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    Shantotto Voice Lines

    As a one trick Shantotto I thought it would be fun to try to get others into playing this Siege Potato by giving you my rough translation of what she says in Japanese. While she is notorious for being condescendingly poetic (ok, she just rhymes and talks smack) her Japanese voice isn't like that. She is condescending and formal, so keep in mind that while you might recognize gomen, gomenasobase is formal. But anywho! This is what I got MY JAPANESE IS VERY BAD SO PLEASE BE KIND! If you have a better translation PLEASE let me know :D! ↑△ - よろしく - Nice to meet you ↑○ - ではごきげんよう - lets have a good time ↑✕ - あらどうも - Thank you ↑▢ - ごめなそばせ - Sorry →△ - Critical Hit by Kanji! →○ - まぁいいでしょう - It's all good (You ask for help and no one helps) →✕ - お断りですわ - I refuse (Help me Shantotto! I'm not helping you, peasant.) →▢ - お待たせしましたわ - Thank you for waiting ↓△ - OMG the Kanji ↓○ - あんな石ころ、一撃ですわ - That hit like truck (rock) ↓✕ - 今すぐ手伝いなさい - Help me now ↓▢ - お待ちなさいな - Hold on ←△ 手助けが CRIT BY KANJI! かしら - Can I help? ←○ Getting player 1/4 ←✕ Getting player 2/5 ←▢ Getting player 3/6

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