumped on it day one and loved it more than the original. The gameplay had been fine-tuned, and the aadded characters were great. Especially Lightning and Tifa, who became two of my most used characters, next to Squal, WoL, and Tidus. My brother and I, as well as 2 of our friends, would play it every time we hung out, my brother and I continuing to play against each other at least a time or two every week. Eventually, we moved on to the Vita, but would rebuy Duodecim digitally, to play from time to time. With the impending release of NT, and my disappointment with the very different direction it has taken from pre-established "Dissidia", I am going to pick Duodecim back up to quell this betrayal I feel from Square Enix. I even regret buying Final Fantasy 15, a bit. I'll probably finish 15 eventually, but only after my disdain for SqEnix dies down. I just find it sad that they would take the series in such a drastically different direction, saying "screw you" to those of us who wanted a sequel to what what was already established across two entries for some aspirations of esports grandeure. They really shoud've given NT some non-Dissidia title (is suggest Manipulus or Equitus, latin words that have to do with "teamwork") and eventually made a Dissidia sequel that actually feels like previous Dissidia. So, at the end of the day, I'm a long-time, passionate (and now somewhat disgruntled) fan who's love and passion for the series has been rewarded by being left in the dirt, given a game that doesn't feel like Dissidia to me, and met with no choice but to miss the series that I put thousands of hours into during my teenage years and play the old entries.
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    When this came finally comes out you'd best believe that I am gonna be one of the ones who start uploading videos so quick it'll make your head spin. There's just one itty bitty issue. I haven't the slightest idea of how YouTube or twitch works, however I figured that there are others who are also unaware of the inside and outs of using YouTube or Twitch. And if we want the is game to get popular and make it to EVO then what better way then to create a market by uploading videos and Livestreams. So let's talk about it, let's share what we know about these topics, answers to common questions or stories about experiences you'd like to share with the community so that future uploaders can avoid the issues you had while trying to figure things out on your own. We can talk about what kind of setup can give us the best quality footage, the rules do and don't about YouTube and Twitch. Ya know things that will allow us to help each other make the best quality channels. We can even share gaming setups and equipment for streaming, just talk about everything related to twitch and YouTube cause I for one would like to make a career out of this and I'm more than positive there are others as well. And while we're at it, please by all means I encourage you to share you YouTube channel or twitch id so that we can all come over and subscribe (I know I will at least). Let'sshare advice and make this happen- S.O.L
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    The Discord topic will be continued in here, discuss the development of NT competitive scene.
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    I guess this is the best place to start, Hi my name is Julian, I’m a huge Final Fantasy fan and I dig Dissidia. I played the first Dissidia on a psp (I got strictly to play this game mind you) and was hooked. With VIII being my favorite FF, it was amazing seeing Squall (my favorite FF character) clashing with classic characters in their series. I enjoyed playing as Titus and Cloud as well, leveling each character up gleefully wasting my life on the game. I sadly never played the second one, though I craved to play it. My psp’s battery gave out and I was not looking into replacing it, so I never got the experience My other favorite character Laguna (Watched his gameplay on YouTube, I thought he looked fun; but I’m biased) I’m back with the series with NT, which I’m having a general good time with overall, though I do wish there was a single player akin to the firsts, but I understand the whole balancing thing for NT’s purposes so I’ll let it slide this time. (Though I wouldn’t mind a sequel for like the original on PS4). Squall is still my guy, though he took some getting use to (still trying to master his combos) though Cloud and Titus are still my back ups, with Noctis being a fun character to mess around with. DLC wise, I hope Laguna comes backs, I’d gladly pay for him. Me never to getting to play his gameplay is the perfect chance to try him out if they add him (seems unlikely because I’ve heard he wasn’t well received by the community? I’m not sure to be honest). Seifer would be great too, or Auron, but that’s a topic for a later discussion. But anyway, that’s my Dissidia story. I look forward to continuing this story with NT. thanks for reading, Julian B.
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    I'm a Dissidia fan. Mainly because it gives me an opportunity to play as the villains I love and beat people up. One problem. I have the game, but I just learned my PSP's battery won't fit into the console and on top of that online doesn't even work apparently. To sum it up, my experience with the games has been watching clips on Youtube but I desperately want to play. I have beaten Final Fantasy V though, so at least I have some experience with the Final Fantasy universe! Hopefully the community can help a complete and utterly clueless person like me play Duodecim... decently. Even if I will get totally wrecked by the much more experienced players in the process.
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    I'm Raine, I come from the old DissidiaForums community know as Raine816 where i was a modder (mostly model importer and custom quest creation). I started playing Dissidia back in 2010-2011. I main Cloud, Lightning and Tifa on 012 and Currently Cloud and Ramza on DFFNT. My PSN is the same as my user here if anyone is wondering. Thanks for having me here, hope to get to know the rest of you guys.
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    Hello everyone ! I'm a huge Dissidia fan : I've played 450 hours on the first game and more than 200 on Duodecim. Though I really love the series, I was not hyped by Dissidia NT, because it mainly focuses on playing with your team, and I HATE this kind of games. Back when I didn't have Dissidia duodecim, I used to play Firion as a main in DFF2008, though I also liked other straight-forward characters such as Cloud. I've reached a really high level without ever having played online. Then, I got D012FF this Christmas and I immediatly fell in love with Kain and Gilgamesh, both of them being my main characters. I'm not that strong though, since I've never completly finished any of these games. I hope that I'll find some good strategies here, and, why not someone to play with online.
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    Hello all! I am a fellow dissidia fan who has come to this forum as I am interested in mods. Sadly I was never able to visit the dissdia forums and I am very sad about the massive loss of mods that came about when the site shut down.
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    I love Kuja. I've used a good deal of the cast, and although I have my doubts about assassins in general, let alone going solo, I like Kuja the best because of how safe he is plus how he's like a support. He takes great advantage of the games passive nature and with the right setup can be very offensive. He covers every angle from a safe distance. I really like Seraphic Star, and against marksman it's really good, but Force Symphony has been helping me carry with him a lot more. It's super easy to land in almost any circumstance. It's very quick as it catches rolls and allows you to escape quickly. Again Seraphic Star is good but any halfway decent team will be trying to kill you before Trance and is hardly consistent. Plus when you wall rush you feel useless. Quickly and consistently landing HP attacks is what you want with Force Symphony to take people out for a few seconds and force their hand. Plus it's an amazing mix-up and hard to dodge.
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    Hi everyone, I'm based in SE Asia (Singapore). Always been a fighting game player and the concept of a fighting game-esque Final Fantasy always intrigued me since even Ehrgeiz lol. I've been waiting for a console based FF Dissidia for years. So I was really hyped when NT got announced for PS4 and it's finally here. Main: Garland Sub: Terra/Golbez/Vaan/Lightning/Zidane in order. Of course, there's always room to play around the cast. To anyone based in SE Asia, especially Singapore, please add my PSN: desato55. PM me if you want personal contacts. I do upload some online matches in my Twitch channel as linked below: https://www.twitch.tv/ki_0rez Singapore also has a Facebook Dissidia NT page too. https://www.facebook.com/Dissidia-Final-Fantasy-NT-Singapore-360953990993242/ Side Note: Chinese New Year is approaching so I won't be available from the 14th till the 20th of February 2018. After that I'll be rocking this game hard.
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    Hi Everyone! Glad to see the rebirth of the Dissidia community. I'm a longtime Final Fantasy fan, my first being VII, then I went towards the later games then back towards I-VI. I've been playing Dissidia since the original version on PSP. My original mains were Squall and Cloud of Darkness. In early 012, I played Squall and Lightning but ultimately discovered the awesomeness of Prishe! She's one of the few characters where I really liked everything about them, from aesthetics, fighting style, personality, etc. In competitive Dissidia, I wasn't terrible, but I wasn't the best player back then and had this weird stubbornness to not use the most effective tools in my arsenal (Proper EX/Assist builds or not using moves I felt overpowered aka charged One Inch Punch). Now, I'm light years ahead in fighting game/combat knowledge and look forward to reinventing myself in NT. In NT, I'm digging the 3v3 battle system and looking forward to playing this game long term. I'm still dabbling with who I'll use, but I have a pretty good idea. If Prishe is in fact the returning female character in the season pass, best believe that's my main :)
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    Hello everybody! My first Final Fantasy game was FF7 on the PS1. I didn't know a bit about the whole serie, i thought FF1,2,3,4,5, etc were the sequel of the first one (so i thought to see Cloud in each one..). :D After a few years i understood their differences and started playing them all.. but i was lazy that i just finished FF5 and X.... and, Crisis Core. Crisis Core was my first and only game that i know quite everything. I know the most of the story chats and Zack was my favourite character ever. Also, i started playing that game in 2009 in the summer holiday at the sea, where i met a girl (maybe the first falling love on the first seen?). But then i lost her as soon as i came back home. 4 years later i was still randomly playing that game and as Zack says:"4 years?" when he thinks about her Aerith and decides to come back to her place, that worked for me.. as i went to the same sea, the same place. But, like Zack i wasn't able to see the girl. Then one day i saw Dissidia for psp and it was love at the first impression. There wasn't Zack, but i found other interesting characters: like Tidus, Squall and Cloud. Then 012 where i played so much to know the most of the characters quotes. However i found that sometimes your favourite characters aren't the ones you're stronger with. It happened to me, my stronger characters were: Warrior of Light, Onion Knight and Squall. Now it worked the same with Dissidia NT, started with Tidus but found that i'm stronger with Sephiroth. However, i'm here to meet and play with someone! :) Looking forward to meet some italian player, too! :)
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    Wow... pinch me. I found this community through a random facebook comment. Anyhow, greetings. I have played Dissidia and Dissidia 012 back in the day. Completely broke Dissidia 012 (since it was mechanically broken anyway) and ~ enjoyed doing it. Pre-ordered Dissidia Final Fantasy NT, and as of time of writing ~ 5 days to release. Can't wait. Hope to form some great friendships and greater rivalries in NT. Can't wait to master all characters (I am like that) and pummel my opponents into the ground until I am bored of it. Enjoy the ride guys.
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    Heya! I am Gellin22 and the last final fantasy I have played was Crystal chronicles. Huge fan of fighting games and I get such good feeling when playing Disssida. My cousin introduced me to this game and we have been having a ball setting up plays and playing catch with the enemy opponents. Looking forward to ranking up and hopefully playing at a competitive level one day. Add me on PSN Gellin22. Looking forward to being apart of dissidia community!
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    Hello to all of you lovely, lovely people I am L337CAT. My history with Final Fantasy isn't all that interesting. No cute stories of going on adventures with the franchise's iconic characters when I was a kid or the like. In truth I've never even played a Final Fantasy game. I've only ever played one JRPG in my life that I can recall and even then not all the way through. The genre and I just never really got on that well. All that said I've always liked the setting, story, characters and art style of Final Fantasy and wished that there was a game with more action-oriented gameplay. Which brings us to Dissidia. I didn't first learn of Dissidia properly until early 2016 when the game was still new in arcades. It was then that I learned about Duodecim which I still have not played yet, but will someday. I can only guess that I didn't know of it because I never owned a psp. One could say I was excited. I was "finally" getting a game that for so long was just a "fantasy" for me. So with all that out of the way I'll just finish by stating that I'm glad to be here even if I am a complete newcomer and that I look forward to playing and interacting with you all and seeing what you have to say. One last thing. If you read what I wrote above thank you and you may have noticed that I like puns especially bad ones even if I suck at them.
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    Hi everyone! So, um, introductions...well, my becoming a Final Fantasy fan started with the release of Final Fantasy X. It was one of my first games, and my first experience playing an RPG. I was really impressed with the graphics, the plot, and the beautiful world depicted in it (and not so amused with how troublesome most of the sidequests and superbosses were) - since then I've played most of the other entries in some form or another, but to this day X is still my favorite of the main entries. The release of the original Dissidia, and my experiences with it, was pretty revolutionary for me. I got to see a lot of familiar and unfamiliar characters interacting with one another and having flashy battles. It drove me to find out even more about the series, and through seeing them and playing with them, I grew to love some of the characters (The Emperor in particular, I never thought much of, but now I think he's one of the coolest villains in the series). From a gameplay perspective, it was even more of s a joy. I had never really liked traditional fighting games or shooters, so the only real competitive versus game I was able to enjoy up until I got into Dissidia was Smash Brothers. Between the first and second games I think I've clocked a few hundred hours in total. My biggest complaint is how inconvenient it was to battle over the internet and how lag-heavy many of the matches were, and hoped that there would eventually be a third entry with better online play. The long wait between the release of Duodecim and Arcade/NT was a bit painful since every new Theatrhythm game kinda chipped away at my hopes for ever getting a new Dissidia, but get it we did (even if it took another long period between Arcade and console) and I've been having fun playing it up on the both the Japanese and NA Open Betas for the past month. It plays like a very different game from the first two entries but I have been having a lot of fun with it, although I do have my doubts about the game being made for 3v3. I very much look forward to meeting and playing with the people of this community. Thanks for reading, and good day!
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    Hey all! I am completely new to the dissidia games, though i've been playing Final Fantasy games since I could read. I am very excited to be part of the community and help it grow. Can't wait for the 30th!
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    Hey! Sorry, just saw your message on the other topic. I'd be happy to talk about my recording/streaming process. If you have any questions, feel free to ask. I'll try to be as detailed as I can, hopefully it helps! So YouTube is my main thing, and my commentary videos were pretty simple because I didn't have to record any game play. I just downloaded the videos from YouTube, and used OBS to record over them. OBS is a pretty popular streaming tool, I don't actually use it for streaming but a lot of people do. I can explain it if you don't know what it is, but it's basically a streaming/recording hub where you can choose what audio and visuals you want to use. Anyways, as far as mics go, any decent mic will probably do. I personally have an Audio‑Technica AT2020 which I found at my local music store. It was around $100, works solid. So yeah, that's my basic commentary recording setup. Open the video, put it up on OBS with my mic, and just record. For actual gameplay, I personally use an Avermedia Gamer Live Portable 2. It was a little cheaper than the Elgato, which I'm pretty sure is the most popular capture card for gaming. Either way, I imagine they work really similarly. It has a few settings -- one of which is a stream mode which is basically a straight feed from your TV to the computer you're connected to. That will let you grab that visual in OBS and record/stream it. Avermedia also has it's own hub that works exactly like OBS that I use, I haven't had any problems with it and it seems a little more user friendly. Another option on the AGLP2 is to just straight record your gameplay. It has ~50gb of internal storage and saves it in 1080p60fps which is nice. For the JPN beta, I would basically set it to this record setting, turn it on at 4 AM, turn it off at 9 AM when the beta ended, then transfer the file to my computer and cut out the matches that were bad. As far as actual editing goes, I use Blender for my video editing. It's definitely the cheap option (Blender is free, but it's actually made for 3D modeling and rendering). For whatever reason, it also has a video editing mode. A lot of people use Adobe Premier (not free) or Windows Movie Maker (free but limited in functionality). I've worked with Adobe Premier in the past, and I feel like I have all of the options I need in Blender. It's definitely been a learning curve and there isn't that much out there in terms of a tutorial for it though so it helps if you've worked with that kind of software in the past. Anyways, it's pretty straightforward for making highlight reels and stuff, just insert your clips and cut out what you don't want. I'd be happy to go over the settings and stuff if anyone wants, but I feel like I'm the only person who has ever used Blender for video editing so I doubt anyone else will go that route haha. I haven't had any issues with copyright from YouTube. Maybe I'm too small a channel for anyone to care, but so far so good. I always put in the Square Enix copyright line that they requested we use back in the NA closed beta. So yeah tl;dr for me, for straight gameplay I just record to my AGLP2 and then transfer it to my computer and edit it with Blender. For streaming, I just put the AGLP2 in stream mode and use their software to stream, although OBS works just as well.
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    Oh boy asking the big gun questions, alright I'm gonna try to put this in Spolier tags in order to save space and room and the incase some of you looking at this later are already aware. - The YouTube Copyright Issues Video Copyrights Sound/Music Copyrights So that about does it for youtube copyright madness feel free to pm me, or ask, any other questions you may have and also i am open to critisism from any content creators on my views and how i approach the copyright dance. But moving on, the next question happens to deal with Capture Cards again spoiler tags for long wall of text. (Sorry guys I just don't know when to shut up :/)
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    Wow that's actually pretty neat your wanting to get into this now. In that case here is my channel While twitch is somthing i have used in the past, due to alot of updates, moving states (yes this can effect your streaming dependant on where you live), and OS updates... i have fallen off the live stream business. How ever it's not to say I haven't learned any thing from my baby steps through YouTube and twitch and thus here is some of my tips for getting looked at in YouTube /Twitch. Disclaimer; I am no means a pro YouTuber (barely have 100 subs to my name ) these tips are use it or leave it help. Quality First and for most while ps4 is neat with its share function I'm willing to bet money there will be a god awful watermark on there somehow. And while I hate to say it, the quality on the ps4 share function is lack luster. Most if not all viewers want alot of clean crisp gameplay and if they like what they see they will continue on watching that channel or series. Recommendation obviously is to get a video capture card. I am currently using an ElGato HD60 Pro which hooks into the PCI port of my motherboard. Now I am not here to endorse Elgato however they are pretty much the lead runners in Capture Card Devices and mine happens to be one of their pricey models(I just looked and apparently they made a newer better model of the version I have... go figure.). But as with all things, there's cheaper versions of the same. So if you go snooping through the Elgato line up you'll see they have different strokes for different folks, their earliest model the Elgato game capture HD is being discontinued/No longer being manufactured so if it's sold out best to look for the next best thing. With a capture card you directly capture everything on your screen as you see and as your audience will see it making great quality for your videos. I'll be posting more tips later, going to go ahead and post this so my battery on my phone don't die hahaha.
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    But my Hazama would totally kick the crap out of his Ragna though :D
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    What's it been now... 6 years... geez and here I was thinking we all found our seperate games... Welp to start off, I was a wee lad of about 14 when I first started Dissidia. Later after FF13 came out met a friend, friend later introduced me to dissidia forums where he in fact learned all his skills from before even touching the game and beating me with his 40 hours of gameplay to my 120 hours, and I pretty much got to know and love this community. LXD is my hasbando mentor back in ye ole Duodecium days but since at the early time I didn't have a ps3 or a good computer to run PPSSPP I kinda fell off the community flow. But I studied LXD's Zidane combos like crazy (did i mention of a monkey boy main) trying to master his 6 k combo only managing a 4k so to LXD I will never be able to hold a candle to. Now I play FF14 like my life depends on it. Super hyped for Dissidia NT but mad Yoshi P(FF14 Director) is fixing to release patch 4.2 at the end of Jan, when he knows good well that Dissida NT is coming out in US around that time, Oh well. Also a casual YouTuber in fact dissidia was what got me to start on my YouTube channel priority in terms of Gaming/Anime. Some of my more popular videos came out of the time of my playthroughs of Duodecium Story. I would add a shameless plug but I should know better than that, I'll just throw that up in my about me. Hope to see you guys in the battlefield, or in my raids.
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    Afternoon guys, I been getting a large number of questions these past few days about Japanese PSN's and importing the game for the earlier Japanese launch. So i thought I would put together a quick FAQ for playing either the Japanese Beta or the Japanese version of the full game. Q1: Is it easy to create a Japanese PSN account? Yes the hardest part is getting an Japanese address to use for your details, once you solved that issue, it easy as pie, after creating your JP account, login to the account via a new profile on your PS4. Q2: How do I create a Japanese PSN account There are plenty of guides around the internet, a quick google and you should have your account created in no time. Q3: I created my account, how do I access the open beta the awesome japanese are doing? You first need to wait until Midnight Friday morning JST (that is 3PM GMT or 10AM EST) then head to the PSN store on your Japanese profile, the store will be in Japanese but you can find search at the top of the store screen, then just search dissidia (Dissidia is still in English Text on the JP store) and you should find the beta as a free download. Beta will be open on the 23rd, 24th, 30th and 31st December and 6th and 7th January, the beta will be open from 6PM JST to 11PM JST on these days (that 9AM - 2PM GMT and 4AM EST - 9AM EST, Sorry America :( ) Q4: I liked the beta, I want to import! what are my options? You got 2 options, you can either buy a physical copy and get it delivered, I recommend Amazon Japan or Play-Asia for this, they both take western credit cards and Play-Asia even accepts PayPal! while you get a nice clean box and disc, you might be waiting on delivery and your looking at up to 20$ (£15) for express delivery if you want the game by launch day. Your other option is to buy the digital version off the Japanese PSN store, the advantage is A, you can download the game on the 8th and play at midnight JST on the 11th (that 3PM GMT and 10AM EST on Wednesday 10th, you can play it a day early :D) and b, no shipping costs The disadvantage is you need to get PSN cards for the JP PSN store as you cannot use English cards/paypal on the JP Store. Good news is Play-Asia which I mentioned before does digital PSN cards. Also, it costs more, your looking at £75 (or 100$) to buy the game off PSN. Q5: Do I need to play on my terribly named JP PSN account to play the Japanese Beta/Import NOPE! once you have downloaded the beta/game you can switch to your English PSN account and play on there, you even gain trophies and trophies even carry over from the Japanese game to the English one!! You can even play online using your English PSN account (You WILL need PS+ for the final game but NOT for the open beta.) Q6: This download takes forever!!!! Do I have to wait on my JP account while it downloads? Again NOPE!!!! You can start the download, then switch to your English account and play other games and the download will continue.in the background. Updates will download as long as you got update auto-download turn on without needing to login to your Japanese account. Q7: DLC came out, do I need to buy the DLC off the JP store for my Japanese copy? Yes, English DLC Download will not work on a Japanese version of a game, you must buy DLC off the English store for the English version and JP DLC for the JP version of the game. Q8: Can I play my friends with their English copy on my JP copy? Yes, You can play English players with your Japanese copy. Q9: Will the JP version have any sort of English text? We are not sure, assume that it does not. Hope this helps out players that are looking to join the Japanese beta but are not sure on certain things and/or want to import but wasn't sure about some things. See you on the battlefield!
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    Oerba Yun Fang Pulsing Huntress - Powers through opposition with debilitating abilities and raw offensive prowess. Fluff 012 Type Arcade Type Notes It took me a while to figure out how to make Fang, hence her being last. Eventually I decided upon her being probably the heaviest rush-down character out of all the XIII movesets I've made, as well as potentially the most versatile rushdown characters I've created period. Her ability to close the gap with Saboteur and, in the 012 version, Sentinel alongside the relative safety of Bahamut's glider form felt like a good way to go about making someone who can stay in her opponent's face while keeping herself safe. Although there's definitely some risk/reward stuff going on with how I did Highwind, which I figured would be more accurate to how it works in XIII than making it an HP attack as I original planned and just turn Fang into an even more OP Kain. Speaking of, due to PSP limitations, I imagine Bahamut's gestalt form would probably be shrunk down so it's just strong enough for Fang to stand and brace herself on and not much bigger. Kinda like her own Green Goblin glider. I know that wouldn't be necessary in the Arcade version, but the thought still amuses me and made for an interesting take on the HP attack format for XIII characters.

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