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  1. Type-0 event is next in JP! About damn time!



    I am so FUCKING PULLING ON THESE BANNERS when they come out!
    Also, balance changes coming soon to JP...



    So basically anyone who has any kind of ranged weapon will get Sharpshooter abilities. 

  2. https://www.ffrkcentral.com/blog/2017/02/20/upcoming-in-app-announcement-all-nightmare-du
    There was more info somewhere else, but we're getting some kind of special banner for the Nightmare dungeon coming out in an hour. I'm not talking about the usual Nightmare banner that comes out every time a new ability comes out, I'm talking about a separate banner. Even the dataminers can't figure out if it's a half-off one time only draw, or if it's free, or if it's just a regular 50-mythril draw. The only way to find out is to wait until the Nightmare comes out in the next hour :P

    EDIT: Looks like they're both full-price. Oh well :/

  3. Oh you're talking about Dreamstage. It's a decent SB. Avoiding magical attacks are great, even if it's one time per use.

    And if it makes you feel any better, I saw someone post their draw that had two of Fujin's knife and nothing else. And Fujin's knife is one of the worst relics on the banner. 

    Though if I were you, I'd start saving up mythril for the 2nd anniversary event. A lot of good SBs are going to be in the banners, and you can't go wrong in pulling on any of the banners there. That's just my suggestion though, do whatever you want. :P

  4. 7 hours ago, xXxBlakkLitexXx said:

    Good job beating down that U++. One thing worth mentioning is that bringing Mind Break/Breakdown on Vaan(or Ramza and Tyro) woulda brought down those Stop durations a good sum. That or higher Mind per character. 

    All things considered, I wasn't too worried about the Stop status, since my mitigation was as high as I could get at those times. You're right though, Mind Breakdown is something to think about.

  5. 5 hours ago, xXxBlakkLitexXx said:

    BSB pulls are never bad. Never

    Unless it's Tiny Bee or Fenrir Overdrive. :V
    But yeah, you're right.

    I agree with Aegis, relics do decide your team at this point now. And if you can, as soon as possible be sure you try and get Tyro's Sentinel's Grimoire or Y'shtola's Stoneskin II, and Ramza's Shout (or something very similar to it. There are a few like it, use the google spreadsheet link I sent you).


  6. So.... I did the half-off draw (the only one I've been looking forward to) in hope of pulling a dupe of my favorite BSB. Guess what?



    I fucking DID IT.





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  7. That's great, then.

    Also forgot to mention two important things.
    1. Save your mythril for relic pulls. I'm not talking 5 or 15 mythril pulls, I'm talking 50 mythril. Don't spend your mythril restarting a battle, or refreshing your stamina, or anything else. Just relic pulls. Also, there's going to be a half-off draw (11 relics draw for 25 mythril) in about 45 minutes, so if you have enough mythril for that, be sure to pull!

    2. There are some record materias you'll want to go for right away.
    Tyro's Dr Mog's Teachings
    Cloud's Mako Might
    Steiner's Knight's Charge
    Tidus's Ace Striker
    Ramza's Battleforged

    These are very important Record Materias to have on your team when you have a party full of people who can use at least one soul break. You can look up how to obtain these Record Materias in-game.

  8. 1 hour ago, Aegis Runestone said:

    Wow, DJVD. Draw Fire + Retaliate, I assume? :)

    Yup. That's what happened lol. I'm seriously debating on whether Auron does it better, or Gilgamesh.

    14 hours ago, Cherub said:

    Oh gosh, thanks a lot DJVD! I looked up some of the characters I want but the recruitment method doesn't really tell me anything. I know where to get Shantotto from and I am working on that. But where do I get Edea and Kefka from? 

    You can either get your wanted characters from events (though that would take a while depending on the characters you want), or you can spend a "Soul of a Hero" and get whatever character you want. And you get these "Soul of a Hero" by clearing a certain dungeon in every event, usually the last dungeon in the Classic dungeons in each event. It's not hard though, unless your characters are below level 20.
    By the way, you said you want Edea, and she's going to be in the next event, so you can get her there instead of spending one of the Souls I was talking about. And since a Soul of a Hero is going to be in that event, you can spend that on Kefka.

    To be able to find whatever character you want after you get a Soul of a Hero, be on the Home tab, tap on The Annex tab, then tap on Hall of Rites. This is also the place you'll be able to spend your Memory Crystal Lodes.

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  9. Welcome to the game, Cherub. As for your question, I'll give you an example as an answer:
    If you use Cloud in a FF7 realm, Cloud will get a stat boost (technically known as Record Synergy) in that realm only, but not in any other realm. There are, however, certain events, that give Record Synergy to certain other people.
    For example: Nightmare Dungeons will give Record Synergy to certain people depending on which dungeon you're in. There is a dungeon in the Nightmare Dungeons that give Record Synergy to 5* White Magic users no matter what realm they're originally from. So you could have Aerith from FF7, Garnet from FF9, and Selphie from FF8 in the same party and get Record Synergy for all three in the same battle.
    That's just one example though, and Nightmare Dungeons are closed right now (as you can see from the Home menu, the Nightmare Dungeon is inaccessible at the moment).
    And like Aegis said, characters aren't the only thing that get Record Synergy. Equipment do too. I have Cloud's new Ragnarok relic, and it has 164 ATK without Record Synergy. But WITH synergy, it has 277 ATK. Since it's a FF7 weapon, it would normally only get synergy only in a FF7 realm, unless it's in some special event like the Nightmare Dungeons, as I mentioned above. (you wouldn't want to use a sword in a white mage dungeon though, so be careful :P)

    By the way, there is no "end game" to anything in this game yet. We're not even close to being done with the game, as the game has a LOT more to offer, with a lot more to come. If you want to find more info on this game, such as knowing the Level 80 or 99 stats of your favorite characters, I'll give you a few links below:
    https://ffrkstrategy.gamematome.jp/game/951/wiki/Home This is the link people go to, to find info on anything that's already out, whether it's the characters you want, or the relics you want, or basically anything you want, that are already out right now.
    http://ffrk.kongbakpao.com/events/ This is the link people go to, to find out what events are coming up. This is good for planning whatever relics you want to pull, and what characters you'll see yourself obtaining.
    This is good to find news about what's going to happen really soon in the game. Normally, kongbakpao is good for finding out what events are planned, but ffrkcentral keeps you updated daily on what's going to happen in for global real soon, and what's happening for the JP version.
    http://happypluto.com/~misterp/r/ffrk.pdf This is the link people go to, to find out the damage multipliers for whatever ability they plan on using (if you don't understand the deal about damage multipliers, I'll say this... The bigger the number, the more damage the ability deals). It's a big file, but it is still helpful. Just CTRL+F and type in whatever you're looking for. There are also other info there, like finding out how much exp is required to level up for each level, how much of a stat boost each Record Materia or Soul Break does, and many more. You just need to CTRL+F and type in whatever it is you're looking for, like I said.
    https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/16K1Zryyxrh7vdKVF1f7eRrUAOC5wuzvC3q2gFLch6LQ/edit?pli=1#gid=938172420  This is the link people go to, to find out almost everything for the game, for both the english version, and the Japanese version. You can switch between tabs to find info on whatever you're looking for. You'll find level 99 stats for characters that aren't possible to achieve level 99 with in the English version yet (or as they call the game global, for outside of Japan), you'll find relics with soul breaks that aren't out in global yet, you'll find. This is a good source to rely on, since most global players can't read Japanese, so they wouldn't be able to know what relics they'll want if they went to only kongbakpao to plan. Just remember to switch between tabs at the bottom to find whatever it is you're looking for.

    Good luck, and have fun playing!

    Hey Aegis, guess what?



    Don't you just love it when you're facing the Apocalypse boss, and their game-changing move is supposed to screw you up, but instead they just become a little bitch instead? Because that's exactly what happened here LOL
    You can find those shots down below, starting at 10:18:

    This is my biggest fuck you to DeNA, for not giving me back my Summons. >:(


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  10. Tyro's uniform in the 2nd ann isn't an OSB, though. It's a USB ;)
    And USBs are better than OSBs in my opinion. Besides, I don't care for OSBs either.
    Once I get Tyro's uniform, I'll go for whatever's on the banners.
    The banners are subject to change after all, so I hope Seifer's BSB will be in the event, then I'll pull for that. If his isn't in the event, then I'm saving the rest of my mythril for FF11 event months later, where I'll pull for Curilla's stuff ;)

  11. Yeah, Curilla's SB was originally in the 2nd ann in JP, after they had originally had the FF11 event happen. But since since Curilla isn't out in JP yet, that means they'll change up the banners a bit.
    Even then, the only thing I'm focused on pulling is Tyro's Uniform. I'll have about 400 mythril by the time the event starts, and if I don't pull the uniform, I'll eat a dead baby. >:(

    Oh, even more good news.


  12. I don't have any SBs for Cecil, unfortunately. And I'm not pulling on the banner, either. :P

    Some good news.



    45 mythril total, eh?
    Not only that, but word is, we're getting some kind of giveaway on valentine's day.
    And apparently we're getting 50 mythril near the beginning of the 2nd ann fest (that adds to the 45 mythril)
    Not to mention we're getting a mythril dungeon (10 mythril total, I think)
    DeNA really is going all out with the 2nd ann for global. We're gonna get a lot of free mythril :P


    Also, why the hell does this guy have 24 tabs open on his phone?


    nevermind, I don't wanna know what kind of porn he was looking at




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  13. Spoiler


    I did the same boss in both fights, but with one physical team and one mage team. I beat him faster in the mage team :3
    I gotta thank Selphie for her BSB I got in the half off last month. It stacked with Ley Lines. I think this is the first time I used her in an Ultimate fight.

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  14. FF7-only lucky draw out. Half-off.
    Have you seen the banner list for this? I have never seen something so disgusting, ugh.

    The chances of pulling a dupe or pulling a completely useless SB far outweighs the chances of pulling a really good SB, or pulling something you just want.

    I'm skipping this. Even if it's a half off.
    Just no. Ew. No. Gross. No.
    If the FF7 banner was a person, it would be ugly as fuck.
    JUST NO.

  15. Spoiler


    I was expecting Dark Bahamut to be a lot harder. I kinda panicked when Y'shtola was low on HP, but after bringing her HP back up it was a breeze from there.
    In other words, I went from "Nice to meet you, sir" to "your daughter also calls me daddy". ;)


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