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  1. Haussenkraft

    kingdom hearts cloud?!

    ... you can just download the dlc pack that had been floating around in the internet for a long time now https://cdromance.com/sony-psp-dlc-list-psp-downloadable-content/
  2. Haussenkraft

    I need help about my mod

    you should rotate his arm vertices then align it with the bones like this
  3. Haussenkraft

    I need help about my mod

    okay you need to align his arms with the ones in the bones first, go to the animate tab and remove all keyframes after that, toggle anim. then select his l_uparm and rotate it 45° so that it would be facing down. Do the same for the other uparm bone. After that, open the edit tab and refresh textures. load the animations again
  4. Haussenkraft

    I need help about my mod

    can you toggle "Show skeleton" for me? Maybe the bones just arent aligned with the mesh?
  5. Haussenkraft

    Haussenkraft's Mod Collection

    Search for her in the Type-moon folder in the mediafire link from the first post
  6. Haussenkraft

    Haussenkraft's Mod Collection

    i'll do it when my internet bill gets paid
  7. Haussenkraft

    Haussenkraft's Mod Collection

    Kallen Kaslana for Squall http://www.mediafire.com/file/pg7jjejmo5ftjv8/ Great Statue God (Ganesha) for Exdeath https://www.mediafire.com/file/qctj3z1nvff8erd/ Medea Lily for Yuna https://www.mediafire.com/file/ic0w2ztushdv91b/
  8. Haussenkraft

    Question and Possibly mod requests

    Here https://www.richwhitehouse.com/index.php?content=inc_projects.php&showcat=Binary/Media
  9. Haussenkraft

    Question and Possibly mod requests

    You're gonna have to use gitmo to get the gmo files from the fpk + noesis to convert them
  10. Haussenkraft

    Question and Possibly mod requests

    what god eater are we talking about first? pc? psp? resurrection? rage burst? each has a different method to rip the models
  11. Haussenkraft

    Question and Possibly mod requests

    it's possible as long as you have the costumes and god arc models ripped
  12. Haussenkraft

    Custom GMO tutorial

    well, the fbx didnt work either way on my end before converting via noesis again so *shrugs*
  13. Haussenkraft

    Custom GMO tutorial

    I see the problem you need to convert the fbx again to fbx using noesis after doing so, the fbx tool will now be able read your model
  14. Haussenkraft

    Custom GMO tutorial

    Try putting quotation marks around your file name, like GMOTOOL "noel2out.fbx" -E if that still doesnt work, can you send me the .fbx model? My only other conclusion is that your .fbx is in a different version than what it could read
  15. Haussenkraft

    Custom GMO tutorial

    can you share a screenshot of the error and your folder?

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