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  1. 604_Ronin

    ExDeath character discussion

    What are some of Exdeath's optimal Sub EX skills? And how would you rate his HP attacks from 1-4? 4 being the worst.
  2. Just curious as to what HP and Sub EX Skills I should generally be looking at using for each character. Perhaps we can all come together and make an "official" chart or something, with variables depending on map, etc. Just looking at how to play different characters optimally and not end up having people pick Boon on Exdeath for example.
  3. 604_Ronin

    Vayne Carudas Solidor announced

    I think it'd be hard for Exdeath to become his final form and still fit in some stages. Vayne looks dope though. Really like his EX Skill, makes him not as braindead RTSD imo.
  4. My personal thoughts, mainly for Tactics. Is that it needs a villain. I think, given his screen time and "multiple" outfits, Weigraf would be the best pick here. Also, if there was gonna be another protag, my money would be on Agrias over anyone.
  5. Hey guys, played Duodecim and loved how ExDeath played, mained him for as long as my PSP worked. Played a lot of other characters too. Currently playing Vaan and Cecil as I'm waiting for release so I can play my main man once again. Or at least a beta with him in it.

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