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    Your Dissidia biography (aka the introduction thread)

    Hi there! I'm a pretty big fan of Dissidia(dumped over 1000 hours into both games combined) but I never knew about any online forums dedicated to it. The announcement of the new Dissidia coming to PS4 got me in the mood to go back to Dissidia 012, and I got the idea to look into a competitive scene. I'm very big into competitive Smash, but I'm interested in Dissidia. I took a look around this forum and the old one, and I am curious about a few things. -Are there any videos showcasing high-level play that I could be pointed to? I'm confident that I know a lot about Dissidia, but I am curious about how the game is played at a much higher level. -Is there a general ruleset that is followed, such as which stages are played on, anything banned, etc? I could not find anything about this on either forum.

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