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  1. Irae

    Cycle 002: Phantom Train (NA)

    LB Final Irae vs Levi M1: Irae(Seph) vs Levi(CoD) - Irae 1-0 M2: Irae(Seph) vs Levi(Laguna) - Irae 2-0 M3: Irae(Seph) vs Levi(CoD) - Irae 3-0 M4: Irae(Seph) vs Levi(CoD) - Irae 4-0 Winner: Irae 4-0
  2. Irae

    Cycle 002: Phantom Train (NA)

    LB R3 Irae vs ItzAnbu M1: Irae(Seph) vs Anbu(Squall) - Irae 1-0 M2: Seph vs Squall - Irae 2-0 M3: Seph vs Squall - Irae 3-0 M4: Seph vs Squall - Irae 4-0 Winner: Irae 4-0
  3. Irae

    Cycle 002: Phantom Train (NA)

    LB R2 Irae vs Poiman M1: Irae(Seph) vs Poiman(Cecil) - Irae 1-0 M2: Seph vs Cecil - Irae 2-0 M3: Seph vs Cecil - Irae 3-0 M4: Seph vs Cecil - Poiman 3-1 M5: Seph vs Cecil - Poiman 3-2 M6: Seph vs Cecil - Irae 4-2 Winner: Irae 4-2
  4. Irae

    Cycle 002: Phantom Train (NA)

    WB R2 Irae v Wheelz M1 - Irae(Seph) vs Wheelz(Cloud) - Wheelz 0-1 M2: Irae(Seph) vs Wheelz(Cloud) - Wheelz 0-2 M3: Irae(Seph) vs Wheelz(Cloud) - Irae 1-2 M4: Irae(Seph) vs Wheelz(Cloud) - Wheelz 1-3 M5: Irae(Seph) vs Wheelz(Cloud) - Wheelz 1-4 Winner: Wheelz 4-1
  5. Irae

    Cycle 2: NA Phantom Train signups

    Discord: Irae In-game: uh, why is this even required? It's the same...
  6. cuz, y'know. They totally didn't jack it from Microsoft or anything. Windows NT from 17 years ago...for New Technology. iirc the same acronym got re-used a couple more times in IT as well.
  7. Irae

    Lightning strikes twice sometimes - a light guide

    iirc the situation where Free fall Thunder doesn't work is when it was used as a Recovery Attack, rather than from neutral. I think it also didn't work if you Thunder'd right after quickmoves. Interesting bit of info about AoO glitching out, I did not know this. I don't think it would be that useful for dealing with lvl 2 AC counters though, simply because it's a waste of 2 bars to lvl 2 AC counter that anyways unless said counter is going to kill; AoO doesn't deal that much damage nor lead to HP without assist...just shitload of ex gen with her DC combo into Thunder, which is nothing new when it comes to dealing with Lightning. I'd rather wait for you to call assist and then lvl 2 AC your Crushing Blow finish, or even if you use TF that's pretty punishable on change even if you didn't do it close enough to get staggered.
  8. Irae

    The Cycle series announcement & discussion

    JoyRaines has a valid point, however I don't think we have enough active players to do it that way even in NA. Minimum of 4 players per tourny x 4 tournies = total 16 players required if we do it like this...and we barely got 19 for a MAJOR including all regions after opening signups like a month or two in advance. So there is no point tbh..if players enter more than one of the 4 tournys, best bet is to hope we don't end up with the same person winning multiple - which tbh I don't think is that likely anyways, because of the very different jank rulesets suggested here; depends how far over the minumum of 4 signups we get per tourny though. One more thing I forgot to mention on previous post - if PT only is chosen as one of them, I also advocate having all rounds FT3 instead of FT2, due to how short and highly momentum-based most matches are on that stage.
  9. Irae

    The Cycle series announcement & discussion

    Main ones that interest me: PT Only(Agree with djqubi that Ulti should be banned here as well however) EoM Only I don't see any reason to do signups any different than previous tournaments...just make a thread and let whoever wants to participate sign up, aka first come first serve. You're not likely to get more than full capacity anyways, too many ppl already quit. ah and for 5th tournament, I vote for Official/Prishe banned.
  10. Irae

    Duck Dynasty Bracket & Results

    LB Round 4 Irae vs Chimanruler M1: Irae(Sephy) vs Chiman(Squall) ~ EP - Irae 1-0 M2: Irae(Tifa) vs Chiman(Squall) ~ WoD - Irae 2-0 Winner: Irae 2-0
  11. End - Could you insert images of what each of the rankings look like? I may be able to help you with keeping track of certain player/chars' ranks, however I can't read a word of JP.
  12. Irae

    Duck Dynasty Bracket & Results

    WB Round 2 Irae vs Ehx M1: Irae(Sephy) vs Ehx(Garland) ~ SFB - Irae 1-0 M2: Irae(Tifa) vs Ehx(Zid) ~ Lunar Sub - Ehx 1-1 M3: Irae(Sephy) vs Ehx(Zid) ~ Top Floor - Irae 2-1 Winner: Irae 2-1
  13. Irae

    Duck Dynasty Bracket & Results

    Round 1 Irae vs Vycan M1: Irae(Sephy) vs Vycan(Kuja) Lunar sub - Vycan 0-1 M2: Irae(Sephy) vs Vycan(Kuja) Top Floor - Irae 1-1 M3: Irae(Yuna) vs Vycan(Ulti) OS - Irae 2-1(forfeit from Vycan) Winner: Irae 2-1
  14. Irae

    How to Substitute Hamachi

    Glitchy. The most common issue is controller freeze when trying to choose a side, sometimes it disappears after around 3-5 minutes, other times you have to re-host and try again. This used to happen with Hamachi as well, but it is VERY common with ZeroTier, nearly every time I've been in a group of 4-6 ppl we've had to rehost at least once to get past this issue. DCs are common as well. Groups of 3 are usually no problem, however.

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