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  1. Haussenkraft

    Haussenkraft's Mod Collection

  2. Haussenkraft

    Haussenkraft's Mod Collection

    Actual female Gil yep
  3. Haussenkraft

    Haussenkraft's Mod Collection

    Since Chris did it, I'm currently on a state on undecisiveness on who I should do next - Sol Badguy for Jecht - God Gundam for Jecht - Jotaro for Jecht - Dio for Ultimecia - Medea for Ultimecia - Female Gil for Bartz - Artoria Alter's 3rd Stage for Cloud - Decapitating Bunny Shiki for Sephiroth - Mega Lucario for Prishe - Rei Ryghts for the Emperor - Aqua from KonoSuba for Tidus - Chino Kafuu for Shantotto - Ainz Ooal Gown for the Emperor Also added the mediafire link to all of my mods in the first post and added two more mods in the type-moon folder (namely MHX and Arthur Proto)
  4. Haussenkraft

    Haussenkraft's Mod Collection

    for who
  5. Haussenkraft

    Haussenkraft's Mod Collection

    As a mod? or just the model?
  6. Haussenkraft

    Haussenkraft's Mod Collection

    Ripped it from Seven Knights
  7. Haussenkraft

    agl89's stuff

    An Escanor mod exists? I wanna see
  8. Haussenkraft

    My Stage Mods + Other Mods

    Jus a heads up, you accidentally put in the link for Scarlet Shrine instead of Spring Skies
  9. Haussenkraft

    My Stage Mods + Other Mods

    Jus a heads up, you accidentally put in the link for Scarlet Shrine instead of Spring Skies
  10. Haussenkraft

    anyone take model requests

    huh, funny, i was actually planning to make an Emil/Aster mod for Cecil but backed out due to not having any weapon models why shantotto btw?
  11. Haussenkraft

    anyone take model requests

    It's painful for me, I know But I rather not continue on the day feeling nothing but angst. I want to help out others for now as to lighten my mood at least.
  12. Haussenkraft

    anyone take model requests

    What yer req
  13. Haussenkraft

    (Discussion): Underutilized characters

    I know, Just giving general info when it comes to rigging Unless we change Gil's weaps in the iso, any Gil mod will get stuck using the default weaps
  14. Haussenkraft

    (Discussion): Underutilized characters

    In terms of rigging, it wont really be a problem since you can use custom skeletons for the mods. I've only made one mod for both Exdeath and CoD (CoD Kiyohime doesn't exist) each but they're all joke characters. (Ugandan Knuckles and Ramiel respectively) For Exdeath, I can name a few characters that can fit him. In fact, my current WIP is an Exdeath mod. For the other two, well, except for more joke characters, I really have no idea who to put them over.
  15. Haussenkraft

    Haussenkraft's Mod Collection

    Yeah she'll be in both of those outfits Normal and Casual Altera will be Tidus and Squall respectively Also going to redo her normal outfit from the beginning using her Extella model because of reasons Shibuya Rin from Im@s and yes she has that blue outfit which is the default outfit from the Starlight Stage mobage.

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