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  1. Guess I'll drop my own intro here. I haven't been playing Final Fantasy games as long as probably a whole lot of you, the first Final Fantasy game I ever played for any amount was actually X-2, at a friend's house. However, he never had a PS2 memory card at the time, so we weren't able to get very far into it. A few years later I played through X after I'd finally gotten my own PS2 near the end of the console's life span. I believe this was in '05, maybe? After that I've been catching up and playing through the other games that I'd missed in my childhood due to a lack of a playstation console, and my lack of playing any of the NES/SNES releases. I finally picked up Dissidia and a PSP in... 2009-10ish, I think? And then Duodecim when it came out. I'm out of practice cause I stopped playing when my PSP died, but have been getting a bit back into it since I found out I could play through PPSSPP. I don't really have a main anymore, but I enjoy playing as Tidus, Squall, Bartz, and Cloud mostly.

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