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  1. Oh, so he gets his final boss form but Jecht, Emperor, Ultimecia, etc. don't get theirs? I see how it is...
  2. Did Square Enix change their website? I had an account but it told me I was wrong, and when I thought I did get in, it basically made a new account for me. I'm confused. And irritated.
  3. hawk222

    Dissidia Arcade News

    I have news! http://www.finalfantasy.net/dissidia/console-port-dissidia-final-fantasy-bring-story-mode/ The console version is getting a story mode! (Kind of an expected thing, though, considering.)
  4. hawk222

    Final Fantasy XV

    I'm still on Chapter 3 and have done just over 40 sidequests and am level 30, but damn it if I'm not having a good time!
  5. hawk222

    Final Fantasy XV

    So, it looks like the fight against the Square Enix CEO that was shown off in the launch day stream is actually going to be coming to the game via DLC. This is the kind of thing I'd like to see more of, to be honest. http://www.siliconera.com/2016/12/01/final-fantasy-xv-director-says-theyre-preparing-square-enix-ceo-cameo-fight-dlc/
  6. So, I never started this topic on the old forum, but it fits the subforum well enough, so I might as well. The game is pretty addicting, though it's much better if you have a good party. Being F2P is suffering, and spending money is about the only way to get the really good stuff (not needed for the main story, though). It'll probably never be as good as it is in Japan, though. Not surprising, since Japan always gets the preferential treatment in Japanese video games.
  7. hawk222

    Final Fantasy XV

    Ugh, why does this have to come out so close to Pokemon Sun and Moon? I only have so much time to waste on RPGs... (I love it, though.)
  8. hawk222

    PS4 wishlist

    Tales of Berseria, anyone?

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