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    Could you upload Fang´s mod please it´s one of my favorites. Or are you planning on reworking it?
  2. Gr8Pulse


    Thanks man, I really like what you are doing and I hope at least most of the mods to be saved. Anyway, I really hope the Fang mod for Kain can be recovered (I had it but them my pc died). Keep up the good work.
  3. Gr8Pulse

    Final Fantasy Record Keeper

    So who's ready for multiplayer tomorrow?
  4. Gr8Pulse

    Final Fantasy Record Keeper

    Hit and run is a strategy in wich you enter the battle hit the boss and flee, the idea is to charge the soul break bar, if the boss hits you you flee immediately so it doesn't count as a hit. The main purpose is to replace the soul break bar record materia, it consumes a lot of time and is most efective against bosses that have already a first turn scripted action but it works real good. The only thing I didn't understood of the synergy is why Terra was leftout...
  5. Gr8Pulse

    Final Fantasy Record Keeper

    Hey there, I play a lot of ffrk and mytrhil has always been an issue but for right now I'm waiting for the Golbez event so I'm not spending a lot. What has worked for me all this time is not to spend mytrhil on events of only one ff I mean I only use mytrhil when there are hybrid events of more than one ff like the coliseum events or the likes and this works because I get relics for different ff's that can be used in the future. I'm really behind the coliseum and the ffx event but I think that between today and tomorrow I will at least do u+ and the current coliseum event, but I'm really afraid to do the u++. Also, don't you use hit and run for the u++. It helped me a lot last event. Finally, since multiplayer is near lets add each other. My code is oMPi an my username is the same Gr8Pulse

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