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  1. Poiman64

    War of the Worlds (Themed Assists tournament)

    Kefka's and Pandemonium are kind of a necessary evil due to the fact that they're two of the very few legal small stages and I wanted to have a good balance between large and small, but I do feel that 2 strikes and DSR will counteract the effects of them. As for the suggested buffs, you are correct in that they break theme, though perhaps your suggested nerfs might be fine, I'll have to test them a bit more in depth. Thanks for the suggestion.
  2. Poiman64

    War of the Worlds (Themed Assists tournament)

    Bit of a late reply, Eddie, but what would you suggest to help those that need it and balance those that don't? Also, what's wrong with Kefka's and Pandemonium? I added them to balance out the large stages and small stages, since I have a stage banning system in place with DSR and they help certain lower tier characters deal with higher tiers.
  3. So this is a tournament I'm planning on for the summer. I'm posting this here rather than on Discord so that it'll be easier to see feedback. I'm posting this now, of course, to receive that feedback and to explain my reasoning to the best of my ability. Just a fun little idea I had, plus it gives us a chance to experiment with a stage banning system that I've mused about for a while. The rules are as follows: Characters can only use assists from the same Final Fantasy Exceptions: Aerith is banned; Lightning can use WoL and Garland and vice versa. Double Elim, Bo3, Semis and Finals Bo5, GF Bo7 with bracket reset, Begins with RR for players with lack of data. Seeded based on results and opinion. Long Form with two week deadlines Stage list: Neutral picks: Order's Sanctuary, World of Darkness, Pandemonium - Top Floor, Lunar Subterrane, Sky Fortress Bahamut Counter picks: Pandemonium, Kefka's Tower, Empyreal Paradox, Old Chaos Shrine, Crystal World, Crystal Tower, M.S. Prima Vista, Edge of Madness Match 1: Lower Seed (Or Loser's Finals winner in GF) strikes 1 stage, other player strikes 2, then the lower seed picks the stage to play on. Match 2+: Winner strikes 2 stages and Loser picks (In case of a bracket reset use this format for picking instead of reverting to M1 picking) Dave's Stuped Rule is in effect (You cannot pick a stage you have already won on) Character picks will be Double Blind
  4. Poiman64

    Combo Video Archive

    While not the most flashy of combos, CaminoalAlba definitely had some cool smaller combos. He has a few more vids on 012 but stopped making 012 content when his PSP broke.
  5. Poiman64

    DDFF Tournament 2

    Oooo Another tournament? Don't mind if I do. My Discord name is the same as my Forum name, btw. So that's Poiman64 GMT -7
  6. Poiman64

    Rise and Fall - Brackets and Results

    LB Round 3: Poiman64 versus Levi Match 1: Cecil versus Golbez - M.S. Prima Vista ~ 0-1 Match 2: Cecil versus Golbez - Pandemonium - Top Floor ~ 1-1 Match 3: Cecil versus Kain - Pandemonium - Top Floor ~ 2-1 Winner: Poiman64 2-1 against Levi.
  7. Poiman64

    Rise and Fall - Brackets and Results

    Round 1: Poiman64 versus Coppola Match 1: Cecil versus Garland - World of Darkness ~ 0-1 Match 2: Cecil versus Cecil - Kefka's Tower ~ 1-1 Match 3: Cecil versus Squall - Pandemonium - Top Floor ~ 2-1 Winner: Poiman64 2-1 against Coppola.
  8. Poiman64

    Rise and Fall - Sign Ups are closed

    Discord name and in game name: Poiman64. GMT -7 Rise and Fall. Good name. Let's see how ridiculous we can make this.
  9. Poiman64

    Dyxo's custom Dissidia movesets

    The Benjamin Movesets are very good, don't worry lol. I completely expected a bit of my idea to be axed, but ultimately the concept matches VERY well. So yeah, good job. Edit: I actually would really want this Benjamin in 012, he looks fun, and much better than you think. ;) As for Arcade, definitely looks very fun and would probably be my shoot type of choice if this were him in game. Honestly, both versions of him are incredibly simple and what to do with him will probably be very set, but it makes sense considering the game he's from. Again, good job.
  10. Poiman64

    Dyxo's custom Dissidia movesets

    Okay, this makes me REALLY want to do the robot, Cube.
  11. Poiman64

    Cycle 004: Edge of Madness (NA) signups

    Here we go again. Discord and in-game: Poiman64.
  12. Poiman64

    Cycle 2: NA Phantom Train signups

    Poiman64 and Poiman64 A tournament on my favorite stage? You shouldn't have, HYNE.
  13. Poiman64

    Gates of Babylon - Another Dissidence Tournament

    Poiman64 Timezone: GMT -7:00 Let's hope I can do better this time, huh?
  14. Poiman64

    Niflheim - Sign Ups (Custom Ruleset Tournament)

    Poiman64 Timezone: GMT -7:00 (PST)
  15. Poiman64

    Dyxo's custom Dissidia movesets

    The arcade characters have less options on their own, since in a match they're only allowed one HP attack, but I'd like to point out: 3 characters. The amount of combo potential that this opens up is astonishing, really, and if the characters had access to the options that they did in 012, it would utterly break the game and not in a good way as there would be so much stuff on screen (even more than there already is) that even the most experienced veteran would have a ton of problems keeping track of the action. At least, that's my explanation for it. Probably one of the more experienced players could give a better reason.

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