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  1. Where to begin... Looking through my order logs, I got the first Dissidia (Japanese version) back in early 2009, so it looks like I jumped on that train immediately. I think I felt wary when it was first announced, but as more footage surfaced, I got hooked. Being primarily a Final Fantasy VIII fan, the first character I played was Squall. Not understanding anything was tough but luckily, the game wasn't too hard and the language barrier wasn't insurmountable. Besides that, I don't remember much until the English release where I explored all other characters and found my main character in Cloud of Darkness. Loved her playstyle, attacks and EX Mode effect. I played online, though only on X-Link Kai–but even playing just there, I still managed to have a go against some of the best players in the scene (xffixbmlx, Yunoa and more). One regret I had for my competitive play during Dissidia 1 is that I didn't stick to my main character due to lack of confidence. Regardless, I had a ton of fun then and I enjoyed being a part of the community. Besides CoD, I liked playing... hm. Ultimecia, Sephiroth and Kuja. Some Emperor, Firion and Squall too. Duodecim changed a lot of stuff and as much as I wanted to continue to main CoD, the system changed too much for me to enjoy her playstyle. That, and she got some nerfs. I found my new main in Kain, whose HP attacks fascinated me more than anything else in the game. I haven't played the second game a lot, the community had a lot of issues which resulted in the decline coming sooner rather than later. I still had my joy in the second game via screenshotting, something I'm still doing today. Besides Kain, I liked Prishe the most, with some Vaan and Laguna on the side. I really did prefer DFF to DdFF. There might be several causes for that, like community being at peak during the first game or the second game not improving things enough. I can't explain it as easily, one might have had to been there to know it. There was beauty in the first Dissidia for both the player and the spectator. I'm attributing it to Omni Air Dash, which gave so much dynamic to the game–moving through the game's stages, which were mostly huge, was unlike in any other Dissidia game. Approaching the opponent could be abrupt and positioning fast. It was exciting to say the least. For the upcoming game, I really only have one wish. The battle editor. I've spent years taking photos of characters, amassing a big collection of some spectacular moments. I want that for the new game as well. Nothing could make me happy as much as that would. I had a lot of various experiences during my time with Dissidia. I played and grew as a player, I conversed and got to know quite a few people, I started to design and become more than just a forum graphics artist. Dissidia pushed me and inspired me to become creative and ambitious, it reignited my flame as a Final Fantasy fan. It keeps me a fan today. I created this series of Dissidia fansites to show my appreciation for what Dissidia has done for me, to show what Dissidia helped me grow into. I want to share my love for Dissidia with everyone and be a part of the best community for it.
  2. dissidia.info/2018/01/16/dissidia-final-fantasy-opera-omnia-announced-for-worldwide-release
  3. HYNE

    Onion Knight

    Introduction The Onion Knight may be the youngest warrior but he can be a formidable foe. He wields the strength befitting of a true knight with his exceptional speed and mastery of sword and magic. This smart aleck is a triple threat when it comes to battle—in addition to being an onion knight, he can unleash devastating melee attacks as a ninja or assail his foes with powerful spells as a sage. How to bring out the best of him is up to you. Type/Class: Unique/Specialist Abilities • Onion Knight • BRV — Grounded Sundry Strikes「連続ヒット」( × ) Unleash a flurry of strikes faster than the eye can follow. Blizzard「ブリザド」( ↓ + × ) Cast an ice shard that pursues your enemy. — Aerial Fleet Pierce「高速ヒット」( × ) Unleash a flurry of sword thrusts faster than the eye can follow. Fire「ファイア」( ↓ + × ) Cast a fireball that pursues your enemy. • Ninja • BRV — Grounded Ceaseless Strikes「超・連続ヒット」( × ) Lunge in quickly and unleash an even faster barrage of sword strikes. Whirlwind Slash「ファイア 」( ↑ + × ) Spin your sword around and jump to gradually lift your toe higher into the air. Wind Shear「旋風斬」( ↓ + × ) Spin so last while attacking that you create a tornado. — Aerial Breakneck Pierce「超・高速ヒット」( × ) Lunge in quickly and unleash an even faster barrage of sword thrusts. Shuriken「手裏剣」( ↑ + × ) Huck a massive throwing star at your opponent. Wheeling Thrust「大車輪」( ↓ + × ) Quickly descend while somersaulting to attack a toe below you. • Sage • BRV — Grounded Blizzaga「ブリザガ」( × ) Cast ice shards that pursue your foe. (Can move while casting) Aeroga「エアロガ」( ↑ + × ) Cast an orb of wind magic that slowly pursues your enemy. (Can move while casting) Flare「フレア」( ↓ + × ) Cast a fireball that speeds toward your opponent and eventually explodes. (Can move while casting) — Aerial Firaga「ファイガ」( × ) Cast fireballs that pursue your opponent. (Can move while casting) Thundaga「サンダガ」( ↑ + × ) Cast an orb of lightning bolts that slowly pursues your foe. (Can move while casting) Holy「ホーリー」( ↓ + × ) Cast a holy orb that speeds toward your enemy and eventually explodes. (Can move while casting) Dashing Sprint「クイックダッシュ」( R + × ) Dash even faster in the direction you push the left stick. Creates an opportunity to cancel into another bravery attack. • HP Sword and Sorcery「ソード&マジック」 Slash your toe with your sword, then send them flying with a fire spell. Charging increases eficacy. Available from character level 1. Blade Torrent「流剣の舞」 Vex your target with a series of rapid blows. The number or attacks and range increase as a ninja. Acquired at character level 2. Meteor「メテオ」 Bombard foes with meteors from a distance. Range increases while you are a sage. Acquired at character level 5. Full Burst「フルバースト」 Engulf everything near you in an explosion. Larger effect radius as Ninja or Sage. Revert to Onion Knight after use. Acquired at character level 10. EX Job Change「ジョブチェンジ」: Random / Sage / Ninja When on Onion Knight job, turn into Ninja or Sage (random). When on Ninja job, turn into Sage + recover HP & BRV. When on Sage job, turn into Ninja + recover HP & BRV. Data Type ANIMATION NAME EXECUTION PRIORITY DAMAGE FRAMES PROPERTIES Onion Knight BRV Ground (gif) Sundry Strikes 連続ヒット × (prio) 416 [128+80+48+16*2+128] 18f Wall Rush (gif) Blizzard ブリザド ↓ + × (prio) 300~500 [300/400/500] 36f (properties) Onion Knight BRV Air (gif) Fleet Pierce 高速ヒット × (prio) 416 [128+80+48+16*2+128] 18f Wall Rush (gif) Fire ファイア ↓ + × (prio) 300~500 [300/400/500] 36f (properties) Ninja BRV Ground (gif) Ceaseless Strikes 超・連続ヒット × (prio) 544 [96+112+64*2+32*2+16*4+80] 16f Wall Rush (gif) Whirlwind Slash ファイア ↓ + × (prio) 544 [96+112*2+64+160] 18f Wall Rush (gif) Wind Shear 旋風斬 ↓ + × (prio) 448 [448] 13f Absorb Wall Rush Ninja BRV Air (gif) Breakneck Pierce 超・高速ヒット × (prio) 544 [96+112+64*2+32*2+16*3+96] 16f Wall Rush (gif) Shuriken 手裏剣 ↓ + × (prio) 448 [128+128+192] 36f Wall Rush (gif) Wheeling Thrust 大車輪 ↓ + × (prio) 544 [96+112*2+64+160] 18f Wall Rush Sage BRV Ground (gif) Blizzaga ブリザガ × (prio) 432 [432] 37f (properties) (gif) Aeroga エアロガ ↓ + × (prio) 448 [448] 41f (properties) (gif) Flare フレア ↓ + × (prio) 432 [432] 36f (properties) Sage BRV Air (gif) Firaga ファイガ × (prio) 432 [432] 36f (properties) (gif) Thundaga サンダガ ↓ + × (prio) 448 [448] 41f (properties) (gif) Holy ホーリー ↓ + × (prio) 432 [432] 36f (properties) BRV Dash (gif) Sprint クイックダッシュ R + × — — (frame) (properties) HP (gif) Sword and Sorcery ソード&マジック □ (prio) 240 [240] (frame) (properties) (gif) Blade Torrent 流剣の舞 □ (prio) 128 [16+16*6(in the air *7)+16 Ninja: 304 [64+16*9(in the air *10)+80] (frame) (properties) (gif) Meteor メテオ □ (prio) — (frame) (properties) (gif) Full Burst フルバースト □ (prio) — (frame) (properties) EX (gif) Job Change ジョブチェンジ △ — — — — See also DISSIDIA wiki Official (EN) Official (JP) DFFACWiki
  4. HYNE


    Introduction He is a passionate warrior that fights for a free world liberated from war and tyranny. With a wide range of arms, Firion has the ability to combine these weapons to perform strong combo attacks. Firion fights mostly on the ground, able to deftly wield an arsenal of weapons from a single spot. As he can chain combos without landing every attack, keep the hits coming for full effect. Type/Class: Heavy/Vanguard Abilities BRV Grounded — first input Lance Combo ( × ) Whirl your lance around while drawing in nearby enemies. (Opponent cannot recover during combo.) Rope Knives ( ↑ + × ) Throw knives imbued with electricity that spread over a wide area in front of you. (Opponent cannot recover during combo.)combo.) Boomerang Axe ( ↓ + × ) Throw an axe to attack a distant foe. (Opponent cannot recover during combo.) Grounded — second input Gelid Wand ( × ) Conjure a tornado of ice that draws in nearby enemies. (Opponent cannot recover during combo.) Searing Volley ( ↑ + × ) Shoot fire arrows in a cone in front of you. (Opponent cannot recover during combo.) Calescent Wand ( ↓ + × ) With a flourish of your wand, summon a flaming pillar that attacks distant foes. (Opponent cannot recover during combo.) Grounded — third input Ground Pound ( × ) Slam your fist into the ground, damaging nearby enemies. Fulminating Strike ( ↑ + × ) Swing your sword to emit a large wave of light that moves around. Bullseye ( ↓ + × ) Fire an arrow of light at distant foes. Aerial Swordslash ( × ) Deftly bring your sword down on your foe Plummet ( ↓ + × ) Quickly descend upon your opponent with your spear. Creates an opportunity to cancel into another bravery attack. Dashing Grasping Knives ( R + × ) Throw a series of knives and move quickly to the location of the first enemy struck. Creates an opportunity to cancel into another bravery attack. HP Lord of Arms ( ) Pierce the ground in front of you with an array of deadly weapons. Available from character level 1. Vortex of Arms ( ) Generate a whirlwind that engulfs nearby foes and assails them with weaponry. Acquired at character level 2. Weaponsmaster ( ) Conjure myriad weapons around the target. Range decreases as your HP decreases. Acquired at character level 5. Riposte ( ) Manifest a barrier that blocks bravery attacks, then counter based on how you move the stick. Acquired at character level 10. EX Blood Weapon ( ) Temporarily increase your movement speed and cause all attacks to absorb opponents' HP. Data ANIMATION NAME EXECUTION PRIORITY DAMAGE FRAMES PROPERTIES (gif) Lance Combo × (prio) (dmg) (frame) (properties) (gif) Rope Knives ↑ + × (prio) (dmg) (frame) (properties) (gif) Boomerang Axe ↓ + × (prio) (dmg) (frame) (properties) (gif) Gelid Wand × (prio) (dmg) (frame) (properties) (gif) Searing Volley ↑ + × (prio) (dmg) (frame) (properties) (gif) Calescent Wand ↓ + × (prio) (dmg) (frame) (properties) (gif) Ground Pound × (prio) (dmg) (frame) (properties) (gif) Fulminating Strike ↑ + × (prio) (dmg) (frame) (properties) (gif) Bullseye ↓ + × (prio) (dmg) (frame) (properties) (gif) Swordslash × (prio) (dmg) (frame) (properties) (gif) Plummet ↓ + × (prio) (dmg) (frame) (properties) (gif) Grasping Knives R + × (prio) (dmg) (frame) (properties) (gif) Lord of Arms □ (prio) (dmg) (frame) (properties) (gif) Vortex of Arms □ (prio) (dmg) (frame) (properties) (gif) Weaponsmaster □ (prio) (dmg) (frame) (properties) (gif) Riposte □ (prio) (dmg) (frame) (properties) (gif) Blood Weapon △ (prio) (dmg) (frame) (properties) See Also DISSIDIA wiki Official (EN) Official (JP) DFFACWiki Wikia Famitsu
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  6. HYNE

    Warrior of Light

    Introduction A noble warrior who fears no one and courageously faces any enemy. Warrior of Light, wielding his sword and shield, specializes in close to mid-range attacks. An all-around fighter devoted to protecting his allies. He carries a shield of light and employs techniques with both defensive and offensive capabilities. Said shield can turn others' attacks to his advantage and can enhance both the party defense prowess and certain skills. "Defend your allies and beat back your enemies' advance from the front line" With sword and shield, Warrior of Light protects his allies and harries his foes in equal measure. His Holy Chain skill causes all enemies to target himself, allowing him to keep his companions safe while remaining on the offensive. -Final Fantasy- Type / Class : Heavy / Vanguard Abilities BRV Grounded Ascension - × × × Lift up an opponent with your shield, slice them with your sword, and then knock them back. Sword Thrust ↑ + × × Throw your shield at your foe and follow up with multiple sword thrusts. Shield of Light (Flash of Steel) ↓ × (×) Manifest large shields in front of you that block bravery attacks. Press × while the shields are out to unleash a luminous sword. (Opponent cannot recover during combo) Aerial Crossover × × Swing your shield arou nd you and then cut into the opponent. Shield Fling ↑ + × × Use your shield to reel a distant opponent in, then send them flying with a fierce blow. Shield of Light (Radiant Sword) ↓ + × ( × ) Manifest large shields in front of you that block bravery attacks. Press × while the shields are out to unleash a luminous sword. (Opponent cannot recover during combo) Dashing Indomitable Charge ( R + × ) Erect a barrier around you that guards against attacks, then strike with your sword. HP - □ Shining Wave Emit a pulse of light that speeds toward the target from long range. Available from character level 1. Coruscant Saber Send nearby foes reeling with your blade. Range increased by charging ↓ + × × Acquired at character level 2. Bitter End Deliver a piercing strike through a shield barrier, which deflects bravery attacks. (Hold to charge) Acquired at character level 5. Ultimate Shield Unleash at mid-range to buffet the target with your shield again and again. Acquired at character level 10. EX - △ Holy Chain All nearby enemies will temporarily target you. Data Type ANIMATION NAME EXECUTION PRIORITY DAMAGE FRAMES PROPERTIES BRV Ground Ascension × → × → × (prio) (dmg) (frame) (properties) Sword Thrust ↑ + × → × (prio) (dmg) (frame) (properties) Shield of Light ↓ + × → × (prio) (dmg) (frame) (properties) BRV Air Crossover × → × (prio) (dmg) (frame) (properties) Shield Fling ↑ + × → × (prio) (dmg) (frame) (properties) Shield of Light ↓ + × → × (prio) (dmg) (frame) (properties) Dash Indomitable Charge R + × (prio) (dmg) (frame) (properties) HP Shining Wave □ (prio) (dmg) (frame) (properties) (gif) Coruscant Saber □ (prio) (dmg) (frame) (properties) (gif) Bitter End □ (prio) (dmg) (frame) (properties) (gif) Ultimate Shield □ (prio) (dmg) (frame) (properties) EX (gif) Holy Chain △ (prio) (dmg) (frame) (properties) See also DISSIDIA wiki Official (EN) Official (JP) DFFACWiki Famitsu
  7. HYNE

    Kefka Palazzo

    Introduction The crazy harlequin possessing Magitek power finds no greater joy than ultimate destruction. Kefka is a powerful mage with the ability to cast spells attacking large areas in combat, giving him the advantage to surprise his opponents. 'Assail foes with a litany of unorthodox spells that turn downright heretical when charged.' This demented trickster uses a host of unusual spells to bring chaos to the battlefield. His skill Heartless Angel debilitates his foes, destroying their confidence and disrupting their strategies. -Final Fantasy VI- Type/Class: Shoot/Marksman Appearance Outfits Weapons Abilities BRV Grounded × Hover above the earth before unleashing a sudden burst of ice magic. (Can move while casting. Hold to charge) This move is a very good poking tool on the ground. The end of the move actually moves upward , which means at the end it loses its ground hit box, but gains a BIG increase in vertical height(we'll call this the Tipper). Upon hit, the enemies are knocked upward, and because of this you are able to maintain pressure with the Tipper. Due to this move being a move that spawns on a fixed grounded location, it will spawn on the nearest ground available that is in front of you(if that ground has different elevation, it will spawn there). ↑ + × Open a void above your opponent's head that pursues them while raining down meteors. (Can move while casting. Hold to charge) aThis move is an important tool for disrupting the enemies neutral presence. Due to it's persistence and fast movement, it is an obstacle that forces an interaction from the enemy team. ↓ + × Spawn a fake summoning core that explodes when an enemy draws near. (Can move while casting. Hold to charge) aA very strong move with a lot of utility. This move can be used in a variety of ways: Building a wall for yourself, setting up a guaranteed core hit, and even being used for pressure. Due to this move being a move that spawns on a fixed grounded location, it will spawn on the nearest ground available that is in front of you(if that ground has different elevation, it will spawn there). Aerial × Toss a fireball that alternates between pursuing its target and flying straight ahead. (Can move while casting. Hold to charge) ↑ + × Generate several orbs of lightning around you before sending them all hurtling toward your foe. (Can move while casting. Hold to charge) ↓ + × Invoke a powerful area of magic a fixed distance from yourself that draws in nearby enemies before exploding. (Can move while casting. Hold to charge) Aerial dashing R + × Propel yourself upward with explosive flatulence in the direction you move the left stick. HP Havoc Wing Piercing wings emerge from your back as you charge toward your foes. (Can move while casting. Hold to charge) Available from character level 1. Hyperdrive Cast pillars of fire from afar that rise from the earth and pursue your target. (Can move while casting. Hold to charge) Acquired at character level 2. Trine Cast a spell consisting of four triangles that explodes after a short time. On hit, it impairs your foe's vision and prevents the use of any universal EX skills they have. (Can move while casting. Hold to charge) Acquired at character level 5. Forsaken Null Release from afar a magic orb that pursues foes and temporarily lowers maximum HP on hit. (Can move while casting. Hold to charge) Acquired at character level 10. EX Heartless Angel Apply debuff to any enemies around you. Charging will increase the number of debuffs applied. Special Taunt - Touchpad If your summon gauge is not full, you can use the touchpad to have Kefka perform a taunt, which also increases your bravery by a random amount. Data ANIMATION NAME EXECUTION PRIORITY DAMAGE FRAMES PROPERTIES (gif) Blizzaga Blitz × (prio) (dmg) (frame) (properties) (gif) Plip-Plop Meteor ↑ + × (prio) (dmg) (frame) (properties) (gif) Core Decoy ↓ + × (prio) (dmg) (frame) (properties) (gif) Zigzag Firaga × (prio) (dmg) (frame) (properties) (gif) Snap-Crackle Thundaga ↑ + × (prio) (dmg) (frame) (properties) (gif) Boom-Boom Ultima ↓ + × (prio) (dmg) (frame) (properties) (gif) Liftoff R + × (prio) (dmg) (frame) (properties) (gif) Havoc Wing □ (prio) (dmg) (frame) (properties) (gif) Hyperdrive □ (prio) (dmg) (frame) (properties) (gif) Trine □ (prio) (dmg) (frame) (properties) (gif) Forsaken Null □ (prio) (dmg) (frame) (properties) (gif) Heartless Angel △ (prio) (dmg) (frame) (properties) See also DISSIDIA wiki Official (EN) Official (JP) DFFACWiki Famitsu ← (char) | (char) →
  8. http://dissidia.info/2018/03/13/vayne-announced-for-dissidia-final-fantasy-arcade-nt Introduction: Moveset:
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  11. HYNE

    Event Farming

    One-time reward — you'll have to get the remaining 2 copies from AT Exchange.
  12. The Discord topic will be continued in here, discuss the development of NT competitive scene.
  13. Today my son made a remark on my humming and we went to remember which songs I lulled them to sleep with — so I figured to share them and spread the idea. Y'know, for when you all have children of your own... or simply just for fun. Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles — Carol (scat) Final Fantasy IX — Qu's Marsh Final Fantasy IX — You're Not Alone These are very well suited for humming, my boys always fell asleep fast and sound.
  14. 6 characters. Winner may get something... which may be nothing. But it also may be something. Whi- Gilgamesh Tifa Eald'narche Gabranth Caius Zenos
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  16. HYNE

    What do I do with dupe items?

    I think you know the answer, but still, here it is: If you drew multiple copies of an item of 4★ rarity or higher, for example... ...don't fret! There's a very good use for the copies. You can feed the copies into the original and strengthen it — also known as Limit Breaking an item. See this? These three empty slots show how many duplicate items you can absorb into it. To feed an item its copies, go: → Then select the weapon... ...and tap Confirm. In the next screen, the selected weapon will not be shown, but its copies will —and they'll have "Limit Break" written over them, meaning the selected item is eligible for an upgrade: Select up to 3 copies of the item and then proceed through multiple confirmation windows to finally break the item's limit. An upgraded weapon will display the limit break slots like this: One limit break: Full limit break: Final note; when you fully limit break an item AND level it to the maximum (for example, a fully upgraded 5★ weapon will have a maximum level of 35), it will transform into the next rarity — 4★ into 5★, 5★ into 6★. Wanna see how it looks?
  17. HYNE

    What do I do with dupe items?

    do i sell them or what
  18. 2018-01-31—2018-02-07 | Banner: Weekly Draw #1: Warrior of Light, Cloud, Bartz 2018-01-31—2018-02-28 | Banner: All-Stars Draw — features gear for the 25 characters that appear in Ch1 through Ch5 2018-01-30 | Game release — Chapters 1 to 5, Multiplayer Co-op enabled
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  20. So, (sorta) wild guess: Vayne Minwu or Locke Lilith or Lilisette Caius Yuna Zenos
  21. HYNE

    Your Best Characters and Why

    Sephiroth is very rewarding with his cancels and a pleasure to watch when played well. Sadly I haven't had the time to play more than just a few hours of the beta test — from what I did manage to, though, it seems this might be the first time I'll actually settle on the characters I predicted I'd like — Ultimecia and Ace. Was iffy on CoD but her tool assortment feels nicely spread so she came up a surprise. Still gotta try out a couple more, namely Garland, Kain and Kuja to see if there's any clicks with them. All in all, pretty satisfied!

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