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  1. Teoskaven

    Final Fantasy Record Keeper

    No, i mean the actual Mote Dungeons, like Ifrit, Dahaka, the Red Soul, ecc.
  2. Teoskaven

    Final Fantasy Record Keeper

    Honestly, the only real "bs" part i can say the game has right now is how you get level 4 Mote spheres, because those dungeons are near impossible unless you have best equipment, the highest levels, everyone is of the same chapter the boss is and you have a lot of luck or Mythril to power up after KOs. That's unexcusable. I'm fine for the rest of the game being a player ever since September 2015; it's clear they're running out of characters to add despite having still a good influx and being open to new chapters like FFXV or Type-0, but i'm confident the game will have enough steam to run for at least another year or two. And since i've enjoyed it so far, i'm not gonna quit it anytime soon.
  3. Hello everyone. Italian Dissidia player since 2008-2009 (although not much present in the competitive segment), i came here from the old DF since it's unavaible anymore. I main Gilgamesh mostly, i'll try see if i have rust on the controls or not.

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