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  1. long time ff fan for a few years, oddly enough for some strange reason i do not really have any interest for console or much high end stuff either due to well frankly my budget lol. I do enjoy playing around with emulators and have been for a few years starting with a nes then gradually worked up the chain to a n64, from there to ps1, ps2 lol. the thought occurred to me about a 2 or 3 weeks ago "hey u know what, u haven't tried that ppsspp emulator yet, and there is crisis core and dissidia to play which i hadn't played yet". Instantly fell in love with dissidia ❤️ crisis core is great too but dissdia has been the more played of the two, then my next thought was "hey i wonder if i can find some dlc or mods?" and yeah hahaha i think you can figure out the rest xD never really done anything like designing or modding before but i do find all this very interesting and would like to learn, no harm in trying to have a try i figure 🙂 who I use? cloud and squall primarily. Kain, Prishe, Yuna and Zidane get honorable mentions too, in time when i play the game more ill probably have a differrent lineup lol ive only gotten up to chapter 000

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