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  1. Grzester

    Custom GMO tutorial

    Okay, I managed to walk around the issue by converting .gmo of the model I was editing to .mds and editing it in notepad++ so that second blade doesn't appear and the combined blades appear as a single sword. Didn't fix my issue with the conversion from .fbx to .mds itself, but effect is basically the same so I'm fine with that. For anyone stumbling into this in the future, if you want to make Lightning (or any model import over her) to not use left-hand weapon, you just need to find wepX bone that calls for the model to appear (in case of SatoshiKura's Lyn mod, it was wep3) and simply remove "Drawpart "xyz" line. If you want to use her base weapon model during Razor Gale/Flourish of Steel attacks, you need to replace the "xyz" in the Drawpart line of the rigth wepX bone (again, in case of SatoshiKura's Lyn mod, it was wep5) with "xyz" that appers in the base weapon wepX bone. In my case I needed to replace Drawpart "KatanaZS" with Drawpart "KatanaA"
  2. Grzester

    Custom GMO tutorial

    I'm really at a loss here. If anyone could figure out why the converter doesn't work, it would be appreciated. Here's the link to an archive containing modified .smd (I didn't include .fbx, cuz for all I know it could be Noesis's conversion on my end that's messing it all up) as well as textures in both .gim and .png, if that's needed for anything. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1zEJA4CjFCVQdMf-qnJCDr_rB3oEgBUD3/view?usp=sharing
  3. Grzester

    Custom GMO tutorial

    I've got them deleted, but now I seem to have the same problem as scopion117 had. I can't convert .fbx into an .mds. I ran it through Noesis 2 times, first converting .smd to .fbx, then converting that .fbx again into .fbx, but I keep getting that error.
  4. Grzester

    Custom GMO tutorial

    Thank you! I'm new to Milkshape so I really don't know how everything works here 😅 Anyways, I've got some more questions. Is it possible to select whole meshes with Milkshape? The weapons are all part of the same group so I can't just select it and delete the whole thing 😕
  5. Grzester

    Custom GMO tutorial

    Hi, so I wanted to make a minor edit to one of the mods I've downloaded, namely to Satoshikura's Lyn over Lightning mod. All I want to do, is to remove the 2nd katana that appears in Lyn's/Light's HP attacks. A simple check in the Noesis told me it is indeed a seperate part of the model, so I think it's a simple deal. I exported the model using Noesis, but I'm pretty sure I messed up somehow, cuz when I open it in Milkshape, I get this: What did I f*ck up? Am I even going about this a right way? Or maybe there's an easier way to perform such a minor edit?
  6. Grzester

    Dissidia Modding Suite(New Version) Tutorial

    Hi there, I've got a problem with texture inserting. It works fine on moded models (like KH2 Sora over Cloud or Fire Emblem Lyn over Lighting) but whenever I try to change the actual Dissidia character texture, face gets these strange artifacts/noise. What's even more interesting, it looks fine in Noesis so I don't know what I screwed up exactly. Here's an example
  7. I want to change both Lightning's Exmode weapon and the blades she uses during HP attacks to her base weapon. How would I do that?

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