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  1. Cornucopia

    Ultimate Fight Final Fantasy XIV

    Although the gameplay isn't that much innovative, the thing I liked here is the concentrated amount of humor and the design. Very nice. Maybe they want to see how people feel with FF in this genre, and possibly, if the people are interested, make a Dissidia like this?
  2. ​There's no reason why they'd do that. Battle editor is a must, especially now, when the chaos on the battlefield is increased. Players will like to analyze frame-by-frame of some actions they did, and probably study the interactions of many skills involved. And the other thing is, if some abilities on the tournaments are be banned, there has to be a spectator mod, where everyone can judge if it was a fair fight or not.
  3. ​In the interview they mentioned, the Final Fantasy theme (probably Prelude) will be a strong pop melody! I quote Kujiraoka who said: "It’s like an amusement park melody." Honestly, I don't like the sound of that. I am really sensitive when it comes to music, but choosing between a good gameplay and a quality soundtrack in this situation, I'd rather have the first. They even mentioned that the old soundtrack will be there, and an app for customization of your personal music background will be made, so I guess it doesn't really matter. If I won't like it, I'll change it. ​Yeah, slightly. Oh, btw, has anyone noticed that Cloud looks exactly like Alec Baldwin? ^_^
  4. The intro song was pretty bad, that voice is horrid. To me. And I know why they did it. All fighting games I remember had aggressive soundtracks/intros to boost the effect. Yeah, it worked with Tekken and DBZ, but just doesn't suit Final Fantasy. That melody is not implemented right. (Or maybe I'm just old-fashioned ^^) Other thing that bothers me is the plastic look of the models. I saw other PS4 fighting games which are simpy....beautiful! It just seems like they took the old FMV models and didn't even try to make them look better.
  5. So I checked the gameplay trailer again, and noticed a few things: First I'm going to say that the on-screen information is just too much. So many images, bars, numbers, attack lines... everything is so disorganized and very messy. You can't see a projectile incoming if the center circle of the screen is clear only. And that's relative too, because character you are controlling stands in it. Also, the dumbest thing is the map. Not only that it's too big, but, why? Can you get lost on an open meadow? I understand that it can be useful to see how others move, but its completely unnecessary, and diverts your attention to the little dots. It's still work in progress, but there are crucial animation mistakes at the very beginning; dashing looks like riding a hoverboard and the capes are stiff flat boards when performing something in air. Dashing bar is implemented, and depletes while dashing. When walking, recharges after a second or two. In that way the distances between the characters can be controlled. It's a good thing I guess, but still, why put the bar on the center of the screen, it is easy visible on the side (similar to EX defense gauge). And there's another bar! Summon bar. I didn't catch how the summoning is performed, but looks like the player is taping the button to charge it? The summoned beast leaves the effect for some time. I hope they'll minimize/remove some of the info from the screen. At least to put the option to disable them.
  6. I thought a little bit, and I'm betting on Vincent, Ace, Beatrix, Ashe. For now. @ Narolf - EX mode =D
  7. The number of villains is a disgrace. Surely, if they are smart just a tiny bit, they will ballance it. Big IF! Yes, FFVII will probably get a protagonist and an antagonist. Vincent very probably. If they put Zack, it will be hillarious. Might as well put him as another costume for Cloud than waste an additional model for him. I'd say firstly, by popularity, because that's just how they think right now. Secondly, by simplicity of the development. I doubt they'll make larger models or multi-transfoming characters, characters with complex gimmics, controlling summons or such. Thirdly - balance between the two sides.
  8. ​Hehe, nice. Welcome to the community! ^ ^
  9. That list is a very good starting point for speculation. I'll enrich that list with another list. I assembled it by importance of the characters in the (FF) story, keeping in mind the suitability of the skills to the new Dissidia game. Bahamut (some kind of humanoid form similar to this, although he'll probably be introduced as a summon)Minwu, LeonDoga, Unei (they have another monster form Doga, Unei | Xande, HeinFuSoYa | Cagnazzo, Scarmiglione, Barbariccia, Rubicante (either one of the four fiends or, even better, working together as a team, exchanging themselves similar to Type-0's swift character swapping. Or 2 of them can be activated in the EX mode. Although I think that would be most unlikely.)Faris, Galuf, DorgannSetzer, Shadow (both were designed by Nomura, so they may have a higher chance of entering) | Emperor GestahlVincent, Cait Sith/Reeve | Jenova (I'd love to see her!), Hojo, [Genesis, Kadaj, Nero, Weiss from the compilation]Seifer, AdelAmarant, Vivi, Beatrix | Black Waltz, NecronAuron | Seymour, Yunalesca [Leblanc from the second part]Lilith Ashe | Ba'Gamnan Caius ZulvanFINAL FANTASY TACTICS: Alma/UltimaFINAL FANTASY TYPE-0: Ace | Nimbus, MachinaFINAL FANTASY CRYSTAL CHRONICLES: De Nam | Black Knight, Raem The saddest part in all this is, that the developers could do sooo many things, be very creative and innovative, but they won't. They'll be told to listen to the stupid "fans" who don't know anything. The proof is how they change and remove stuff from the concepts (just watching how they ruin Versus makes me wanna cry.) These "most popular characters" lists also... =( I'll think over this a little bit, and then assemble a prediction list.
  10. So relying on the two ranks you posted we can conclude the following: 1. All or most of new fem chars will be protagonists, but I'd say they will avoid important characters who can influence the story or others in a drastical way. (Rinoa, Aeris, Serah, Zack). So, Beatrix or Rikku are probably in. If I remember correctly, all of them are brainwashed when the gather at the beginning of Dissidia, but more-less, every character goes through a slight change, and plays a role (of themselves) from their FF. That's the reason why I think characters who turn the story upside-down won't be considered. 2. They'll focus mainly outside of main branch; and I'd say Ace is 100% in. Kurasame, Nimbus, Machina maybe. Somebody from TA, TA2 ( idk the characters, haven't played them yet.) Genesis?
  11. Yes, I agree, Rinoa definitely would not suit the story, only if everything would evolve around her. It could be done, but it would be very very risky. But again, as I said, in order for the story and things to turn out good, the focus of the story would have to be on her/them. And just thinking about her skills, she would be accompanied by Angelo, same would work for Shadow (with Interceptor) - it would be a refreshment to see something like that implemented.(Just rememberd Bartz's Boco - too bad they never thought of implementing him in some way =/) Kiros=very nice! Fran=honestly, the game craves for more non-human folk. I can only hope. If they decide to put at least 2 non-humans, I'd be happy. Cecil (as a Dark Knight) was hard to capture because of his armor. Shadow, although quite black covered, can always focus on his eyes, which is more than enough for making good screenshots. Same case was with Gilgamesh, I think. He was wrapped up, but it was managable to do some decent poses and screenshots of him. (and his pup! <3 ^_^)
  12. Wow, interesting how every single fem char on the list is a protagonist and the male is not much different. I have to admit that's kind of dull. Not sure what to expect anymore. I mean...Noel? Ok, but here's good news! Minwu (FFII) will probably be implemented! Check the news here! That is an interesting choice! I like it. He'd be a Wht mage, as I remember correctly?
  13. ​Not only that's insane, but not convenient and messy. That could open the door to many infinite combos, if they don't balance it right. Just think of billion Holy's striking from every corner. That wouldn't be fun. I hope that gameplay will be very dynamic, and fast, action but also tactic based - opposite of where you strike the opponent and run to hide behind the rock or race to the nearest ex core to just wait for the end. Or something like that. =/
  14. True. Type-0 offers already finished moves and new gameplay style that makes the developers job easy cake. No, not sure about Seymour. We have a summoner already. And considering that all characters can summon (we saw Lig. summoning Ifrit), he's not so interesting. What we know for sure is that they will go for: - someone new -with a new set of skills (job classes or style not seen/used in previous DFF-s) -aside from the main branch -adaptable to the story -popular amongst fans (of course -_-)

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