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  1. argyle_n1nja

    Dissidia Final Fantasy NT closed beta

    I signed up. A buddy of mine on Facebook messaged me a link.
  2. argyle_n1nja

    Your Dissidia biography (aka the introduction thread)

    tl;dr To the old guard, good to see y'all again. To the new blood, pleased to meet you. Hey, all. I'm argyle_n1nja. I'm known on the forums as "Blue_Velvet". If you've never heard that name before, it's probably because you spent more time in the character build threads than in the Creative Corner, which is where I made my home. For me, my Dissidia journey started a year or so before the first game released. I was browsing Final Fantasy videos on Youtube, trying to find the final fight scene from Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children. I came across a video of Squall vs Sephiroth on the FF9 stage. It immediately got my attention. What glorious wet dream was this? I had to know more! So I scoured every video, comment section, wiki, and game forum I could until I found what I was looking for: Dissidia Final Fantasy. On the PSP. Releasing Stateside in '09. I knew I was in for a good Summer. Come release day, I went and picked up my copy. It didn't leave my PSP until I got Disgaea 2: Dark Hero Days a month or so later. In that time, I'd beaten the story and was reduced to playing Arcade and custom VS CPU matches to get my fix, since I couldn't play online without a PS3. Still, it was a fun experience overall. So imagine my excitement when I found out, thanks to a link Mass_Zero had in his signature on another forum, that there was an entire forum dedicated to this one amazing game and its fanbase. I couldn't make heads or tails of the competitive side of things, so I decided to stick to what I knew best: making up imaginary movesets for characters who probably would never see the light of day. With that in mind, I set out to make my first character sheet, the first of many. Thus, the character sheet for Ramza Beoulve was born. It wasn't my best work, but it wasn't bad. Then I made Riku from the Kingdom Hearts series. Same deal there. Then I made Balthier, from Final Fantasy XII, who I still consider to be my magnum opus. (If and when I ever get around to making Crono, that may change) At around this time, we started getting news about a new Dissidia, Dissidia Duodecim Final Fantasy. I couldn't wait, so naturally I bought a PSN store card and downloaded the pre-story/demo, "Prologus" as soon as it was available (also bought Vagrant Story, but that's neither here nor there). I was hooked all over again. It was like viewing the series through a fresh set of eyes. New characters, new stages, new gameplay mechanics, yet everything I loved about the original was still there. And imagine my surprise when I finally got the game and it turns out that all of my saved data from DFF carried over! I was ecstatic. I even started making character sheets again, unfortunately they were lost during the Great Server Crash of 2011 (or early 2012, I forget the exact year). Unfortunately, as with all good things, my time with the Dissidia came to an end, when my memory stick somehow formatted itself (I still think it happened as the byproduct of having my PSP in my pocket while I was being sprayed with a water hose). I still stayed around the forums, having made a few friends there. And so my involvement in the game itself ended, though I still enjoyed popping into threads and talking about them every now and then, but I stayed in my lane, the Creative Corner, for the most part. If I wasn't posting in any of my RP threads, I was reading and re-reading the character creation thread, giving myself ideas for who I was going to do next. And so it went from then to now I haven't posted in an RP thread since 2014 (where the hell are you, Xernuht?!), and I haven't made a new character sheet since before then. But I feel that old creativity bug skittering around in my brain again, so who knows? At any rate, I'm here now, I may as well make myself comfortable.

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