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  1. Xiegleid

    The MikominMM Quality Assortment

    Gonna try this New BGM mods. I finally send my bulk of mp3 through PM.
  2. Not a Fan of Rock and Metal Music, unless It's JPOP/Anime Songs. I think there's a member here who accepting BGM MODs request. I request some JPOP/Anime BGM's If He/She have a free time. But I want to try that BGM of yours If you don't mind. Thanks
  3. It's so late that I start playing DFF012 in 2015, but Im still enjoying It now in my PSP, YES PSP. I played as Exdeath because of His Unique Fighting Style. I am the one who playing DFF012 here in my place, so It's kinda lonely, but Im thankful that many of here (also on old DFF012 forum) are still MODDING, and that's the reason why Im still playing this game, Im hoping for more MOD's to come. :(

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