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  1. agl89

    agl89's stuff

    Another mod, Zidane's costume from Opera Omnia/NT 😄 Links in the first post!
  2. agl89

    agl89's stuff

    Hi everyone! Not sure if anyone still lurks around here, but I have a new mod for you: Links in the first post!
  3. agl89

    agl89's stuff

    Sorry but I no longer have it, I created it on the go while testing Aeris' costumes long ago Oh, by the way, I'm still working on the Mobuis Garland mod (as slow as a snail, but still on it :P). I almost finished retexturing and finishing the model, including a helmetless version of it (I hope I can add it as EX Mode). The next step will be rigging it to Garland's skeleton, we'll see if it fits. Here are a few pics:
  4. agl89

    agl89's stuff

    Well, it seems that the game is not coded to look for Aeris' DLC costumes in the data (you can force DLC costumes for her via CWCheat and the game reads them fine, though). That's why I chose not to use DLC slots for her: I feel that it's much more of a hassle to add an extra requirement to use those costumes than to replace an in-game costume :P BTW, I'm still alive, just not modding that much these days :P
  5. agl89

    agl89's stuff

    @Mstgamer Sorry, but I don't take requests. I find it quite hard to make mods I like these days, so accepting requests would be too much for me. Try asking other modders about it, I hope you don't mind :) @Reth_Fair I plan on doing Wol (over WoL :P) someday, as well as finish Garland (over Garland :P)
  6. agl89

    agl89's stuff

    Don't worry, I already fixed it, it's now playing fine in PPSSPP too :). The issue was in four misplaced bytes in the .at3 file for that song that made it unplayable in emulator, my bad -_-'. I wonder why a physical PSP can play it properly when the song was not properly encoded, though. Anyway, you can redownload the FFVIII BGM Expansion Pack with the fixed song, or only the fixed song in this link: http://www.mediafire.com/file/c19ker272de0dfn, just copy/paste the file in the usual folder :P
  7. agl89

    agl89's stuff

    @Coppola Hmm, I checked it and it works fine for me in my PSP 2000 while battling and in the Jukebox :S. What are you using to play the game?
  8. agl89

    DDFF DLC Toolkit - DLC generation/edition tool!

    Bug reporting and known bugs In order to keep things consistent, I propose the following format for filing any bugs that you find while using the tool: You can report those bug here in this post or in GitHub's issues page
  9. agl89

    DDFF DLC Toolkit - DLC generation/edition tool!

    How to use the tool Opening the tool Setting up the tool Generating character DLC files Generating DLC Attachments Generating BGM DLC files Swapping DLC slots Editing EX-Mode Auras / .exex files DLC Reporter
  10. Hi everyone! Here is a tool which will ease your DLC creation/edition needs: DDFF DLC Toolkit! Features Easy Character DLC generation: you can now create character DLCs easily without meddling with hex values, just select the character, slots, models and portraits and that's it! DLC Attachments: you can create new attachments from scratch with ease and link them to your existing DLCs! Easy BGM DLC generation: you can now create BGM DLC packs from scratch or from an existing source! Swapping DLC slots: you can swap existing DLCs slots to fit your needs! EX-Mode Aura/.exex edition: you can select the colors that you want for your character's EX-Mode aura using a simple graphical interface! You can also customize all the EX-Mode auras that a character has! DLC Reporting: you can view your currently installed DLC data and export it in easy-to-handle Excel spreadsheets or text files! This tool is useful to keep track of your installed DLC or for checking DLC incompatibility issues. And more features to come! Requirements Windows (it should also work on virtual machines in Linux and/or Mac which meet the rest of requirements). Tested on Windows 7 and 8. .NET Framework 4.0: http://www.microsoft.com/download/details.aspx?id=17851 Tutorials How to use the tool Bug reporting and known bugs Downloads I'll host all the releases in my Github account; just go to the GitHub's release page and download the "ddff_dlc_toolkit" .zip file. Version 1.1.2 (2/14/2016): https://github.com/adriangl/DissDlcT...ses/tag/v1.1.2 Changelog 2/14/2016 - Version 1.1.2 General: Support for high DPI screens BGM Generation Tab: Removed 36 characters limitation in song names. Now the user will be notified that exceeding that size may not render the name properly in-game. Thanks to convalise for the suggestion! Fixed bug that generated wrong names for songs with hex numbers that contained uppercase letters. Thanks to Lugia2009 & convalise for the bug report! Source code You can get the tool's source code from its Github page. Feel free to submit bugs or pull requests there if you want to
  11. agl89

    agl89's stuff

    Hi everyone! I just wanted to give you an status update: a few days ago I broke my left foot, that means not going to work for a month or so :P. That also means that I'll have more time to work on mods (and more time to play FFXV and its sidequests :P). I'll keep working on the Garland mod, and I'll try to update my Squall mods with all the weapon options that I added for Classic Squall :) @Coppola Glad you liked the Flame Saber :P. By the way, if you want to create different DLC slots for the mod you can use my DDFF All in One DLC Edition and Generation Toolkit, it should be simple enough (that reminds me, I should create a new post with its tutorial :P). About the songs, if you have the .at3 files, you can also create the packs yourself (you can even rip the original .at3 files from the PSP games up to FFIV, I'm not sure if FFV and FFVI were released as PSP games). Nonetheless, I'll try to look into it, no promises, though :P @datkofguy Wow, that's great! So you finally managed to extract the models with proper textures :P. Could you send me helmetless Garland, warrior Wol and Knight Wol textures, please? They would come in handy with their hair textures :P. Oh, and that Knight of Etro Wol, can't unsee :S
  12. agl89

    agl89's stuff

    Hey everyone! I just wanted to let you know that I added a few more gunblade options to Classic Squall! You can now choose between the Revolver, Cutting Trigger (it's not the Flame Saber that @Coppola suggested earlier, but I hope it works for you regardless) & Twin Lance gunblades, the very same gunblades that Squall can use in Dissidia Arcade thus far :P. Here are some screenshots with the new weapons: Those are basically the blade models from FFVIII that I had to re-texture from scratch to make them look good in the game. I think the result is pretty good :P By the way, would you like them to be added to the rest of the Squall DLCs that I've released?
  13. agl89

    agl89's stuff

    Well, finally I got some time to re-order and polish the main post. I also added all the music DLCs that I did during these years, so if you didn't see them in the old forums, here they are. I hope you enjoy them :D BTW, I sent you a PM with more info about Mobius model extraction process, @datkofguy, I hope it's clear enough ;). If anyone else wants to know about it, just let me know, I didn't post it here because I don't want this topic to sidetrack too much :P
  14. agl89

    agl89's stuff

    Yep, they're extractable :P. You 'just' need to have a rooted/jailbroken phone, grab the game's cached files and use the usual Unity 3D ripping tools to get the models. The only thing that I couldn't get is a proper alpha channel for the textures >_>, it'll be a pain whenever I get to make Wol as a model mod
  15. agl89

    agl89's stuff

    Thanks for the compliment! About the Flame Saber suggestion, I want to add more weapon options to all Squall's DLCs (like Dissidia Arcade does :P), so I'll keep that in mind :P By the way, here's a WIP of the mod I was working on when the old forums went down, Garland from Mobius Final Fantasy over Garland: I'm retexturing the original model as the original textures lacked shadows and proper colors because Mobius' game engine (and by extension, any modern, high-quality 3D game) does that dynamically. I still have a lot to do with it, but I hope you like it so far :P

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