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  1. Hi folks! I'm Louz. Today I'm posting about a new and better way to play Dissidia 012 online, a tool me and my pals were using to play Warcraft III custom matches last Christmas and right before the game died. I've decided to try this thing with Dissidia after debating myself about some issues between ZTO and my local network interface (despite the successful connectivity) that I've forcefully got to get used to; and god...such smoothness. Say goodbye to random drops & spikes. The steps are very easy to follow: 1. Download Radmin VPN and install it 2. Create or join a network, share the name and password of it 3. Put host's IP into PPSSPP networking settings, host must run ad hoc server 4. You're done! If you're interesting, download it from here: https://www.radmin-vpn.com / http://tiny.cc/ksvrkz [Drive] You can get PPSSPP from the official site: https://www.ppsspp.org Adhoc Server tool, for hosting games: http://tiny.cc/mrvrkz (not necessary if you like to use PPSSPP's built-in PRO ad hoc server option)
  2. Remember dying? I'm very proud to introduce you the first boss battle the 012 community have known. This boss battle intends to replicate the very same final battle from Main Scenario 000; you will fight an identical copy of Feral Chaos (yeah, that bastard who had 130 lvl), with the same setup as he fought you in 000's Edge of Discord. Check last dungeon on Confessions of the Creator for reference. Rules: — Edge of Madness is mandatory stage. — No rules. — Hacked items are banned. Notes: — Breakables are somekind allowed, for boosting EXP against PvP EXP limit. — Via Dolorosa will be used rarely and won't be spammed. — Feral Chaos won't assist out of enemy attacks unless they're too high on BRV (like 8k or 9k BRV). — You can use summons (however if you call a summon, Feral Chaos will unlock Shinryu). Second match I had against 000's Feral Chaos years before: PD: If your're interested in a match with this boss or you want the savedata just contact me in the Discord channel.

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