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  1. MidnightXS

    My mod collection

    Mind making up a list for people?
  2. MidnightXS

    modding ideas for 012 characters

    Tfw the mods you guys kept were some of the worst I ever made.
  3. MidnightXS

    MidnightXS' Dissidia Mods

    Well I uh... found out how to make Manikin stuff?
  4. MidnightXS


    I still have Fang, it's one of the mods that I trashed because it wasn't good enough. If I get back into the Dissidia modding scene I'll certainly remake it. ---- Shame a lot of my crappier mods were kept around though, like the Dark Nut over Cloud mod. That was one of the first mods I made for anything, ever, and it's terrible.
  5. MidnightXS

    Deraj8 Modding Archives

    I love the new look, Deraj.
  6. MidnightXS

    MidnightXS' Dissidia Mods

    Placeholder 4 ~~
  7. MidnightXS

    MidnightXS' Dissidia Mods

    Placeholder 3 ~~
  8. MidnightXS

    MidnightXS' Dissidia Mods

    Placeholder 2 ~~
  9. MidnightXS

    MidnightXS' Dissidia Mods

    About time I did this... YouTube | DeviantArt | Twitter ---------- It's something B)

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