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  1. Kebbles

    agl89's stuff

    Damn, its been almost a year and Adrian just vanished. Was really hoping he'd finish that Mobius Garland mod before the game died out
  2. Kebbles

    Liam's Custom Move sets!

    Liam you're a massive weeb, now do captain falcon
  3. Here's mine cause why not
  4. Kebbles

    Rise and Fall - Discussion

    Are we allowed to use custom DLC, such as Genesis DLC for Sephiroth (and all that fun stuff), or will that break the server? This is more of a request, but can the tournament wait until November. I have exams coming up and I'd love to participate in this.
  5. Kebbles

    Rise and Fall - Sign Ups are closed

    Discord Name: Kebbles IG Name: Kebbles Timezone: GMT +8 (AWST)
  6. Kebbles

    Mike's Mods

    Umm, how do you use the summon DLC, I have no Idea
  7. Kebbles


    Yay, more mods for me to mess around with
  8. Kebbles

    Dark-Lumina's Mod Archive (Textures and BGMs)

    Wait for real, I really liked your custom character select pics, but because the forums went down I can't get them anymore. Could you at least link the files so we can have them again (Good to see that your still alive)
  9. Kebbles

    Mods with an mac book??

    A good emulator is OpenEmu, it compiles all the cores of every emulator known to run on Mac that has good performance. As for mods, I don't know of an app that can make them, but I managed to create a wine bottler app of DDFF toolkit. If you want it, I can happily send it to ya
  10. Kebbles

    agl89's stuff

    It be really cool to see that Mobius Garland finished, gotta squeeze in as much 012 as possible before NT comes out and I lose all interest

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