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  1. 12/24 Most | ponponpopii: Coppola (usCoppola) | Seventh/Dyna (PSN): Golbez | Ramza/Squall | Cloud/Cecil: Match vs Team Muggs , Match vs Team Marvel is Anime
  2. 12/23 Most | YourNicestSmile: Chandela | Seventh: Jecht | Bartz | Golbez: Match
  3. geefo

    Rise and Fall - Brackets and Results

    R1: Most vs SapphPhoenix m1 Most (Ultimecia) vs SapphPhoenix(Jecht): OCS - Most m2: Most(Golbez) vs SapphPhoenix(Terra): WoD - SapphPhoenix m3: Most(Golbez) vs SapphPhoenix(Terra): Kefka's Tower- Most Most 2-1
  4. geefo

    Rise and Fall - Sign Ups are closed

    Discord name: most IG name: なもなき れい Timezone: GMT-8
  5. probably gonna be my last update for a long time. added some new players
  6. Update: Link to Half Life's channel fixed
  7. Update: Added More Channels Removed Inactive Channels Moved Channels that switched focus from one character to another one
  8. UPDATE: Thanks to Hyne, this list looks muich more organized than it did before. Might I add that those pictures that were added were wonderful as well! With the release of a new character aand a new balance patfch a couple oppf these channels have been revived! However, I may start removing some accounts that are inactive inn the future. -Added more players -Added a slot for Emperor -Emperor's picture pending
  9. Update: Added a few playrs(A SEPHIROTH, an Ace, and more...) Added players currently on the list to other characters due to them now having that character above adamant E and posting vids of them
  10. Thanks for the feedback! I updated the first post as per request. Images are hyperlinked to the rank name. I didn't put silver or bronze because those don't really come up often and are very low level anyway. lol
  11. geefo

    Dissidia Arcade News

    The gundam game you're talking about has been reported as the number 1 game in arcades in japan. It's not an e sport because the developers behind the game aren't pushing for that. nor do they really feel the need to. If square is pushing this, and since a few of us have watched that one big national tournament they had with a surprising invitational turnout of great players, I'm pretty sure they are going to be pushing it as 3v3. I highly disagree with your claim that lack of 1v1 will hurt the games longevity as an e-sport; Perhaps it will hurt the games longevity with casual players, but i also don't see that as likely since there are plenty of players of arcade who are currently still playing even though they are bronze and don't win enough to rank up lol
  12. With this getting a bit more buzz than I expected, I want to ask you guys if you have any channels you personally follow that I do not have listed here! A lot of these channelsseem to be getting lots of views; I'm not sure whether it's because anyone is actually looking at this or there are a lot more Japanese people who use youtube, but I'm glad to see that channels are getting 1000+ views for the content they put out! Also, I would like to ask if anyone would like me to start keeping notes on the list of the players individual ranks. It's a very difficult thing to keep up with, and so I ask if anyone is interested in helping me out with that by sending me individual players rankings of each character they play I will add them if I get enough responses. With that out of the way: UPDATE: Added a LOT more players I may be planning something in the works for how to... watch this game(?). A possible short replay commentary in which me and maybe a few others dissect what is going on in the game: The intricacies, the decisions, the plays, and all other things you may be missing in the constant chaos that is this game!
  13. Update: Removed player channels that closed their accounts or made all their videos private Added more players
  14. Update: Organized list to make it easier to find players in accordance to characters used. Added more players.

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