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About Me

Briefly about my personal life :

I'm a student, whose main study is English. Even if English isn't my native language, I have usually been influenced by it for more than 10 years ; when I read mangas or watch animes, when I play video games for instance. I wish to be a translator in a video game company where I would have the luxury to translate stories from different video games when the time comes.

About Dissidia Duodecim Final Fantasy :

I always wanted to play DDFF online since 2012 when I was aware of the Dissidia Forums' community (tournaments being my main source of interest) but I couldn't play it before 2016 because I didn't have access to a PS3 and adhoc party which was mandatory at the time. So I contented myself with watching tournament videos from this community and one day I learned that people could play at DDFF online on PC via PPSSPP, which was possible by using Hamachi (at the time), enabling people to play online. Since then I immediately joined the community and began to play at DDFF in January 24th, 2016. This was also the day when I participated in a tournament called "Arise" despite having few pvp experience. I have a lot of respect for those who keep the community alive and I will never thank them enough for that. It's thanks to them that people like me are able to play online. To be honest playing at DDFF online had been a dream of mine for years and I didn't really realize that this dream was fulfilled when I came here. Playing at this game in PvP mode is a mainstream thing now but I think it's important to remember that I hadn't had the privilege to play it with people for a long time so I'm quite lucky to be able to play at this game and I'll continue to play at DDFF as much as possible simply because it's my favorite fighting game.

Here is the list of the Dissidia 012 tournaments to which I have participated (in chronological order) :

- Year 2016 -

  • ARISE : last place (9th place tie out of 16)
  • Scrub City (newbies only) : 2nd place (out of 16)
  • The Promise Land : 4th place (out of 8)
  • FDFDF : 9th place tie (out of 16)
  • Genesis (Major) : 17th place tie (out of 33)

- Year 2017 -

  • Duck Dynasty (Major) : 13th place tie (out of 22)
  • Nilfheim (custom rules)  : 2nd place (out of 6)
  • Cycle 001 - Phantom Train : 2nd place (out of 4)
  • Cycle 003 - Bottom Tier : 2nd place (out of 5)
  • Rise and Fall (Major) : 9th place tie (out of 32)

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