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  1. Xero Bloodline

    Your Dissidia biography (aka the introduction thread)

    Thanks, it's probably my 2nd favorite of all the numbered titles. VII is still my favorite if that wasn't obvious enough. Also very, very fond of Crisis Core.
  2. Xero Bloodline

    Your Dissidia biography (aka the introduction thread)

    Suppose I'll introduce myself. I've been a Final Fantasy fan since FFIV, played nearly every game in the series, so I was delighted when Dissidia was announced. Got the game day one, played it extensively, and did the same thing for Duodecim. Even after all these years I still try to play at least once or twice a week. Unfortunately I never had any friends with a PSP, much less Dissidia/Duodecim, so multiplayer was never a thing for me. So you can imagine my delight when I discovered PPSSPP. I have one or two friends to battle online occasionally, but I've been looking for a community that regularly competes with one another. I use to lurk around the old forum searching for mods and stuff, so I'm glad to see a Dissidia community trying to carry on this amazing game. As far as Duodecim itself, I main Sephiroth but I've been told my Tifa is more of a challenge to beat. I've been practicing with the whole roster to try and expand my knowledge and skills. I'm always looking for an opportunity to do that, so I look forward to playing the game with all of you.

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