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  1. kewldude475

    Muggshotter replay archives

    Good stuff against Ehx, as expected. Dat Bronze Arm. Also that Zidane build he had was no joke, 6.8x, musta been why his Zidaerith buuld was so effective. Great comeback. Those initial brave builds are on point. Love your Jecht. I also really like your Tidus, your playstyle with him looks very fun. That Bravely Default music selection is on point too.
  2. kewldude475

    Rise and Fall - Brackets and Results

    Winnder's Bracket Semi-Finals M1: kewldude475 (Lightning) vs Dart (Kuja) - Crystal World - kewldude475 (1-0) M2: kewldude475 (Lightning) vs Dart (Cloud) - Order's Sanctuary - kewldude475 (2-0) M3: kewldude475 (Lightning) vs Dart (Kuja) - Order's Sanctuary - Dart (2-1) M4: kewldude475 (Lightning) vs Dart (Kuja) - Order's Sanctuary - kewldude475 (3-1) kewldude475 wins 3-1
  3. kewldude475

    Rise and Fall - Brackets and Results

    Round 3 M1: kewldude475 (Firion) vs Sellos (Exdeath) - Order's Sanctuary - kewldude475 (1-0) M2: kewldude475 (Firion) vs Sellos (Jecht) - Order's Sanctuary - Sellos (1-1) M3: kewldude475 (Firion) vs Sellos (Jecht) Pandaemonium Top Floor - kewldude475 (2-1) kewldude475 wins 2-1
  4. kewldude475

    Rise and Fall - Brackets and Results

    Round 2 Match 1 kewldude475 (Lightning) vs Djquibi (Bartz) - Order's Sanctuary - Djqubi 1-0 Match 2 kewldude475 (Firion) vs Djqubi (Bartz) - Pandaemonium - kewldude475 1-1 Match 3 kewldude475 (Firion) vs Djqubi (Bartz) Pandaemonium Top Floor - kewldude475 2-1 kewldude475 wins 2-1
  5. kewldude475

    Rise and Fall - Brackets and Results

    Round 1 kewldude vs Damien M1: kewldude475 (Firion) vs Damien (Ultimecia )- World of Darkness - kewldude475 1-0 M2: kewldude475 (Lightning) vs Damien (Tifa) - Order's Sanctuary - kewldude475 2-0 kewldude475 wins 2-0
  6. kewldude475

    Rise and Fall - Sign Ups are closed

    Discord Name: kewldude IG Name: kewldude475 Timezone: GMT-5
  7. kewldude475

    Dissidia Arcade News

    One thing I think would be cool is the return of the EX burst mechanic or some kind of super-move being in the game.
  8. Nah, every SA definitely won't get you broken if you use it intelligently, and not when the opponent can of course punish you. If you can keep momentum going you can also keep your opponent's assist down with depletion. Also, Firion doesn't ever need to go into the air, because he has concentration, and can stay on the ground as long as he wants, and Lightning has to be the one to come to him. Also Firion isn't defenseless in the least against Thunder. At least, not on the ground, since again all of his attacks go through Thunder, and if Lightning is fighting a Firion who can space well, if she misses with Thunder she'll be left open in the air, where Firion can force a bad dodge and connect with Straightarrow, and since Lightning's fall speed isn't as fast as someone as say, Prishe or Kain, she can still get hit by it. But yeah SA getting punished is mostly a non-issue. If it is, it's because the Firion player is new and using Straightarrow when he can easily be punished. The best time to use SA is after getting rid of your opponent's assist, which is what I did against Lightning. Thunder isn't really an especially huge threat to a grounded Firion, and again, a whiffed Thunder gives a Firion player who is spacing well time, and distance to use SA. Concentration in most cases ensures Firion won't have to fight Lightning in the air unless he wants to for some odd reason
  9. Terrina asked to test it with me after that and at the end of the night it was like 25-5, and she tried everything, so we figured it was at least about 6-4 Firion. Also, she was no casual, she's a great player and you know it. Spacing and Concentration usage are two entirely separate matters. Concentration is to prevent Lightning from baiting Firion with Cure/Cura spam, and spacing is to land Straightarrow without getting punished, or being immediately within Thunder's Range. Concentration is more of an insurance policy, not an offensive strategy. Also I run Free air dash Firion now, and from my limited experience it's a better setup, so that could help him too with chasing Lightning down if need be, and he can space with descent speed boost to avoid getting too close to her and to set himself up for safer Straightarrow attempts.
  10. That aside I think your Firion numbers look really good Garuga. By default I'm skeptical of any values involving Zidane since he has those 4-6K damage Aerith combos, but at the end of the day I can't really say I have any qualms
  11. It was like 4 years ago at this point so I'm not that surprised you don't remember playing it with Terrina at this point. But yeah Cipher already backed me up on that, so I'm not just pulling Concentration's effectiveness out of thin air. Lightning is very safe yes, but so is Firion. She can't do a whole lot to a Firion player who is decent at spacing, and her attacking him leaves her open for a Straightarrow attempt, especially if the Firion player can space somewhat well. Also, Rope Knife, Lance Combo, and Swordslash can go through Thunder, so Lightning has to be careful. Also of course stages have to be considered. After taking a look at the spreadsheet though, I see it's already listed at 5-5, which I have no problem with whatsoever, considering how much both players have to wait for someone to make a mistake in that matchup. It can definitely be a long-winded fight. But yeah like I said I think the list looks about right for the most part. Shame about Bartz's placement, as a good Bartz can really scary, especially on a ground stage where he can mindgame with Solid Ascension, Hazard Raid, and Hellfire mixups, but sadly it's just that all the other characters are so good in comparison, and Bartz shines more on ground stages. I don't think he's the worst character in the game, he just has to work harder to win for sure.
  12. Doesn't matter if she camps him or not, she can't do anything to him if he has concentration. Obviously no one is going to use Shield Bash if it's gonna get them punished. Anyways, after you tested it with Terrina and concluded it was 7-3 Lightning (which, without Concentration involved, probably isn't a bad opinion) I tested it extensively with Terrina against her Lightning and determined it was at least around a 6-4 Firion Even after Cipher defeated me in Summer Wars he actually admitted to me that I would have won if I had Concentration equipped, but he told me "I knew you'd forget to equip it though <3". Theory fighting is entirely meaningless in the face of actual testing with skilled exceptional players with said character. We're all too smart now to approach matchups based on theory, since we all know most of the strategies people are trying now and what they could do. Even if it were changed to 6-4 Firion I doubt his placement would change much anyways. Outside of all that I think the tier list actually looks really good. I would probably put Kuja in B tier, and Onion Knight and Vaan in A tier though. Or at least, if Kuja is A tier, Vaan and OK are too. Onion Knight is a well-known counter-pick character, and with dash tech+assist gauge up dash and Side by Side, he can virtually always have assist ready, and use a level 2 assist change counter if needed. And Vaan has a plethora of tools to deal good damage, he has pokes in the air and on the ground, and has a double dodge in the form of Rifle. Also, Windburst is extremely useful, as it comes out deceptively quickly and stays on the field even if Vaan is hit, so many characters have a hard time completing their combos since Windburst is always pulling them away from Vaan's hitbox. And many characters have a hard time reflecting it, such as Warrior of Light, since his only attack that can reflect it in the air, Shield of Light, has a narrow hitbox that won't connect with Windburst. Also Laguna really isn't a bad character at all (I'm sure UW2K could convince everyone Laguna is actually S tier if he wanted to) but he lacks representation, and people didn't know how to use him well back when he was placed in his tier. He has a lot of keepaway options and Bazooka/Ricochet shot are great for whittling down bravery. Electroshield is extremely useful as well since it comes out pretty quick and is mid-priority, so it's like a weaker version of Knight's Lance. But yeah, the list looks really good I think.
  13. Firion has a major advantage over Exdeath, because, as Coppala was saying, it's much easier to time Straightarrow against an Omni-blocking Exdeath than it is for an Exdeath player to time and block Straightarrow. Firion beats out Lightning too in most cases if he keeps calm, and has Concentration equipped so Lightning can't just run away and use Cure all day. I'm not sure about Firion vs Prishe, I'd have to test it more, but Prishe is fast and nimble, so she can easily avoid anything Firion can throw at her, and she outdamages him. Not to mention her fall speed makes Straightarrow pretty hard to land. I could see it potentially being a 6-4 Firion or 6-4 Prishe depending on stages, and how each player approaches the matchup.

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