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  1. MTG BB Wheelz

    DDFF Tournament 2

    Wheelz GMT - 4
  2. MTG BB Wheelz

    Rise and Fall - Brackets and Results

    Losers Bracket Round 7: Wheelz vs Lokreah M1: Wheelz (Zidane) vs Lokreah (Cloud Of Darkness) - OS - 0-1 M2: Wheelz (Prishe) vs Lokreah (Cloud Of Darkness) - OS - 1-1 M3: Wheelz (Prishe) vs Lokreah (Cloud Of Darkness) - OS - 2-1 Winner Wheelz 2-1 over Lokreah
  3. MTG BB Wheelz

    Rise and Fall - Brackets and Results

    Winners Bracket Round 3: Wheelz vs TheEmden M1: Prishe vs The Emperor - Kefka's Tower- Wheelz 1-0 M2: Prishe vs Exdeath - Lunar Subterrane- Wheelz 2-0 Wheelz wins 2-0 over TheEmden.
  4. MTG BB Wheelz

    Rise and Fall - Brackets and Results

    Round 2 Winner's Bracket: Wheelz vs Urban Duck M1: Zidane vs Kefka -Top-Floor- Wheelz 1-0 M2: Zidane vs Kefka -Edge Of Madness- Wheelz 2-0 Wheelz wins 2-0 over Urban Duck
  5. MTG BB Wheelz

    Rise and Fall - Brackets and Results

    Round 1: Wheelz vs Snoeckie M1: Gilgamesh (Wheelz) vs Snoeckie (Squall) - Lunar Subterrane- 1-0 M2: Kuja (Wheelz) vs Snoeckie (Squall) - Top Floor - 2-0 Wheelz wins 2-0 over Snoeckie
  6. MTG BB Wheelz

    Rise and Fall - Discussion

    Its shaping up to be pretty good
  7. MTG BB Wheelz

    Rise and Fall - Sign Ups are closed

    Discord Name: BB | Wheelz IG Name: Wheelzzz Timezone: GMT-5
  8. MTG BB Wheelz

    Dissidia Duodecim Tier List 2017

    Although no one has used Emperor ast on me vs a Prishe vs Emperor match up not sure what answers she has against him from experience but from what I know it shouldn't be a problem to deal with. I will just wait thunder crest to be done, since Prishes run speed is so good I can avoid Straight arrow easily by just resetting back to neutral if he's spamming or by dropping to the ground and using my running speed to avoid it... same with rope knife and I can just hover around him and above him to a avoid lord of arms... if you have any doubts you can watch any prishe match ups in tournament play from me and If you got any doubts I can prishe against any firion and beat them easily. So 5-5 stands since it's my number until proven otherwise from recent tournaments.
  9. MTG BB Wheelz

    Cycle 002: Phantom Train (NA)

    Gran finals Wheelz vs Irae M1: Cloud [Wheelz] vs. Seph [Irae] - Wheelz 1-0 M2: Cloud vs. Seph - Irae 1-1 M3: Cloud vs. Seph - Wheelz 2-1 M4: Cloud vs. Seph - Irae 2-2 M5: Cloud vs. Seph - Wheelz 3-2 M6: Cloud vs. Seph - Wheelz 4-2
  10. MTG BB Wheelz

    Cycle 002: Phantom Train (NA)

    Winners Semi Finals Wheelz vs Leviathan M1: Cloud [Wheelz] vs Cecil [Levi] - Wheelz 1-0 M2: Cloud vs Cecil - Wheelz 2-0 M3: Cloud vs Tifa - Wheelz 3-0 M4: Cloud vs Cloud Of Darkness - Wheelz 4-0 Winner: Wheelz 4-0
  11. MTG BB Wheelz

    Cycle 2: NA Phantom Train signups

    Discord: Wheelz In game: Wheelzzz
  12. MTG BB Wheelz

    DC Ranked Ruleset Overview

    The credit for the ruleset goes to @Dz_ I have only modified it and built from it, special thanks to @Coppola and @Lokreah for helping me and their input. This ruleset is very similar to JP Ranked we just added ex depletion and added criticals into the build. I am planning to host a weekend tournament with this ruleset and if its successful It might be in the next major as well. DC RANKED -Feral Chaos BANNED -1 hit chase [ You both chase until you've gotten a hit, you could initiate chase again after the hit but you cannot hit the opponent again] -Counter Summon required -Only 2 sets of repeat allowed in infinites [For example raging fists>dodge cancel>raging fists>then the next follow up must be different or its illegal another example stun>retri>stun>retri>then next follow up must be different] -All criticals allowed but only one can be chosen -No Disable critical abilities ALLOWED -EXP to EX is a mandatory equip -Precision abilities allowed and snooze and lose, all other extra abilities are not allowed besides the ones mentioned above. - Side By Side is allowed and can be swapped in and replace white gem.
  13. MTG BB Wheelz

    Niflheim - Sign Ups (Custom Ruleset Tournament)

    Wheelz Timezone: GMT -5
  14. MTG BB Wheelz

    Duck Dynasty Conclusion & Thanks

    Supreme Champion: Muggshotter Worthy Adversary: Wheelz Maybe Next Time: Mogstache So after much [R]Ducking[F], deportation of illegal immigrants and other drama, the Bash Brothas Duck Dynasty tournament comes to a close. The EU bois came out strong in this tournament, Muggshotter took first place with his excellent and stylish Jecht gameplay destroying everyone in his way even that bad little elf girl. Congratulations Muggshotter! Your hard work and dedication to Jecht really paid off. Then we have me in that silver spot after many years of Dissidia I finally get a top spot in a major, not the spot I wanted to be in, but I came up short this time. Now the second EU boi Mogstache comes in with the bronze can with his very unique play style with Lightning and Squall that gained many fans throughout his amazing run in the losers bracket, very impressive Mogstache and we hope to see more of you next time! Very special thanks to all of you that joined and made this tournament possible couldn't have done it without the interest of you guys. Special shout outs to @xffixbmlx , @DZ_ , @xXxBlakkLitexXx and @Yunoa for helping me organize, TO and help prepare me for the tournament as well. Winners give a special thanks to our admin Hyne who will take care of signatures for our winners, when they are done they will be posted on this thread. Thanks you all for participating and this marks the end of our Quakk Dynasty. Standings Final Bracket: http://dissidiacommunity.challonge.com/DuckDynasty
  15. MTG BB Wheelz

    Duck Dynasty Bracket & Results

    Losers Bracket Finals: Wheelz vs Mogstache M1: Wheelz (Prishe) vs. Mogstache (Lightning) @Lunar Subterrane - Wheelz 1-0 M2: Wheelz (Squall) vs. Mogstahce (Squall) @Orphans Cradle - Mogstahce 1-1 M3: Wheelz (Prishe) vs. Mogstache (Squall) @Orders Sanctuary - Wheelz 2-1 M4: Wheelz (Squall) vs. Mogstache (Lightning) @Dreams End - Mogstache 2-2 M5: Wheelz (Prishe) vs. Mogstache (Prishe) @World Of Darkness - Wheelz 3-2 Winner: Wheelz 3-2

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