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  1. datkofguy

    agl89's stuff

    Anyone know if agl89 is still around? I wanted to pick his brain on how he makes hd models look like they came out of dissidia
  2. datkofguy

    Deraj8 Modding Archives

    Is that Vaan dressed as Al'Cid?
  3. datkofguy

    agl89's stuff

    That is Wol, the main character of Mobius, in his default Onion Knight costume. All the others are special costumes you can unlock for him.
  4. datkofguy

    agl89's stuff

    So I've been messing with Mobius and I've managed to get some models I can send you the Garland models if you want.
  5. datkofguy

    agl89's stuff

    Thats very weird, coz I got the cache files, but the tools I used wont open them... what did you use?
  6. datkofguy

    agl89's stuff

    Hold up hold up... Mobius models are extractable?
  7. datkofguy

    Mike's Mods

    Thanks for releasing these rare models.

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