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  2. 12/23/2017 Strife | PSN: FFxxStrife Coppola (vCoppola) | ECostantini (enricocostantini) Cloud | Ramza | Cloud Match 1, Match 2 | Match Time: 3:01 and 3:42 respectively. 12/23/2017 Strife | PSN: FFxxStrife Coppola (vCoppola) | NoKibitzing (Kaygeo) Cloud | Ramza | Y'shtola Match Link | Match Time: 6:22
  3. Hello, a few people here call me Strife (very generic, I know). I've been around Dissidia in general for a while but I don't consider myself as ancient as some of the guys here. I joined Dissidia Forums in 2012 because of Duodecim, I was interested in playing other people and understanding the game better. I made friends, talked shit, got into fights and many other things your average teenager would do. Oh yes, I also terrorized people with my connection. Anyway, I created this account since I'm interested in the new game coming out next year. I don't trust the netcode will be able to make me have enjoyable matches with people from here (which are very far from me most likely) but I'd still like to participate in discussions surrounding the game and whatnot if there's any.

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